Kentucky Against Ranked Opponents
- by Rank -

This lists the AP rank of opponents at the time of the game. Games which are held on the day an AP poll is released use the new result.

Opponent Ranked #1 - 8-16
DateOpponentResultScoreUK AP
3/18/1961Kentucky vs. Ohio StateL74 - 87NRNCAA Mideast Regional Finals (at Louisville, KY)
3/17/1962Kentucky vs. Ohio StateL64 - 743NCAA Mideast Regional Finals (at Iowa City, IA)
3/22/1975Kentucky vs. IndianaW92 - 905NCAA Mideast Regional Finals (at Dayton, OH)
3/31/1975Kentucky vs. UCLAL85 - 922NCAA Championship (at San Diego, CA)
12/15/1975Kentucky vs. IndianaL68 - 77 OT14(at Louisville, KY)
12/15/1979Indiana at KentuckyW69 - 585-
12/26/1981Kentucky vs. North CarolinaL69 - 822(at East Rutherford, NJ)
11/19/1988Kentucky vs. DukeL55 - 80NRTip-off Classic (at Springfield, MA)
3/28/1992Kentucky vs. DukeL103 - 104 OT6NCAA East Regional Finals (at Philadelphia, PA)
3/12/1994Kentucky vs. ArkansasW90 - 7810SEC Tournament (at Memphis, TN)
3/30/1996Kentucky vs. MassachusettsW81 - 742NCAA Final Four (at East Rutherford, NJ)
11/25/1997Kentucky vs. ArizonaL74 - 898Maui Classic Invitational (at Lahaina, HI)
12/18/2001Kentucky vs. DukeL92 - 95 OT7Jimmy V Classic (at East Rutherford, NJ)
2/4/2003Florida at KentuckyW70 - 556-
2/10/2007Florida at KentuckyL61 - 6420-
12/1/2007North Carolina at KentuckyL77 - 86NR-
3/2/2008Kentucky at TennesseeL60 - 63NR-
11/18/2008Kentucky at North CarolinaL58 - 77NR-
3/25/2011Kentucky vs. Ohio StateW62 - 6011NCAA East Regional Semifinals (at Newark, NJ)
3/8/2014Kentucky at FloridaL65 - 8425-
3/16/2014Kentucky vs. FloridaL60 - 61NRSEC Tournament Championship (at Atlanta, GA)
2/16/2019Tennessee at KentuckyW86 - 695-
11/5/2019Kentucky vs. Michigan StateW69 - 622Champions Classic (at New York, NY)
11/14/2023Kentucky vs. KansasL84 - 8917Champions Classic (at Chicago, IL)
Opponent Ranked #2 - 11-15
DateOpponentResultScoreUK AP
3/26/1949Kentucky vs. Oklahoma A&MW46 - 361NCAA Championship (at Seattle, WA)
12/17/1951St. Johns at KentuckyW81 - 401-
12/21/1954Utah at KentuckyW70 - 651UKIT
2/21/1959Auburn at KentuckyW75 - 563-
3/18/1966Kentucky vs. DukeW83 - 791NCAA Final Four (at College Park, MD)
12/7/1968North Carolina at KentuckyL77 - 873-
3/20/1971Kentucky vs. MarquetteL74 - 918NCAA Mideast Regional [Consolation] (at Athens, GA)
12/30/1976Kentucky vs. Notre DameW102 - 786(at Louisville, KY)
12/30/1978Kentucky vs. Notre DameW81 - 7613(at Louisville, KY)
3/1/1981Louisiana State at KentuckyW73 - 719-
3/26/1983Kentucky vs. LouisvilleL68 - 80 OT12NCAA Mideast Regional Finals (at Knoxville, TN)
3/31/1984Kentucky vs. GeorgetownL40 - 533NCAA Final Four (at Seattle, WA)
12/9/1989Kentucky at KansasL95 - 150NR-
3/22/1997Kentucky vs. UtahW72 - 595NCAA West Regional Finals (at San Jose, CA)
12/12/1998Maryland at KentuckyW103 - 915-
12/22/1998Kentucky vs. DukeL60 - 713Jimmy V Classic (at East Rutherford, NJ)
3/21/1999Kentucky vs. Michigan StateL66 - 738NCAA Midwest Regional Finals (at St. Louis, MO)
12/16/2000Kentucky at Michigan StateL45 - 46NR-
1/9/2005Kansas at KentuckyL59 - 658-
3/19/2006Kentucky vs. ConnecticutL83 - 87NRNCAA Washington D.C. Regional Second Round (at Philadelphia, PA)
3/18/2007Kentucky vs. KansasL76 - 88NRNCAA West Regional Second Round (at Chicago, IL)
11/12/2013Kentucky vs. Michigan StateL74 - 781Champions Classic (at Chicago, IL)
3/23/2014Kentucky vs. Wichita StateW78 - 76NRNCAA Midwest Regional Third Round (at St. Louis, MO)
1/28/2017Kansas at KentuckyL73 - 794SEC/Big 12 Challenge
1/22/2022Kentucky at AuburnL71 - 8012-
11/20/2022Kentucky at GonzagaL72 - 884-
Opponent Ranked #3 - 8-11
DateOpponentResultScoreUK AP
12/28/1959Ohio State at KentuckyW96 - 9313-
1/15/1966Vanderbilt at KentuckyW96 - 832-
3/19/1966Kentucky vs. Texas WesternL65 - 721NCAA Championship (at College Park, MD)
12/8/1973Kentucky vs. IndianaL68 - 7710(at Louisville, KY)
12/29/1973Kentucky vs. Notre DameL79 - 94NR(at Louisville, KY)
12/7/1974Kentucky at IndianaL74 - 9815-
1/29/1977Kentucky at AlabamaW87 - 856-
11/17/1979Kentucky vs. DukeL76 - 82 OT2Tip-off Classic (at Springfield, MA)
3/22/1985Kentucky vs. St. JohnsL70 - 86NRNCAA West Regional Semifinals (at Denver, CO)
12/6/1986Kentucky at IndianaL66 - 7113-
4/3/1993Kentucky vs. MichiganL78 - 81 OT2NCAA Final Four (at New Orleans, LA)
2/9/1994Arkansas at KentuckyL82 - 904-
3/29/1997Kentucky vs. MinnesotaW78 - 695NCAA Final Four (at Indianapolis, IN)
3/22/1998Kentucky vs. DukeW86 - 845NCAA South Regional Finals (at St. Petersburg, FL)
3/8/2003Kentucky at FloridaW69 - 672-
1/22/2008Tennessee at KentuckyW72 - 66NR-
2/15/2014Florida at KentuckyL59 - 6914-
4/4/2015Kentucky vs. WisconsinL64 - 711NCAA Final Four (at Indianapolis, IN)
12/28/2019Louisville at KentuckyW78 - 70 OT19-
Opponent Ranked #4 - 19-13
DateOpponentResultScoreUK AP
3/22/1949Kentucky vs. IllinoisW76 - 471NCAA Eastern Regional Finals (at New York, NY)
3/27/1951Kentucky vs. Kansas StateW68 - 581NCAA Championship (at Minneapolis, MN)
12/22/1954La Salle at KentuckyW63 - 541UKIT Championship
12/21/1955Dayton at KentuckyL74 - 899UKIT Championship
3/17/1956Kentucky vs. IowaL77 - 899NCAA Midwest Regional Finals (at Iowa City, IA)
12/21/1956Southern Methodist at KentuckyW73 - 677UKIT
12/4/1961Southern California at KentuckyL77 - 79NR-
12/23/1961Kansas State at KentuckyW80 - 67NRUKIT Championship
2/2/1966Kentucky at VanderbiltW105 - 902-
1/6/1968Kentucky at VanderbiltW94 - 785-
1/22/1968Kentucky at TennesseeL59 - 878-
3/14/1970Kentucky vs. JacksonvilleL100 - 1061NCAA Mideast Regional Finals (at Columbus, OH)
12/8/1975Kentucky vs. North CarolinaL77 - 907(at Charlotte, NC)
12/6/1976Kentucky at IndianaW66 - 515-
12/31/1977Kentucky vs. Notre DameW73 - 681(at Louisville, KY)
3/18/1978Kentucky vs. Michigan StateW52 - 491NCAA Mideast Regional Finals (at Dayton, OH)
12/4/1982Villanova at KentuckyW93 - 793-
1/22/1984Houston at KentuckyW74 - 673-
1/3/1993Kentucky vs. IndianaW81 - 783(at Louisville, KY)
3/25/1995Kentucky vs. North CarolinaL61 - 742NCAA Southeast Regional Finals (at Birmingham, AL)
3/6/1999Kentucky vs. AuburnW69 - 5714SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
1/11/2000Kentucky at AuburnL63 - 6620-
1/16/2001Tennessee at KentuckyW84 - 74NR-
3/22/2002Kentucky vs. MarylandL68 - 7816NCAA East Regional Semifinals (at Syracuse, NY)
12/17/2005Louisville at KentuckyW73 - 6123-
12/31/2011Louisville at KentuckyW69 - 623-
12/29/2012Kentucky at LouisvilleL77 - 80NR-
12/27/2014Kentucky at LouisvilleW58 - 501-
1/30/2016Kentucky at KansasL84 - 90 OT20SEC/Big 12 Challenge
11/14/2017Kentucky vs. KansasL61 - 657Champions Classic (at Chicago, IL)
11/6/2018Kentucky vs. DukeL84 - 1182Champions Classic (at Indianapolis, IN)
3/9/2024Kentucky at TennesseeW85 - 8115-
Opponent Ranked #5 - 23-11
DateOpponentResultScoreUK AP
3/24/1951Kentucky vs. IllinoisW76 - 741NCAA East Regional Finals (at New York, NY)
12/22/1956Illinois at KentuckyW91 - 707UKIT Championship
3/21/1958Kentucky vs. TempleW61 - 609NCAA Final Four (at Louisville, KY)
12/13/1960Kentucky vs. North CarolinaW70 - 6520(at Greensboro, NC)
2/12/1968Tennessee at KentuckyW60 - 598-
12/10/1973Kentucky vs. North CarolinaL84 - 10110(at Greensboro, NC)
2/22/1975Kentucky at AlabamaW84 - 797-
12/30/1975Kentucky vs. Notre DameW79 - 77NR(at Louisville, KY)
3/19/1977Kentucky vs. North CarolinaL72 - 793NCAA East Regional Finals (at College Park, MD)
3/25/1978Kentucky vs. ArkansasW64 - 591NCAA Final Four (at St. Louis, MO)
12/9/1978Kansas at KentuckyW67 - 66 OT10-
2/24/1980Kentucky at Louisiana StateW76 - 74 OT3-
3/1/1980Kentucky vs. Louisiana StateL78 - 802SEC Tournament Championship (at Birmingham, AL)
12/6/1980Kentucky at IndianaW68 - 662-
12/22/1982Kentucky at IndianaL59 - 622-
1/8/1983Kentucky at AlabamaL67 - 743-
3/24/1983Kentucky vs. IndianaW64 - 5912NCAA Mideast Regional Semifinals (at Knoxville, TN)
1/3/1987Kentucky at AuburnW63 - 6011-
12/5/1987Kentucky vs. IndianaW82 - 76 OT2Big Four Classic (at Indianapolis, IN)
12/3/1994Kentucky vs. UCLAL81 - 823John Wooden Classic (at Anaheim, CA)
3/12/1995Kentucky vs. ArkansasW95 - 93 OT3SEC Tournament Championship (at Atlanta, GA)
11/28/1995Kentucky vs. MassachusettsL82 - 921Great Eight (at Auburn Hills, MI)
12/23/1999Michigan State at KentuckyW60 - 58NR-
1/29/2002Kentucky at FloridaW70 - 6810-
11/21/2006Kentucky vs. UCLAL68 - 7320Maui Classic Invitational (at Lahaina, HI)
3/4/2007Kentucky at FloridaL72 - 85NR-
12/3/2011North Carolina at KentuckyW73 - 721-
3/28/2014Kentucky vs. LouisvilleW74 - 69NRNCAA Midwest Regional Semifinals (at Indianapolis, IN)
11/18/2014Kentucky vs. KansasW72 - 401Champions Classic (at Indianapolis, IN)
11/17/2015Kentucky vs. DukeW74 - 632Champions Classic (at Chicago, IL)
12/21/2019Kentucky vs. Ohio StateL65 - 716CBS Sports Classic (at Las Vegas, NV)
1/29/2022Kentucky at KansasW80 - 6212SEC/Big 12 Challenge
1/14/2023Kentucky at TennesseeW63 - 56NR-
2/3/2024Tennessee at KentuckyL92 - 10310-
Opponent Ranked #6 - 12-12
DateOpponentResultScoreUK AP
2/20/1956Vanderbilt at KentuckyW76 - 557-
1/25/1960Kentucky at Georgia TechL44 - 6516-
1/6/1964Kentucky at VanderbiltL83 - 851-
12/13/1966North Carolina at KentuckyL55 - 644-
3/17/1973Kentucky vs. IndianaL65 - 7217NCAA Mideast Regional Finals (at Nashville, TN)
3/2/1974Kentucky at VanderbiltL69 - 71NR-
3/29/1975Kentucky vs. SyracuseW95 - 792NCAA Final Four (at San Diego, CA)
1/19/1981Kentucky at Louisiana StateL67 - 813-
11/26/1983Louisville at KentuckyW65 - 442-
3/24/1984Kentucky vs. IllinoisW54 - 513NCAA Mideast Regional Finals (at Lexington, KY)
2/26/1989Kentucky at SyracuseL73 - 89NR-
12/18/1990Kentucky at IndianaL84 - 8718-
3/2/1997South Carolina at KentuckyL66 - 723-
12/3/1997Kentucky vs. PurdueW89 - 757Great Eight (at Chicago, IL)
1/20/1999Auburn at KentuckyW72 - 627-
2/1/2000Tennessee at KentuckyW81 - 6814-
12/2/2000Kentucky at North CarolinaW93 - 76NR-
3/4/2001Kentucky at FloridaL86 - 9415-
12/21/2002Kentucky vs. IndianaW70 - 6416(at Louisville, KY)
3/27/2010Kentucky vs. West VirginiaL66 - 732NCAA East Regional Finals (at Syracuse, NY)
4/2/2012Kentucky vs. KansasW67 - 591NCAA Championship (at New Orleans, LA)
12/28/2013Louisville at KentuckyW73 - 6618-
12/5/2014Texas at KentuckyW63 - 511SEC/Big 12 Challenge
3/26/2017Kentucky vs. North CarolinaL73 - 755NCAA South Regional Finals (at Memphis, TN)
Opponent Ranked #7 - 16-13
DateOpponentResultScoreUK AP
3/5/1949Kentucky vs. TulaneW68 - 521SEC Tournament Championship (at Louisville, KY)
1/28/1956Kentucky at VanderbiltL73 - 813-
2/25/1956Kentucky vs. AlabamaL77 - 1018(at Montgomery, AL)
12/20/1958West Virginia at KentuckyW97 - 912UKIT Championship
12/22/1962West Virginia at KentuckyW79 - 759UKIT Championship
1/28/1963Kentucky at Georgia TechL62 - 66NR-
2/17/1964Vanderbilt at KentuckyW104 - 733-
12/12/1967Kentucky vs. North CarolinaL77 - 844(at Greensboro, NC)
12/28/1968Kentucky vs. Notre DameW110 - 904(at Louisville, KY)
12/8/1969Kentucky vs. North CarolinaW94 - 872(at Charlotte, NC)
3/18/1971Kentucky vs. Western KentuckyL83 - 1078NCAA Mideast Regional Semifinals (at Athens, GA)
3/16/1972Kentucky vs. MarquetteW85 - 6918NCAA Mideast Regional Semifinals (at Dayton, OH)
1/28/1974Vanderbilt at KentuckyL65 - 82NR-
1/20/1975Alabama at KentuckyW74 - 6910-
3/27/1978Kentucky vs. DukeW94 - 881NCAA Championship (at St. Louis, MO)
12/14/1985Kentucky at KansasL66 - 839-
11/27/1993Louisville at KentuckyW78 - 702-
3/30/1998Kentucky vs. UtahW78 - 695NCAA Championship (at San Antonio, TX)
12/1/1998Kentucky vs. KansasW63 - 458Great Eight (at Chicago, IL)
2/23/2000Kentucky at TennesseeL67 - 7418-
12/2/2006Kentucky at North CarolinaL63 - 75NR-
3/27/2011Kentucky vs. North CarolinaW76 - 6911NCAA East Regional Finals (at Newark, NJ)
2/12/2013Kentucky at FloridaL52 - 6925-
3/30/2014Kentucky vs. MichiganW75 - 72NRNCAA Midwest Regional Finals (at Indianapolis, IN)
12/17/2016Kentucky vs. North CarolinaW103 - 1006CBS Sports Classic (at Las Vegas, NV)
1/27/2018Kentucky at West VirginiaW83 - 76NRSEC/Big 12 Challenge
3/2/2019Kentucky at TennesseeL52 - 714-
12/1/2020Kentucky vs. KansasL62 - 6520Champions Classic (at Indianapolis, IN)
1/7/2023Kentucky at AlabamaL52 - 78NR-
Opponent Ranked #8 - 15-14
DateOpponentResultScoreUK AP
12/28/1953Minnesota at KentuckyW74 - 592-
3/9/1954Kentucky vs. Louisiana StateW63 - 561SEC Playoff (at Nashville, TN) (Non-SEC game)
3/11/1955Kentucky vs. MarquetteL71 - 792NCAA East Regional Semifinals (at Evanston, IL)
12/20/1957West Virginia at KentuckyL70 - 775UKIT
3/15/1958Kentucky vs. Notre DameW89 - 569NCAA Mideast Regional Finals (at Lexington, KY)
2/11/1963Kentucky at Mississippi StateL52 - 56NR-
3/14/1964Kentucky vs. Loyola (Chicago)L91 - 1004NCAA Mideast Regional [Consolation] (at Minneapolis, MN)
2/23/1974Alabama at KentuckyL71 - 94NR-
1/5/1976Kentucky at AlabamaL63 - 76NR-
2/7/1976Kentucky at TennesseeL85 - 92NR-
2/26/1977Alabama at KentuckyW85 - 702-
12/16/1978Kentucky at IndianaL67 - 68 OT6-
12/23/1978Syracuse at KentuckyW94 - 8711UKIT [Consolation]
3/2/1979Kentucky vs. Louisiana StateW80 - 67NRSEC Tournament (at Birmingham, AL)
12/29/1979Kentucky vs. Notre DameW86 - 802(at Louisville, KY)
12/27/1980Kentucky vs. Notre DameL61 - 672(at Louisville, KY)
12/4/1984Southern Methodist at KentuckyL54 - 56NR-
12/30/1989Louisville at KentuckyL79 - 86NR-
12/7/1996Kentucky vs. IndianaW99 - 656(at Louisville, KY)
11/26/1999Kentucky vs. ArizonaL51 - 6311Preseason NIT Championship (at New York, NY)
3/4/2000Florida at KentuckyW85 - 7022-
2/6/2001Florida at KentuckyW71 - 70NR-
3/2/2002Florida at KentuckyW70 - 6711-
2/4/2006Kentucky at FloridaL80 - 95NR-
2/7/2012Florida at KentuckyW78 - 581-
3/28/2015Kentucky vs. Notre DameW68 - 661NCAA Midwest Regional Finals (at Cleveland, OH)
3/24/2017Kentucky vs. UCLAW86 - 755NCAA South Regional Semifinals (at Memphis, TN)
3/16/2019Kentucky vs. TennesseeL78 - 824SEC Tournament (at Nashville, TN)
11/28/2023Miami at KentuckyW95 - 7312ACC/SEC Challenge
Opponent Ranked #9 - 21-14
DateOpponentResultScoreUK AP
3/22/1951Kentucky vs. St. JohnsW59 - 431NCAA East Regional Semifinals (at New York, NY)
12/14/1957Kentucky at St. LouisW73 - 603-
12/13/1958St. Louis at KentuckyW76 - 572-
2/12/1962Mississippi State at KentuckyL44 - 492-
2/23/1963Auburn at KentuckyW78 - 59NR-
12/31/1963Kentucky vs. DukeW81 - 791Sugar Bowl Championship (at New Orleans, LA)
12/22/1964Kentucky at St. LouisL75 - 80NR-
3/12/1966Kentucky vs. MichiganW84 - 771NCAA Mideast Regional Finals (at Iowa City, IA)
3/12/1970Kentucky vs. Notre DameW109 - 991NCAA Mideast Regional Semifinals (at Columbus, OH)
1/29/1973Kentucky at AlabamaW95 - 93NR-
12/9/1974Kentucky vs. North CarolinaW90 - 7815(at Louisville, KY)
1/10/1976Tennessee at KentuckyL88 - 90 OTNR-
2/3/1979Kentucky at Louisiana StateL61 - 70NR-
12/22/1979Purdue at KentuckyW61 - 603UKIT Championship
12/3/1980Ohio State at KentuckyW70 - 642-
1/7/1984Kentucky at Louisiana StateW96 - 802-
3/16/1985Kentucky vs. UNLVW64 - 61NRNCAA West Regional Second Round (at Salt Lake City, UT)
2/7/1987Kentucky at AlabamaW70 - 69NR-
12/7/1991Kentucky vs. IndianaW76 - 7414(at Indianapolis, IN)
1/25/1992Arkansas at KentuckyL88 - 1058-
12/12/1992Kentucky at LouisvilleW88 - 683-
1/29/1995Kentucky at ArkansasL92 - 945-
3/29/2003Kentucky vs. MarquetteL69 - 831NCAA Midwest Regional Finals (at Minneapolis, MN)
1/3/2004North Carolina at KentuckyW61 - 568-
12/4/2004Kentucky at North CarolinaL78 - 918-
4/2/2011Kentucky vs. ConnecticutL55 - 5611NCAA Final Four (at Houston, TX)
3/25/2012Kentucky vs. BaylorW82 - 701NCAA South Regional Finals (at Atlanta, GA)
11/13/2012Kentucky vs. DukeL68 - 753Champions Classic (at Atlanta, GA)
12/22/2018Kentucky vs. North CarolinaW80 - 7219CBS Sports Classic (at Chicago, IL)
1/26/2019Kansas at KentuckyW71 - 638SEC/Big 12 Challenge
1/26/2021Kentucky at AlabamaL59 - 70NR-
11/9/2021Kentucky vs. DukeL71 - 7910Champions Classic (at New York, NY)
3/12/2022Kentucky vs. TennesseeL62 - 695SEC Tournament (at Tampa, FL)
1/28/2023Kansas at KentuckyL68 - 77NRSEC/Big 12 Challenge
12/16/2023Kentucky vs. North CarolinaW87 - 8314CBS Sports Classic (at Atlanta, GA)
Opponent Ranked #10 - 13-9
DateOpponentResultScoreUK AP
3/22/1952Kentucky vs. St. JohnsL57 - 641NCAA East Regional Finals (at Raleigh, NC)
2/1/1956Duke at KentuckyW81 - 768-
12/21/1957Minnesota at KentuckyW78 - 585UKIT [Consolation]
1/2/1960Georgia Tech at KentuckyL54 - 6213-
1/14/1967Kentucky at FloridaL72 - 89NR-
3/18/1972Kentucky vs. Florida StateL54 - 7318NCAA Mideast Regional Finals (at Dayton, OH)
1/21/1974Kentucky at AlabamaL77 - 81NR-
3/15/1975Kentucky vs. MarquetteW76 - 546NCAA Mideast Regional First Round (at Tuscaloosa, AL)
2/7/1981Kentucky at TennesseeL71 - 876-
12/8/1981Indiana at KentuckyW85 - 692-
2/13/1982Kentucky at AlabamaW72 - 6212-
2/28/1988Syracuse at KentuckyW62 - 5812-
12/10/1990Kentucky at North CarolinaL81 - 8425-
2/5/1995Syracuse at KentuckyW77 - 716-
3/21/1996Kentucky vs. UtahW101 - 702NCAA Midwest Regional Semifinals (at Minneapolis, MN)
3/28/1998Kentucky vs. StanfordW86 - 85 OT5NCAA Final Four (at San Antonio, TX)
11/28/1998Kentucky vs. UCLAW66 - 624Puerto Rico Shootout (at Bayamon, Puerto Rico)
1/18/2003Notre Dame at KentuckyW88 - 7316-
12/5/2009North Carolina at KentuckyW68 - 665-
12/21/2016Kentucky at LouisvilleL70 - 736-
2/14/2018Kentucky at AuburnL66 - 76NR-
2/18/2023Tennessee at KentuckyW66 - 54NR-
Opponent Ranked #11 - 11-8
DateOpponentResultScoreUK AP
3/16/1957Kentucky vs. Michigan StateL68 - 803NCAA Mideast Regional Finals (at Lexington, KY)
2/9/1959Kentucky at Mississippi StateL58 - 661-
12/27/1969Kentucky vs. Notre DameW102 - 1001(at Louisville, KY)
12/12/1970Kentucky at IndianaW95 - 93 OT5-
3/5/1977Kentucky at TennesseeL79 - 812-
1/28/1980Louisiana State at KentuckyL60 - 655-
12/8/1984Kentucky at IndianaL68 - 81NR-
12/31/1984Kentucky vs. KansasW92 - 89NR(at Louisville, KY)
2/6/1993Vanderbilt at KentuckyW82 - 672-
3/27/1993Kentucky vs. Florida StateW106 - 812NCAA Southeast Regional Finals (at Charlotte, NC)
2/6/1994Kentucky vs. MassachusettsW67 - 647(at East Rutherford, NJ)
12/8/1998Kentucky vs. IndianaW70 - 61 OT5(at Louisville, KY)
3/11/2001Kentucky vs. MississippiW77 - 5515SEC Tournament Championship (at Nashville, TN)
2/7/2006Tennessee at KentuckyL67 - 75NR-
3/1/2006Kentucky at TennesseeW80 - 78NR-
3/9/2013Florida at KentuckyW61 - 57NR-
12/3/2016UCLA at KentuckyL92 - 971-
3/29/2019Kentucky vs. HoustonW62 - 587NCAA Midwest Regional Semifinals (at Kansas City, MO)
2/6/2021Tennessee at KentuckyL71 - 82NR-
Opponent Ranked #12 - 11-3
DateOpponentResultScoreUK AP
12/29/1951Kentucky vs. St. LouisL60 - 611Sugar Bowl Championship (at New Orleans, LA)
2/28/1955Alabama at KentuckyW66 - 522-
3/1/1987Oklahoma at KentuckyW75 - 74NR-
2/15/1990Louisiana State at KentuckyW100 - 95NR-
1/9/1996Kentucky at Mississippi StateW74 - 562-
11/28/1996Kentucky vs. SyracuseW87 - 538Great Alaska Shootout (at Anchorage, AK)
3/20/1997Kentucky vs. St. JosephsW83 - 685NCAA West Regional Semifinals (at San Jose, CA)
2/8/2000Kentucky at FloridaL73 - 9011-
12/7/2002Kentucky at North CarolinaW98 - 8118-
11/22/2006Kentucky vs. MemphisL63 - 8020Maui Classic Invitational (at Lahaina, HI)
2/13/2010Tennessee at KentuckyW73 - 623-
3/13/2011Kentucky vs. FloridaW70 - 5415SEC Tournament Championship (at Atlanta, GA)
11/15/2011Kentucky vs. KansasW75 - 652Champions Classic
4/5/2014Kentucky vs. WisconsinW74 - 73NRNCAA Final Four (at Arlington, TX)
Opponent Ranked #13 - 21-5
DateOpponentResultScoreUK AP
12/23/1950Kentucky at St. JohnsW43 - 371(at New York, NY)
12/21/1953Duke at KentuckyW85 - 692UKIT
12/18/1956Kentucky at DukeL84 - 857-
1/26/1957Kentucky at VanderbiltW91 - 835-
1/18/1958Tennessee at KentuckyW77 - 689-
12/7/1964Kentucky vs. North CarolinaL67 - 8211(at Charlotte, NC)
12/11/1972Kentucky vs. North CarolinaL70 - 788(at Louisville, KY)
12/3/1973Kentucky at KansasL63 - 7110-
12/28/1974Kentucky vs. Notre DameW113 - 9617(at Louisville, KY)
1/10/1981Tennessee at KentuckyW48 - 474-
1/16/1982Alabama at KentuckyW86 - 696-
12/21/1991Kentucky vs. Georgia TechL80 - 818Kuppenheimer Classic (at Atlanta, GA)
12/5/1992Georgia Tech at KentuckyW96 - 875-
12/23/1993Kentucky vs. ArizonaW93 - 925Maui Classic Invitational Championship (at Lahaina, HI)
3/23/1996Kentucky vs. Wake ForestW83 - 632NCAA Midwest Regional Finals (at Minneapolis, MN)
11/29/1997Kentucky vs. ClemsonW76 - 618Premier Classic (at Phoenix, AZ)
12/18/2004Kentucky at LouisvilleW60 - 589-
11/22/2005Kentucky vs. West VirginiaW80 - 667Guardians Classic (at Kansas City, MO)
1/12/2008Vanderbilt at KentuckyW79 - 73 2 OTNR-
11/23/2010Kentucky vs. WashingtonW74 - 678Maui Classic Invitational (at Lahaina, HI)
2/26/2011Florida at KentuckyW76 - 6822-
11/15/2016Kentucky vs. Michigan StateW69 - 482Champions Classic (at New York, NY)
2/25/2017Florida at KentuckyW76 - 6611-
3/11/2018Kentucky vs. TennesseeW77 - 72NRSEC Tournament Championship (at St. Louis, MO)
2/17/2024Kentucky at AuburnW70 - 5922-
2/24/2024Alabama at KentuckyW117 - 9517-
Opponent Ranked #14 - 12-11
DateOpponentResultScoreUK AP
3/21/1949Kentucky vs. VillanovaW85 - 721NCAA Eastern Regional First Round (at New York, NY)
3/13/1969Kentucky vs. MarquetteL74 - 817NCAA Mideast Regional Semifinals (at Madison, WI)
3/6/1971Tennessee at KentuckyW84 - 788-
12/4/1971Kentucky at KansasW79 - 6910-
3/13/1980Kentucky vs. DukeL54 - 554NCAA Mideast Regional Semifinals (at Lexington, KY)
12/15/1984Kentucky at LouisvilleL64 - 71NR-
12/31/1988Kentucky at LouisvilleL75 - 97NR-
12/2/1989Kentucky vs. IndianaL69 - 71NRBig Four Classic (at Indianapolis, IN)
1/13/1990Kentucky at Louisiana StateL81 - 94NR-
1/5/1991Louisiana State at KentuckyW93 - 8016-
2/10/1993Kentucky at ArkansasL94 - 1012-
3/13/1993Kentucky vs. ArkansasW92 - 814SEC Tournament (at Lexington, KY)
2/12/1994Kentucky at SyracuseL85 - 934-
11/30/1994Ohio at KentuckyW79 - 743-
11/24/1995Kentucky vs. MarylandW96 - 841Tip-off Classic (at Springfield, MA)
12/31/1996Kentucky at LouisvilleW74 - 543-
1/13/1998South Carolina at KentuckyW91 - 706-
2/28/1998Kentucky at South CarolinaW69 - 577-
1/26/2002Alabama at KentuckyL61 - 648-
12/9/2009Kentucky vs. ConnecticutW64 - 614SEC/Big East Invitational (at New York, NY)
3/19/2016Kentucky vs. IndianaL67 - 7310NCAA East Regional Second Round (at Des Moines, IA)
1/19/2019Kentucky at AuburnW82 - 8012-
3/31/2019Kentucky vs. AuburnL71 - 77 OT7NCAA Midwest Regional Finals (at Kansas City, MO)
Opponent Ranked #15 - 9-6
DateOpponentResultScoreUK AP
12/29/1970Kentucky vs. Notre DameL92 - 998(at Louisville, KY)
3/11/1978Kentucky vs. Florida StateW85 - 761NCAA Mideast Regional First Round (at Knoxville, TN)
12/28/1985Louisville at KentuckyW69 - 6413-
1/10/1995Kentucky at FloridaW83 - 677-
4/1/1996Kentucky vs. SyracuseW76 - 672NCAA Championship (at East Rutherford, NJ)
3/31/1997Kentucky vs. ArizonaL79 - 84 OT5NCAA Championship (at Indianapolis, IN)
3/8/1998Kentucky vs. South CarolinaW86 - 567SEC Tournament Championship (at Atlanta, GA)
2/14/2001Kentucky at TennesseeW103 - 9522-
1/25/2003Kentucky at AlabamaW63 - 468-
3/27/2005Kentucky vs. Michigan StateL88 - 94 2 OT7NCAA Austin Regional Finals (at Austin, TX)
12/8/2007Kentucky at IndianaL51 - 70NR-
3/13/2010Kentucky vs. TennesseeW74 - 452SEC Tournament (at Nashville, TN)
2/6/2018Tennessee at KentuckyL59 - 6124-
2/29/2020Auburn at KentuckyW73 - 668-
3/19/2023Kentucky vs. Kansas StateL69 - 75NRNCAA East Regional Second Round (at Greensboro, NC)
Opponent Ranked #16 - 17-5
DateOpponentResultScoreUK AP
3/14/1949Kentucky vs. Loyola (Chicago)L56 - 671NIT (at New York, NY)
12/22/1953La Salle at KentuckyW73 - 602UKIT Championship
12/22/1960St. Louis at KentuckyL72 - 74 OTNRUKIT Championship
3/6/1976Alabama at KentuckyW90 - 85NR-
2/10/1979Alabama at KentuckyW80 - 71NR-
2/6/1982Tennessee at KentuckyW77 - 679-
2/11/1984Auburn at KentuckyW84 - 646-
2/12/1992Alabama at KentuckyW107 - 8319-
3/25/1993Kentucky vs. Wake ForestW103 - 692NCAA Southeast Regional Semifinals (at Charlotte, NC)
3/23/1995Kentucky vs. Arizona StateW97 - 732NCAA Southeast Regional Semifinals (at Birmingham, AL)
12/9/1995Georgia Tech at KentuckyW83 - 605-
3/16/1996Kentucky vs. Virginia TechW84 - 602NCAA Midwest Regional Second Round (at Dallas, TX)
3/7/1998Kentucky vs. ArkansasW99 - 747SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
11/19/1999Utah at KentuckyW56 - 4814Preseason NIT (at Lexington, KY)
3/18/2000Kentucky vs. SyracuseL50 - 5219NCAA Midwest Regional Second Round (at Cleveland, OH)
2/26/2005Kentucky at AlabamaW78 - 715-
3/4/2012Kentucky at FloridaW74 - 591-
3/23/2012Kentucky vs. IndianaW102 - 901NCAA South Regional Semifinals (at Atlanta, GA)
1/29/2013Kentucky at MississippiW87 - 74NR-
12/26/2015Louisville at KentuckyW75 - 7312-
2/15/2022Kentucky at TennesseeL63 - 764-
12/17/2022Kentucky vs. UCLAL53 - 6313CBS Sports Classic (at New York, NY)
Opponent Ranked #17 - 10-5
DateOpponentResultScoreUK AP
2/10/1958Mississippi State at KentuckyW72 - 6212-
2/20/1960Kentucky at AuburnL60 - 61NR-
12/22/1978Texas A & M at KentuckyL69 - 7311UKIT
2/7/1979Kentucky at VanderbiltL58 - 68NR-
1/5/1985North Carolina State at KentuckyW78 - 62NR-
1/29/1986Kentucky at Louisiana StateW54 - 528-
1/21/1989Kentucky at TennesseeW66 - 65NR-
3/15/1992Kentucky vs. AlabamaW80 - 549SEC Tournament Championship (at Birmingham, AL)
3/26/1992Kentucky vs. MassachusettsW87 - 776NCAA East Regional Semifinals (at Philadelphia, PA)
3/13/1994Kentucky vs. FloridaW73 - 6010SEC Tournament Championship (at Memphis, TN)
3/5/2006Florida at KentuckyL64 - 79NR-
2/20/2010Kentucky at VanderbiltW58 - 562-
3/31/2012Kentucky vs. LouisvilleW69 - 611NCAA Final Four (at New Orleans, LA)
3/13/2016Kentucky vs. Texas A & MW82 - 77 OT16SEC Tournament Championship (at Nashville, TN)
2/1/2020Kentucky at AuburnL66 - 7513-
Opponent Ranked #18 - 17-14
DateOpponentResultScoreUK AP
2/5/1949Kentucky vs. BradleyW62 - 521(at Owensboro, KY)
1/29/1955Kentucky at VanderbiltW75 - 711-
2/18/1957Vanderbilt at KentuckyW80 - 783-
3/22/1958Kentucky vs. SeattleW84 - 729NCAA Championship (at Louisville, KY)
12/11/1958Southern Methodist at KentuckyW72 - 602-
1/16/1971Kentucky at TennesseeL71 - 7510-
12/18/1971Princeton at KentuckyW96 - 827UKIT Championship
1/22/1973Kentucky at VanderbiltL75 - 76NR-
2/26/1973Alabama at KentuckyW111 - 95NR-
12/23/1974Kentucky vs. KansasW100 - 6320(at Louisville, KY)
1/13/1975Tennessee at KentuckyW88 - 827-
3/6/1982Kentucky vs. AlabamaL46 - 4815SEC Tournament Championship (at Lexington, KY)
12/28/1983Kentucky vs. PurdueW86 - 672(at Louisville, KY)
1/28/1984Georgia at KentuckyW64 - 403-
2/24/1985Georgia at KentuckyL77 - 79NR-
2/13/1986Kentucky at AlabamaW73 - 7111-
1/25/1987Navy at KentuckyW80 - 69NR-
2/9/1997Villanova at KentuckyW93 - 563-
2/14/1998Mississippi at KentuckyL64 - 737-
11/10/2000Kentucky vs. UCLAL92 - 97 OT12Coaches vs. Cancer IKON Classic (at New York, NY)
1/23/2001Kentucky at AlabamaL60 - 70NR-
3/25/2005Kentucky vs. UtahW62 - 527NCAA Austin Regional Semifinals (at Austin, TX)
11/21/2005Kentucky vs. IowaL63 - 677Guardians Classic (at Kansas City, MO)
12/10/2005Kentucky vs. IndianaL53 - 7915(at Indianapolis, IN)
1/4/2009Kentucky at LouisvilleL71 - 74NR-
2/28/2009Louisiana State at KentuckyL70 - 73NR-
12/14/2013Kentucky at North CarolinaL77 - 8211-
2/28/2015Arkansas at KentuckyW84 - 671-
1/25/2020Kentucky at Texas TechW76 - 74 OT15SEC/Big 12 Challenge
2/3/2021Kentucky at MissouriL70 - 75NR-
2/26/2022Kentucky at ArkansasL73 - 756-
Opponent Ranked #19 - 13-6
DateOpponentResultScoreUK AP
1/22/1972Tennessee at KentuckyW72 - 70NR-
3/15/1973Kentucky vs. Austin PeayW106 - 100 OT17NCAA Mideast Regional Semifinals (at Nashville, TN)
12/10/1977Kentucky at KansasW73 - 661On this date died UK coach Adolph Rupp
3/16/1978Kentucky vs. Miami (OH)W91 - 691NCAA Mideast Regional Semifinals (at Dayton, OH)
2/23/1979Vanderbilt at KentuckyW96 - 70NR-
12/7/1985Indiana at KentuckyW63 - 589-
2/14/1987Kentucky at FloridaL56 - 74NR-
2/5/1991Kentucky at Louisiana StateL88 - 10710-
3/21/1993Kentucky vs. UtahW83 - 622NCAA Southeast Regional Second Round (at Nashville, TN)
3/2/1994Florida at KentuckyW80 - 777-
2/4/1997Kentucky at South CarolinaL79 - 84 OT3-
3/20/1998Kentucky vs. UCLAW94 - 685NCAA South Regional Semifinals (at St. Petersburg, FL)
2/23/2003Mississippi State at KentuckyW70 - 622-
2/25/2007Kentucky at VanderbiltL65 - 67NR-
2/27/2010Kentucky at TennesseeL65 - 742-
3/19/2017Kentucky vs. Wichita StateW65 - 625NCAA South Regional Second Round (at Indianapolis, IN)
2/12/2019Louisiana State at KentuckyL71 - 735-
3/23/2019Kentucky vs. WoffordW62 - 567NCAA Midwest Regional Second Round (at Jacksonville, FL)
2/20/2021Kentucky at TennesseeW70 - 55NR-
Opponent Ranked #20 - 13-4
DateOpponentResultScoreUK AP
2/21/1955Vanderbilt at KentuckyW77 - 592-
3/14/1959Kentucky vs. MarquetteW98 - 692NCAA Mideast Regional [Consolation] (at Evanston, IL)
2/16/1970Georgia at KentuckyW116 - 863-
3/17/1977Kentucky vs. Virginia MilitaryW93 - 783NCAA East Regional Semifinals (at College Park, MD)
2/27/1983Tennessee at KentuckyW69 - 6110-
2/4/1987Auburn at KentuckyW75 - 71NR-
2/21/1995Kentucky at AlabamaW72 - 526-
11/15/1996Kentucky vs. ClemsonL71 - 79 OT3BCA Classic (at Indianapolis, IN)
1/22/2000Kentucky at VanderbiltW81 - 73 OT18-
11/27/2002Kentucky vs. GonzagaW80 - 7215Maui Classic Invitational (at Lahaina, HI)
2/11/2003Georgia at KentuckyW87 - 673-
12/27/2003Louisville at KentuckyL56 - 652-
1/10/2004Vanderbilt at KentuckyW75 - 637-
1/13/2004Kentucky at Mississippi StateW67 - 665-
3/13/2009Kentucky vs. Louisiana StateL58 - 67NRSEC Tournament (at Tampa, FL)
12/6/2013Kentucky vs. BaylorL62 - 673(at Arlington, TX)
3/26/2015Kentucky vs. West VirginiaW78 - 391NCAA Midwest Regional Semifinals (at Cleveland, OH)
Opponent Ranked #21 - 10-8
DateOpponentResultScoreUK AP
12/28/1991Louisville at KentuckyW103 - 8917-
12/4/1993Kentucky vs. IndianaL84 - 961(at Indianapolis, IN)
3/20/1994Kentucky vs. MarquetteL63 - 757NCAA Southeast Regional Second Round (at St. Petersburg, FL)
1/14/1997Kentucky at GeorgiaW86 - 655-
12/11/1999Kentucky at MarylandL66 - 7223-
1/20/2001Kentucky at MississippiL55 - 65NR-
2/16/2002Kentucky at GeorgiaL69 - 7810-
12/14/2002Michigan State at KentuckyL67 - 7112-
3/2/2003Kentucky at GeorgiaW74 - 662-
3/27/2003Kentucky vs. WisconsinW63 - 571NCAA Midwest Regional Semifinals (at Minneapolis, MN)
12/13/2003Kentucky vs. Michigan StateW79 - 748Basketbowl (at Detroit, MI)
2/3/2004Kentucky at FloridaW68 - 659-
12/6/2008Miami at KentuckyL67 - 73NR-
1/30/2010Vanderbilt at KentuckyW85 - 721-
3/1/2011Vanderbilt at KentuckyW68 - 6620-
12/13/2014North Carolina at KentuckyW84 - 701-
3/15/2015Kentucky vs. ArkansasW78 - 631SEC Tournament Championship (at Nashville, TN)
1/4/2022Kentucky at Louisiana StateL60 - 6516-
Opponent Ranked #22 - 10-1
DateOpponentResultScoreUK AP
1/4/1994Vanderbilt at KentuckyW107 - 824-
1/17/1998Arkansas at KentuckyW80 - 77 OT6-
3/7/1999Kentucky vs. ArkansasW76 - 6314SEC Tournament Championship (at Atlanta, GA)
3/14/1999Kentucky vs. KansasW92 - 88 OT8NCAA Midwest Regional Second Round (at New Orleans, LA)
11/24/1999Kentucky vs. MarylandW61 - 5811Preseason NIT (at New York, NY)
12/31/2010Kentucky at LouisvilleW78 - 6311-
3/19/2011Kentucky vs. West VirginiaW71 - 6311NCAA East Regional Third Round (at Tampa, FL)
3/10/2012Kentucky vs. FloridaW74 - 711SEC Tournament (at New Orleans, LA)
1/22/2019Mississippi State at KentuckyW76 - 558-
12/19/2020Kentucky vs. North CarolinaL63 - 75NRCBS Sports Classic (at Cleveland, OH) [Originally scheduled vs. Ohio State but changed due to Covid testing protocols]
1/15/2022Tennessee at KentuckyW107 - 7918-
Opponent Ranked #23 - 3-4
DateOpponentResultScoreUK AP
3/14/1992Kentucky vs. Louisiana StateW80 - 749SEC Tournament (at Birmingham, AL)
2/14/1995Mississippi State at KentuckyL71 - 764-
12/4/1999Kentucky vs. IndianaL75 - 8313(at Indianapolis, IN)
3/19/2005Kentucky vs. CincinnatiW69 - 607NCAA Austin Regional Second Round (at Indianapolis, IN)
12/8/2010Kentucky vs. Notre DameW72 - 5817SEC/Big East Invitational (at Louisville, KY)
2/12/2011Kentucky at VanderbiltL77 - 8118-
1/6/2018Kentucky at TennesseeL65 - 7617-
Opponent Ranked #24 - 7-4
DateOpponentResultScoreUK AP
12/27/1989Kentucky vs. North CarolinaL110 - 121NR(at Louisville, KY)
2/26/1991Alabama at KentuckyW79 - 7313-
3/9/1997Kentucky vs. GeorgiaW95 - 686SEC Tournament Championship (at Memphis, TN)
12/13/1997Georgia Tech at KentuckyW85 - 714-
3/17/2001Kentucky vs. IowaW92 - 799NCAA East Regional Second Round (at Uniondale, NY)
1/22/2003Auburn at KentuckyW67 - 518-
2/25/2006Kentucky at Louisiana StateL67 - 71NR-
2/12/2008Kentucky at VanderbiltL52 - 93NR-
1/13/2009Kentucky at TennesseeW90 - 72NR-
1/21/2017South Carolina at KentuckyW85 - 695-
2/4/2017Kentucky at FloridaL66 - 888-
Opponent Ranked #25 - 8-3
DateOpponentResultScoreUK AP
1/17/1990Alabama at KentuckyW82 - 65NR-
12/23/1995Louisville at KentuckyW89 - 664-
3/10/1996Kentucky vs. Mississippi StateL73 - 841SEC Tournament Championship (at New Orleans, LA)
2/13/2000Kentucky at Louisiana StateL57 - 7011-
1/13/2001Notre Dame at KentuckyW82 - 71NR-
1/31/2001Kentucky at GeorgiaW85 - 70NR-
2/7/2004South Carolina at KentuckyW65 - 649-
3/17/2006Kentucky vs. Alabama-BirminghamW69 - 64NRNCAA Washington D.C. Regional First Round (at Philadelphia, PA)
2/17/2007Kentucky at AlabamaL61 - 7220-
2/2/2010Mississippi at KentuckyW85 - 754-
2/19/2022Alabama at KentuckyW90 - 814-

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