Kentucky vs. Marquette

- Friday, March 11 1955 -

NCAA East Regional Semifinals (at Evanston, IL)

Kentucky - 71 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Final Rank 2nd by AP]
John Brewer722216
Jerry Bird20124
Ray Mills20154
Bob Burrow6713119
Gayle Rose846320
Gerry Calvert40158
Earl Adkins00010
Paul Corum00000

Marquette - 79 (Head Coach: Jack Nagle) - [Final Rank 8th by AP and 9th by UPI]
Gerry Hopfensperger379513
Rueben Schulz502110
Russell Wittberger41012118
Terry Rand835419
Don Bugalski634315
Bob Walczak20014

Halftime Score: Kentucky 38, Marquette 36
Officials: Philip Fox and Zigmund Mihalik
Attendance: 9700
Arena: McGaw Memorial Hall
References: The Classic, Lexington Herald and Marquette University

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Photo from the game

Kentucky's Gerry Calvert (#60) to left and Jerry Bird (#22) fight Marquette's Rube Schulz (#41) for the ball

Marquette's Terry Rand (315) and UK's Gerry Calvert (#60) reach for a rebound

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