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Welcome to ground zero of the most comprehensive statistics site devoted to a single college basketball program, namely the University of Kentucky eight-time National Champions. This site provides a broad range and depth of statistical information which should be expected when it comes to the most storied basketball program of all time. Whether you want to see the career stats of a particular player, find a boxscore from long ago, or see how opposing players and coaches fared against the Big Blue, you'll find all that and much more.

Well over 99% of the web pages on this site are generated from a database. Maintaining the information in a database is the only reasonable way to maintain the data and ensure that it is as accurate as possible. This also allows for the inclusion of an extraordinary amount of internal links which allow for easy navigation and browsing. The site is designed to be fast and clean, without a lot of unnecessary coding which may interfere with being able to quickly access the information. (If you're looking for eye candy, you've come to the wrong place.) If you have any additional information or find any errors, please contact me at the email address listed at the bottom of this page. Enjoy !

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Current Statistics

General Statistics

Individual Records

NCAA TournamentSEC Tournament
Blocked ShotsCareerSeasonGameDebutFinaleOppCareerGameOppCareerGameOpp
Free ThrowsCareerSeasonGameDebutFinaleOppCareerGameOppCareerGameOpp
Free Throw AttemptsCareerSeasonGameDebutFinaleOppCareerGameOppCareerGameOpp
Free Throw PercentageCareerSeasonGameDebutFinaleOppCareerGameOppCareerGameOpp
Field GoalsCareerSeasonGameDebutFinaleOppCareerGameOppCareerGameOpp
Field Goal AttemptsCareerSeasonGameDebutFinaleOppCareerGameOppCareerGameOpp
Field Goal PercentageCareerSeasonGameDebutFinaleOppCareerGameOppCareerGameOpp
3 pt Field GoalsCareerSeasonGameDebutFinaleOppCareerGameOppCareerGameOpp
3 pt Field Goal AttemptsCareerSeasonGameDebutFinaleOppCareerGameOppCareerGameOpp
3 pt Field Goal PercentageCareerSeasonGameDebutFinaleOppCareerGameOppCareerGameOpp
* Note that opponent information is generally only fairly reliable back to the year I have contiguous box scores. This is currently around 1921.

Also available is a list of individual triple- and double-doubles by both Kentucky (by player or date) and their opponents (by player or date). A listing of most double-doubles by an individual Kentucky player is also available by career or by season.

Additionally a list of most games played and most victories in a career is available.

Finally, a list of games in which players played in all minutes available are listed for UK (sorted by Player or Date) and by UK Opponent (sorted by Player or Date) along with by season and by career.

Individual Records by Class

CategorySeason by ClassGame by Class
PointsFroshSophJuniorSeniorFirst YearFinal YearFroshSophJuniorSeniorFirst YearFinal Year
ReboundsFroshSophJuniorSeniorFirst YearFinal YearFroshSophJuniorSeniorFirst YearFinal Year
AssistsFroshSophJuniorSeniorFirst YearFinal YearFroshSophJuniorSeniorFirst YearFinal Year
StealsFroshSophJuniorSeniorFirst YearFinal YearFroshSophJuniorSeniorFirst YearFinal Year
Blocked ShotsFroshSophJuniorSeniorFirst YearFinal YearFroshSophJuniorSeniorFirst YearFinal Year
Free ThrowsFroshSophJuniorSeniorFirst YearFinal YearFroshSophJuniorSeniorFirst YearFinal Year
Free Throw AttemptsFroshSophJuniorSeniorFirst YearFinal YearFroshSophJuniorSeniorFirst YearFinal Year
Free Throw PercentageFroshSophJuniorSeniorFirst YearFinal YearFroshSophJuniorSeniorFirst YearFinal Year
Field GoalsFroshSophJuniorSeniorFirst YearFinal YearFroshSophJuniorSeniorFirst YearFinal Year
Field Goal AttemptsFroshSophJuniorSeniorFirst YearFinal YearFroshSophJuniorSeniorFirst YearFinal Year
Field Goal PercentageFroshSophJuniorSeniorFirst YearFinal YearFroshSophJuniorSeniorFirst YearFinal Year
3 pt Field GoalsFroshSophJuniorSeniorFirst YearFinal YearFroshSophJuniorSeniorFirst YearFinal Year
3 pt Field Goal AttemptsFroshSophJuniorSeniorFirst YearFinal YearFroshSophJuniorSeniorFirst YearFinal Year
3 pt Field Goal PercentageFroshSophJuniorSeniorFirst YearFinal YearFroshSophJuniorSeniorFirst YearFinal Year

* Note that season information is generally only fairly reliable back to the year that the UK SID office has maintained published yearly team stats, 1945 or the year the stat started being reported, whichever came later.

Individual Season Honors

Individual Career Honors

More Individual UK Career & Information Lists

Player Ratings

Below are some selected player ratings through the years. Unfortunately, the information necessary for the Tendex system is only available back to 1979, so only a subset of players is available. For more information on how these ratings are calculated, please check the following page.

Tendex Rating
Tendex Rating
per FGA
Season per MinuteRating
Season per GameRating
Season per Possession---RatingOffensive
Career per MinuteRating
Career per GameRating
Current Players per MinuteRating
Current Players per GameRating

Note that there is also available a rating (modified tendex per minute) of the most recent game played by Kentucky, with included grades.

Team Rankings

The Associated Press has ranked college basketball teams since the 1948-49 season. Due to the longevity and completeness of this poll, the information was used to determine the relative strengths of both Kentucky and their opponents for games during those times. In putting this information together, the convention was used that if a game is played on the same day that a new poll comes out, the rank of the new poll is used. (although at the time the game was played, this information may not have been known.)

Kentucky Games as a Ranked Team

Kentucky Opponents as a Ranked Team


Team Statistics

Team Honors

Game Lists - Currently 3034 boxscores recorded (well over 99 % of all games played).

Margin Information

Game High Records

Tournament and Special Event Lists

Regional Game Lists



Also included is a list of different arenas Kentucky has played in over the years. If you are interested in the history of basketball gymnasiums and how they have evolved and developed over the years, please see my two-part article here.

The information below is incomplete. Any additional information is always welcome. The following are some individual lists of various notable arenas. See the above page for a more complete list. A separate page is also available for games played in domed stadiums and games played where Kentucky is the first team to play collegiate basketball in the arena.

Opponent Information

Other Sites with Comprehensive Statistical Information:


My ultimate goal is not only to have a complete set of statistics for the UK Men's program available on the web for all UK and college basketball fans to be able to view, but to offer the stats in a portable electronic format so that they may be used as a starting point for people's own uses. Unfortunately, at this point, the statistics are not complete enough to provide this for most of the information. As the statistics becomes more complete, however, I will release this information to the general public. It's all a matter of how much assistance I receive in obtaining the information in determining how soon this material will be available (if ever in the foreseeable future).

With that said, there is one set of statistics which are fairly well confirmed and that is the games played. (Date, Opponent, Won-Lost, Home-Away-Neutral, Score, Notes) Note that these are only games which are considered as REAL, i.e. they go toward the overall record. Exhibition games and other games which may have been voided (ie the game versus Maryland in the 1988 NCAA Tournament) are not included.

Feel free to download these files for your own personal use. There is no fee, I only ask that if you have or know of any old statistics or box scores which I don't have, or if you find any mistakes, that you so that the site and the information can continue to improve. Also, I request that you do not redistribute this to anyone but instead redirect all requests and inquiries back to me.

UK Coach Adolph Rupp liked to count up his victories too

Version Log

Statistical Discrepancies

Any statistical project of this magnitude is full of errors, both due to my own inattentiveness when entering data and also the errors in the sources themselves. One of the good features about keeping the data in a database however is that it is possible to perform a number of internal consistency checks to evaluate the quality of the data, to spot mistakes and to search for irregularities. Some of these internal checks are used while others will be implemented in the future. The ones to date have revealed a large number of errors in box scores, references and in the Media Guide itself (which should be the authority on the subject). For now, I have included a page listing a number of box scores which need to be followed-up due, in many cases, to problems with the reference along with a separate page which highlights the most critical ones. Also, there is a page listing a number of errors found in the UK Media Guide. Hopefully, these will be corrected by the Sports Information Department in future editions.

Web Site Revision Log

This is a new addition to assist those who check the site periodically to see what changes or additions have been made. Minor corrections and maintenance issues will not be noted. Revisions are listed from most recent to oldest.


I intend to include along with the statistics the reference from where the data came from, but that will be in the future. Until then, I wish to cite and thank various UK Media Guides, various The Cats Pause yearbooks, the UK Athletics site, Jazzy J, Charlie Board and the University of Kentucky Sports Information Office.

I'd also like to thank the staff at various libraries and reference desks, including the University of Kentucky Library the Library of Congress in Washington D.C., James Madison University Library, the University of Delaware Library, University of Virginia Library, New Castle (DE) Public Library, Wilmington (DE) Public Library, Havertown (PA) Free Library and the Montgomery County (PA) Library system. I would especially like to thank Dr. Jeffrey Neil Burch, Hugh Rightmyer, Babette McConnell, Tom Johnson and Aaron McHargue for many of the box scores and information along with Sam Kegley, Fred Perry, Al Hoffman, Luckett Davis, Ron Ball, J. David, Barry Thomas, Gabe, Ken Williams, Paul Barnett and Steven Sharp for their valuable contributions in addition to numerous other Kentucky fans who have sent me information and newspaper clippings over the years. I would also like to thank Russell Rice who has been kind enough to look back through his materials to provide specific information along with numerous other sports information directors and staff from universities and colleges all across the nation.

Also, I would like to cite the Official Southeastern Conference Media Guide, the books The Classic by Ken Rappoport (NCAA, 1979) and The Encyclopedia of the NCAA Basketball Tournament by Jim Savage (Dell, 1990) for most of the NCAA tournament boxes up to 1990, The Official NBA Basketball Encyclopedia edited by Alex Sachare (Villard, 1994), The Modern Encyclopedia of Basketball (Four Winds Press, 1969) edited by Zander Hollander, The Official 2000 Men's Basketball Records Book (NCAA, 1999) along with many newspapers including The Lexington Herald-Leader, The Louisville Courier Journal, The Cincinnati Enquirer, The Kentucky Kernel, The Cats Pause, The New York Times, The Detroit Free Press, The Washington Post, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Atlanta Journal and Constitution and The Chicago Tribune among others. The books The Winning Tradition by Bert Nelli, The Kentucky Basketball Encyclopedia by Tom Wallace, The Rupp Years by Tev Laudeman along with Big Blue Machine, Adolph Rupp: Kentucky's Basketball Baron and The Wildcat Legacy all by Russell Rice were great sources for details of player and game information.

A separate page is included which provides more detail about the references used in obtaining box scores.


This site is brought to you commercial-free and does not generate revenues. If you enjoy or otherwise obtain value out of the site, I do ask that you assist in terms of correcting incorrect information, confirming information and providing additional information in order to allow the site to improve for others. If you are interested in sending box scores of old games or other information, check this page for the type of information I'm looking for.

Please also keep in mind the following: For games, please include such information as the halftime score, attendance, officials, technical fouls, team rebounds, date of game etc. if known. Also please include the cumulative stats so that when the individual stats are entered, their summation can be compared to the expected totals. If full names of opponents are available, please include those too. Finally, please send the source of the information or box score, whether it be a newspaper clipping or from a book, game program, media guide etc.

In terms of sending the information, there are a number of options. Typing the information into an email message is fine along with sending an attachment of a spreadsheet or database. For my benefit, please save the data in a basic form (ie not the latest and greatest version of the spreadsheet or database as most likely, I don't have that version.) Also, if it is easier for you, digitally scanning the box score and sending the picture as an attachment, or linking to a cloud service is preferred. Finally, if you have a large number of box scores and would rather send a photocopy to me in the mail, that is fine too, just and we'll work out the details.

I would like to especially thank Steven Sharp, Aaron Simpson and Butch West who over the years have helped correct literally hundreds (if not thousands) of mistakes found on the website, along with providing new information as well. Countless others have assisted on this site in addition.



Career and team statistics are often determined from a summation of individual year or game stats instead of or in addition to hard cumulative totals. To better understand where a certain statistic is derived, the statistics should follow the following convention:

This area is under heavy construction. Check back often to see how it is progressing. I'll try to update it regularly as new features are added and corrections are made (currently around every three months). If you can assist me with team and individual stats, including player information, box scores and other statistics, please

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