Kentucky's Madison Square Garden (Old) Record

| Kentucky Wins - 24 | Kentucky Losses - 10 |
Location: 50th Street and 8th Avenue, New York, NY
Also Known As: Madison Square Garden III
See also: Madison Square Garden
Capacity: 18,496
Year Opened: 1925
Year Closed: 1968
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Game Results

1/5/1935Kentucky at New York UniversityL22 - 2316,539-
1/8/1936Kentucky at New York UniversityL28 - 4118,010-
1/4/1939Kentucky at Long IslandL34 - 5211,671-
12/30/1943Kentucky at St. JohnsW44 - 3818,179(at New York, NY)
3/20/1944Kentucky vs. UtahW46 - 3816,273NIT (at New York, NY)
3/22/1944Kentucky vs. St. JohnsL45 - 4818,353NIT (at New York, NY)
3/26/1944Kentucky vs. Oklahoma A&MW45 - 2918,374NIT [Consolation] (at New York, NY)
1/1/1945Kentucky at Long IslandW62 - 52 OT13,892-
3/22/1945Kentucky vs. Ohio StateL37 - 4515,584NCAA Eastern Regional First Round (at New York, NY)
3/24/1945Kentucky vs. TuftsW66 - 5618,000NCAA Eastern Regional [Consolation] (at New York, NY)
12/29/1945Kentucky at St. JohnsW73 - 5918,411(at New York, NY)
3/16/1946Kentucky vs. ArizonaW77 - 5318,483NIT (at New York, NY)
3/18/1946Kentucky vs. West VirginiaW59 - 5118,478NIT (at New York, NY)
3/20/1946Kentucky vs. Rhode IslandW46 - 4518,475NIT Championship (at New York, NY)
12/21/1946Kentucky at St. JohnsW70 - 5018,493(at New York, NY)
3/17/1947Kentucky vs. Long IslandW66 - 6218,474NIT (at New York, NY)
3/19/1947Kentucky vs. North Carolina StateW60 - 4218,472NIT (at New York, NY)
3/24/1947Kentucky vs. UtahL45 - 4918,493NIT Championship (at New York, NY)
12/23/1947Kentucky at St. JohnsW52 - 4018,423(at New York, NY)
3/18/1948Kentucky vs. ColumbiaW76 - 5318,477NCAA Eastern Regional First Round (at New York, NY)
3/20/1948Kentucky vs. Holy CrossW60 - 5218,472NCAA Eastern Regional Finals (at New York, NY)
3/23/1948Kentucky vs. BaylorW58 - 4216,174NCAA Championship (at New York, NY)
3/27/1948Kentucky vs. LouisvilleW91 - 5715,927Olympic Trials (at New York, NY)
3/29/1948Kentucky vs. BaylorW77 - 5912,229Olympic Trials (at New York, NY)
3/31/1948Kentucky vs. Phillips OilersL49 - 5318,475Olympic Trials (at New York, NY)
12/18/1948Kentucky at St. JohnsW57 - 3018,451(at New York, NY)
3/14/1949Kentucky vs. Loyola (Chicago)L56 - 6712,592NIT (at New York, NY)
3/21/1949Kentucky vs. VillanovaW85 - 7218,051NCAA Eastern Regional First Round (at New York, NY)
3/22/1949Kentucky vs. IllinoisW76 - 4715,126NCAA Eastern Regional Finals (at New York, NY)
12/15/1949Kentucky at St. JohnsL58 - 6917,000(at New York, NY)
3/14/1950Kentucky vs. CCNYL50 - 8918,000NIT (at New York, NY)
12/23/1950Kentucky at St. JohnsW43 - 3718,332(at New York, NY)
3/22/1951Kentucky vs. St. JohnsW59 - 4314,214NCAA East Regional Semifinals (at New York, NY)
3/24/1951Kentucky vs. IllinoisW76 - 7416,425NCAA East Regional Finals (at New York, NY)

Arena High Statistics
(Note: Kentucky games only. Complete statistics may not be available.)

Category#UK Player#Opp Player#UK Game
Opponent (Date)
#Opp Game
Opponent (Date)
Points33Alex Groza (3/29/1948)30Paul Arizin (3/21/1949)
Gerry Calabrese (12/15/1949)
91Louisville (3/27/1948)89CCNY (3/14/1950)
Free Throws8Alex Groza (3/17/1947)10Gerry Calabrese (12/15/1949)23Villanova (3/21/1949)25Loyola (Chicago) (3/14/1949)
St. Johns (12/15/1949)
Field Goals15Alex Groza (3/29/1948)12Harry Boykoff (12/29/1945)37Louisville (3/27/1948)36CCNY (3/14/1950)

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