Kentucky at St. Johns

- Thursday, December 15 1949 -

(at New York, NY)

Kentucky - 58 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Ranked by ]
Walter Hirsch41112539
Lucian Whitaker0000000
Jim Line1201422
Arlan King0100000
Bill Spivey621581017
Garland Townes0000210
Dale Barnstable11100532
Bobby Watson611032512
Leonard Pearson0200100
Guy Strong713005414
Walter Whittaker1100302

St. Johns - 69 (Head Coach: Frank McGuire)
Gerry Calabrese101710151230
Don Noonan0000000
Ray Tully311443110
Bob Zawoluk11311333
Jack McMahon411560213
Ronnie MacGilvray0101000
Al McGuire (*)413594513
Frank Mulzoff0000000

Halftime Score: St. Johns 34, Kentucky 20
Officials: Lou Eisenstein and Jammy Moskowitz
Attendance: 17,000
Arena: Madison Square Garden (Old)
References: New York Times, Lexington Herald, St. Johns University and Lexington Leader

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Bill Spivey (#77) and St. Johns' Ray Tully collide while Bob Zawoluk (#27) pulls his teammate back and Al McGuire (#12) calls for the ball

Walt Hirsch (#22) fights St. Johns' Ray Tully (#20) for a rebound

Len Pearson (#31) leaps high over St. Johns' Bob Zawoluk (#27) to shoot

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