Kentucky vs. Phillips Oilers

- Wednesday, March 31 1948 -

Olympic Trials (at New York, NY)

Kentucky - 49 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp)
Cliff Barker124
Joe Holland215
Ken Rollins226
Alex Groza124
Wallace Jones135
Jim Line000
Dale Barnstable102
Ralph Beard11123

Phillips Oilers - 53 (Head Coach: Omar Browning)
Lewis Beck204
Gene Jones000
R.C. Pitts011
Jesse Renick4311
Bob Kurland9220
Gordon Carpenter113
Ed Beiser000
Martin Nash022
Gerald Tucker339
Dick Reich113

Halftime Score: Kentucky 26, Phillips Oilers 26
Officials: Matty Begovich and Ted O'Sullivan
Attendance: 18,475
Arena: Madison Square Garden (Old)
References: New York Times
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Game Writeup - by Louis Effrat, New York Times


Kentucky's Ralph Beard applies pressure to the Oilers' Lew Beck.

Alex Groza (15) blocks the shot of Phillips Oiler Martin Nash while Ralph Beard (12) looks on

A closer view in color

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