Kentucky vs. Villanova

- Monday, March 21 1949 -

NCAA Eastern Regional First Round (at New York, NY)

(On this date died former Kentucky Player Stanley Baer)

Kentucky - 85 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Final Rank 1st by AP]
Wallace Jones04454
Jim Line934521
Alex Groza1267430
Ralph Beard03533
Cliff Barker666318
Walter Hirsch10032
Dale Barnstable21125
Roger Day10312

Villanova - 72 (Head Coach: Al Severance) - [Final Rank 14th by AP]
Brooks Rica625514
Sherwin Raiken30056
Paul Arizin11811530
Leo Wolf02432
Joe Hannan31327
Perry del Purgatorio20024
Sidney Gecker00000
John Weglicki21525
Thomas Dolan10002
John Crossin02212

Halftime Score: Kentucky 48, Villanova 37
Officials: Gil MacDonald and Anthony Gentile
Attendance: 18,051
Arena: Madison Square Garden (Old)
References: Philadelphia Inquirer, The Classic, Lexington Herald and Lexington Leader

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Game Writeup - by Mort Berry, Philadelphia Inquirer

Alex Groza snares a rebound while Jim Line(#25) and Villanova's Paul Arizin (#11) looks on

Dale Barnstable grabs the ball ahead of Villanova's John Hannon (#6)

Villanova's Sherman Ralken (#12) attempts a shot as Ralph Beard, Villanova's Brooks Ricca (#16) and Jim Line (#25) look on

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