Kentucky vs. Illinois

- Tuesday, March 22 1949 -

NCAA Eastern Regional Finals (at New York, NY)

Kentucky - 76 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Final Rank 1st by AP]
Wallace Jones4171239
Jim Line61334015
Alex Groza1017710427
Ralph Beard4131329
Cliff Barker372338
Walter Hirsch330016
Dale Barnstable1190012

Illinois - 47 (Head Coach: Harry Combes) - [Final Rank 4th by AP]
Dwight Eddleman3110116
Walt Kersulis3123429
Fred Green361127
Walter Osterkorn281255
William Erickson271325
Richard Foley111113
Roy Gatewood340006
Jim Cottrell010010
Van Anderson080010
Ted Beach110002
Don Sunderlage072222
John Marks130022

Halftime Score: Kentucky 39, Illinois 22
Officials: Matty Begovich and Anthony Gentile
Attendance: 15,126
Arena: Madison Square Garden (Old)
References: The Classic, University of Illinois, Lexington Herald and Daily Illini

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Wallace Jones (#27) tips the ball as Ralph Beard and Jim Line (#25) look on

Ralph Beard explodes to the basket

Ralph Beard beats Dike Eddleman to the ball while Dale Barnstable comes to assist.

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