Kentucky Leaders in
3 pt Field Goal Percentage by Season
- Final Year -

Minimum Value: 40% Records Kept Since: 1987 Minimum Attempts: 20

#NameSeason3 pt Field
3 pt Field Goal
3 pt Field Goal
1Walter McCarty1995-96286046.67
2Doron Lamb2011-127616346.63
3Olivier Sarr2020-21122646.15
4Tony Delk1995-969321044.29
5Cameron Mills1997-98388743.68
6Derrick Jasper2007-08163743.24
7Quade Green2018-19112642.31
8Sean Sutton1988-89184341.86
9Rex Chapman1987-886615941.51
10Brandon Stockton2005-06122941.38
11Jeff Brassow1993-944611241.07
12Jodie Meeks2008-0911728840.63
13Derek Anderson1996-97389440.43
14Gerald Fitch2003-047919740.1
15Chris Harrison1994-95225540

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