Upsets of Kentucky by Opponents

This lists upsets of Kentucky based on AP Ranking. The difference between the AP rank of UK and their opponent is used. In the case of the opponent not being ranked, a ranking of one plus the number of ranked teams in that particular year is used. This estimate may severly understate some upsets.

DateOpponentResultScoreUK AP
Opp AP
12/10/2011Kentucky at IndianaL72 - 731NR-
11/12/2019Evansville at KentuckyL64 - 671NR-
1/26/2010Kentucky at South CarolinaL62 - 681NR-
3/11/2012Kentucky vs. VanderbiltL64 - 711NRSEC Tournament Championship (at New Orleans, LA)
12/3/2015Kentucky at UCLAL77 - 871NR-
1/13/1993Kentucky at VanderbiltL86 - 1011NR-
2/24/1993Kentucky at TennesseeL77 - 782NR-
3/21/2004Kentucky vs. Alabama-BirminghamL75 - 762NRNCAA St. Louis Regional Second Round (at Columbus, OH)
3/10/1996Kentucky vs. Mississippi StateL73 - 84125SEC Tournament Championship (at New Orleans, LA)
3/6/2005Kentucky at FloridaL52 - 533NR-
1/11/1997Kentucky at MississippiL69 - 733NR-
12/26/1998Kentucky at LouisvilleL74 - 833NR-
2/15/2005Kentucky at South CarolinaL61 - 733NR-
1/24/2017Kentucky at TennesseeL80 - 824NR-
12/27/1997Louisville at KentuckyL76 - 794NR-
1/8/1994Kentucky at GeorgiaL90 - 94 OT4NR-
12/19/2015Kentucky vs. Ohio StateL67 - 744NRCBS Sports Classic (at Brooklyn, NY)
11/27/1998Kentucky vs. PittsburghL56 - 684NRPuerto Rico Shootout (at Bayamone, Puerto Rico)
11/15/2001Western Kentucky at KentuckyL52 - 644NRNABC Classic
3/13/2005Kentucky vs. FloridaL53 - 704SEC Tournament Championship (at Atlanta, GA)
11/22/1991Pittsburgh at KentuckyL67 - 854NRPreseason NIT (at Lexington, KY)
1/1/1995Kentucky at LouisvilleL86 - 885NR-
2/6/1999Kentucky at AlabamaL58 - 625NR-
1/31/2004Kentucky at VanderbiltL60 - 665NR-
2/4/1999Kentucky at FloridaL68 - 755NR-
1/17/2004Georgia at KentuckyL57 - 655NR-
12/29/1950Kentucky vs. St. LouisL42 - 43 OT1NRSugar Bowl (at New Orleans, LA)
1/8/1955Georgia Tech at KentuckyL58 - 591NR-
2/11/1978Kentucky at Louisiana StateL94 - 95 OT1NR-
1/9/1988Auburn at KentuckyL52 - 531NR-
1/12/1999Tennessee at KentuckyL46 - 476NR-
3/3/1951Kentucky vs. VanderbiltL57 - 611NRSEC Tournament Championship (at Louisville, KY)
12/13/1951Kentucky at MinnesotaL57 - 611NR-
2/20/1999Kentucky at ArkansasL70 - 746NR-
1/5/2002Kentucky at Mississippi StateL69 - 74 OT6NR-
1/31/1955Kentucky at Georgia TechL59 - 651NR-
1/6/1959Kentucky at VanderbiltL66 - 751NR-
12/4/1993Kentucky vs. IndianaL84 - 96121(at Indianapolis, IN)
1/23/1978Kentucky at AlabamaL62 - 781NR-
3/5/1994Kentucky at South CarolinaL74 - 757NR-
1/5/1980Kentucky at TennesseeL47 - 492NR-
1/18/1994Kentucky at FloridaL57 - 597NR-
2/6/2002Kentucky at TennesseeL74 - 76 OT7NR-
1/12/1977Tennessee at KentuckyL67 - 71 OT2NR-
2/14/1995Mississippi State at KentuckyL71 - 76423-
1/31/1970Kentucky at VanderbiltL81 - 892NR-
2/1/1998Florida at KentuckyL78 - 867NR-
12/23/2017Kentucky vs. UCLAL75 - 837NRCBS Sports Classic (at New Orleans, LA)
1/17/1950Kentucky at GeorgiaL60 - 712NR-
12/10/1955Temple at KentuckyL61 - 732NR-
1/14/1950Kentucky at TennesseeL53 - 662NR-
3/13/1959Kentucky vs. LouisvilleL61 - 762NRNCAA Mideast Regional Semifinals (at Evanston, IL)
1/13/1984Kentucky at AuburnL63 - 822NR-
12/16/1957Kentucky at Southern MethodistL64 - 653NR-
12/18/1976Utah at KentuckyL68 - 703NRUKIT Championship
3/22/1986Kentucky vs. Louisiana StateL57 - 593NRNCAA Southeast Regional Finals (at Atlanta, GA)
12/31/1968Kentucky vs. WisconsinL65 - 693NR(at Chicago, IL)
1/17/1981Kentucky at AlabamaL55 - 593NR-
1/9/1982Kentucky at TennesseeL66 - 703NR-
1/9/2002Georgia at KentuckyL84 - 888NR-
1/26/1991Kentucky at AlabamaL83 - 888NR-
12/19/1970Purdue at KentuckyL83 - 893NRUKIT Championship
2/14/2004Kentucky at GeorgiaL68 - 748NR-
2/4/1984Kentucky at AlabamaL62 - 693NR-
1/14/1957Kentucky at TulaneL60 - 683NR-
2/11/1957Kentucky at Mississippi StateL81 - 893NR-
12/27/2003Louisville at KentuckyL56 - 65220-
12/1/2012Baylor at KentuckyL55 - 648NR-
1/17/1984Kentucky at FloridaL57 - 693NR-
11/29/2012Kentucky at Notre DameL50 - 648NRSEC/Big East Invitational
11/24/2010Kentucky vs. ConnecticutL67 - 848NRMaui Classic Invitational (at Lahaina, HI)
1/21/1992Kentucky at TennesseeL85 - 1078NR-
3/14/1950Kentucky vs. CCNYL50 - 893NRNIT (at New York, NY)
2/15/1969Kentucky at FloridaL81 - 824NR-
12/8/2018Kentucky vs. Seton HallL83 - 84 OT9NRCiti Hoops Classic (at New York, NY)
1/20/1988Florida at KentuckyL56 - 584NR-
3/22/2001Kentucky vs. Southern CaliforniaL76 - 809NRNCAA East Regional Semifinals (at Philadelphia, PA)
2/15/1975Kentucky at TennesseeL98 - 1034NR-
2/27/1984Kentucky at TennesseeL58 - 634NR-
12/6/2013Kentucky vs. BaylorL62 - 67320SEC/Big 12 Challenge (at Arlington, TX)
11/15/1996Kentucky vs. ClemsonL71 - 79 OT320BCA Classic (at Indianapolis, IN)
2/27/2010Kentucky at TennesseeL65 - 74219-
1/12/1980Alabama at KentuckyL64 - 784NR-
1/5/2016Kentucky at Louisiana StateL67 - 859NR-
2/9/1991Kentucky at Mississippi StateL82 - 8310NR-
12/4/2010Kentucky at North CarolinaL73 - 7510NR-
2/1/2011Kentucky at MississippiL69 - 7110NR-
2/5/2011Kentucky at FloridaL68 - 7010-
12/3/2005North Carolina at KentuckyL79 - 8310NR-
2/4/1997Kentucky at South CarolinaL79 - 84 OT319-
1/8/2011Kentucky at GeorgiaL70 - 7710NR-
1/23/1950Kentucky at Notre DameL51 - 645NR-
3/4/1992Kentucky at FloridaL62 - 7910NR-
2/4/2017Kentucky at FloridaL66 - 88824-
3/1/1969Kentucky at VanderbiltL99 - 1016NR-
1/13/1982Kentucky at MississippiL65 - 676NR-
1/28/2014Kentucky at Louisiana StateL82 - 8711NR-
1/15/1983Auburn at KentuckyL67 - 756NR-
3/14/1949Kentucky vs. Loyola (Chicago)L56 - 67116NIT (at New York, NY)
12/1/1975Kentucky at NorthwesternL77 - 896NR-
2/27/2002Kentucky at VanderbiltL73 - 8611NR-
12/11/1971Kentucky vs. IndianaL89 - 90 2 OT7NR(at Louisville, KY)
11/9/2000Kentucky vs. St. JohnsL61 - 6212NRCoaches vs. Cancer IKON Classic (at New York, NY)
2/18/1956Kentucky at DePaulL79 - 817NR-
1/18/2011Kentucky at AlabamaL66 - 6812NR-
2/12/2019Louisiana State at KentuckyL71 - 73519-
1/11/1975Kentucky at AuburnL85 - 907NR-
3/5/1981Kentucky vs. VanderbiltL55 - 607NRSEC Tournament (at Birmingham, AL)
1/27/1982Kentucky at Mississippi StateL51 - 567NR-
12/13/1971Michigan State at KentuckyL85 - 917NR-
2/24/1975Kentucky at FloridaL58 - 667NR-
2/20/1991Kentucky at VanderbiltL87 - 9812NR-
3/20/1994Kentucky vs. MarquetteL63 - 75721NCAA Southeast Regional Second Round (at St. Petersburg, FL)
2/13/2000Kentucky at Louisiana StateL57 - 701125-
3/8/2002Kentucky vs. South CarolinaL57 - 7012NRSEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/5/1983Kentucky at Louisiana StateL60 - 747NR-
2/27/1982Kentucky at Louisiana StateL78 - 947NR-
11/29/1999Kentucky vs. DaytonL66 - 6813NR(at Cincinnati, OH)
1/14/2014Kentucky at ArkansasL85 - 87 OT13NR-
1/5/2019Kentucky at AlabamaL75 - 7713NR-
2/2/1986Kentucky at N. C. StateL51 - 548NR-
2/25/2001Kentucky at ArkansasL78 - 8213NR-
12/9/1972Kentucky at IndianaL58 - 648NR-
3/15/1981Kentucky vs. Alabama-BirminghamL62 - 698NRNCAA Mideast Regional Second Round (at Tuscaloosa, AL)
2/28/1999Kentucky at TennesseeL61 - 6813NR-
2/13/1971Kentucky at FloridaL65 - 748NR-
2/3/1982Kentucky at AuburnL81 - 83 OT9NR-
2/17/1988Kentucky at TennesseeL70 - 729NR-
2/20/2016Kentucky at Texas A & ML77 - 79 OT14-
1/6/1979Louisiana State at KentuckyL89 - 939NR-
1/16/2016Kentucky at AuburnL70 - 7514NR-
1/10/1987Kentucky at TennesseeL68 - 759NR-
2/20/1988Kentucky at FloridaL76 - 839NR-
2/10/1993Kentucky at ArkansasL94 - 101214-
1/3/1979Kentucky at FloridaL65 - 769NR-
1/7/1987Alabama at KentuckyL55 - 699NR-
1/27/1988Kentucky at VanderbiltL66 - 839NR-
12/28/2002Kentucky at LouisvilleL63 - 8114NR-
1/27/1958Kentucky at Georgia TechL52 - 719NR-
2/2/1992Kentucky at Louisiana StateL53 - 7414NR-
12/29/1951Kentucky vs. St. LouisL60 - 61112Sugar Bowl Championship (at New Orleans, LA)
1/31/1983Kentucky at TennesseeL63 - 6510NR-
11/21/2005Kentucky vs. IowaL63 - 67718Guardians Classic (at Kansas City, MO)
3/11/1983Kentucky vs. AlabamaL64 - 6910NRSEC Tournament (at Birmingham, AL)
1/29/1983Kentucky at GeorgiaL63 - 7010NR-
2/14/1998Mississippi at KentuckyL64 - 73718-
2/16/2002Kentucky at GeorgiaL69 - 781021-
11/26/2002Kentucky vs. VirginiaL61 - 7515NRMaui Classic Invitational (at Lahaina, HI)
3/13/1980Kentucky vs. DukeL54 - 55414NCAA Mideast Regional Semifinals (at Lexington, KY)
12/30/1986Kentucky vs. GeorgiaL65 - 6911NR(at Louisville, KY)
3/31/1997Kentucky vs. ArizonaL79 - 84 OT515NCAA Championship (at Indianapolis, IN)
12/3/2016UCLA at KentuckyL92 - 97111-
3/5/1966Kentucky at TennesseeL62 - 691NR-
2/9/1959Kentucky at Mississippi StateL58 - 66111-
2/12/1994Kentucky at SyracuseL85 - 93414-
12/4/1999Kentucky vs. IndianaL75 - 831323(at Indianapolis, IN)
1/4/1964Kentucky at Georgia TechL67 - 761NR-
2/27/2016Kentucky at VanderbiltL62 - 7416NR-
3/10/2000Kentucky vs. ArkansasL72 - 8616NRSEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
2/15/1958Kentucky at Loyola (Chicago)L56 - 5712NR-
3/5/1977Kentucky at TennesseeL79 - 81211-
1/6/1986Kentucky at AuburnL56 - 6012NR
12/14/2002Michigan State at KentuckyL67 - 711221-
2/27/2014Arkansas at KentuckyL67 - 71 OT17NR-
3/1/2014Kentucky at South CarolinaL67 - 7217NR-
3/22/1952Kentucky vs. St. JohnsL57 - 64110NCAA East Regional Finals (at Raleigh, NC)
3/2/1964St. Louis at KentuckyL60 - 672NR-
2/5/1991Kentucky at Louisiana StateL88 - 1071019-
2/24/1958Kentucky vs. AuburnL63 - 6413NR(at Birmingham, AL)
12/5/1966Illinois at KentuckyL97 - 98 OT3NR-
1/20/2018Florida at KentuckyL64 - 6618NR-
12/1/1962Virginia Tech at KentuckyL77 - 803NR-
3/22/2018Kentucky vs. Kansas StateL58 - 6118NRNCAA South Regional Semifinals (at Atlanta, GA)
1/16/1971Kentucky at TennesseeL71 - 751018-
2/24/1964Kentucky at AlabamaL59 - 653NR-
3/27/2005Kentucky vs. Michigan StateL88 - 94 2 OT715NCAA Austin Regional Finals (at Austin, TX)
1/16/2018Kentucky at South CarolinaL68 - 7618NR-
3/16/1957Kentucky vs. Michigan StateL68 - 80311NCAA Mideast Regional Finals (at Lexington, KY)
12/4/1972Iowa at KentuckyL66 - 7913NR-
3/29/2003Kentucky vs. MarquetteL69 - 8319NCAA Midwest Regional Finals (at Minneapolis, MN)
12/17/1966Florida at KentuckyL75 - 784NR-
2/12/1962Mississippi State at KentuckyL44 - 4929-
12/14/2013Kentucky at North CarolinaL77 - 821118-
3/31/2019Kentucky vs. AuburnL71 - 77 OT714NCAA Midwest Regional Final (at Kansas City, MO)
3/13/1969Kentucky vs. MarquetteL74 - 81714NCAA Mideast Regional Semifinals (at Madison, WI)
12/29/1970Kentucky vs. Notre DameL92 - 99815(at Louisville, KY)
3/13/1964Kentucky vs. OhioL69 - 854NRNCAA Mideast Regional Semifinals (at Minneapolis, MN)
1/13/1968Kentucky at FloridaL78 - 964NR-
1/7/2006Kentucky at KansasL46 - 7319NR-
12/18/1956Kentucky at DukeL84 - 85713-
3/16/1968Kentucky vs. Ohio StateL81 - 825NRNCAA Mideast Regional Finals (at Lexington, KY)
1/15/1972Kentucky at FloridaL70 - 7215NR-
1/26/2002Alabama at KentuckyL61 - 64814-
12/22/1978Texas A & M at KentuckyL69 - 731117UKIT
2/13/2007Kentucky at TennesseeL85 - 8920NR-
1/28/1980Louisiana State at KentuckyL60 - 65511-
11/10/2000Kentucky vs. UCLAL92 - 97 OT1218Coaches vs. Cancer IKON Classic (at New York, NY)
12/27/1980Kentucky vs. Notre DameL61 - 6728(at Louisville, KY)
3/11/1982Kentucky vs. Middle TennesseeL44 - 5015NRNCAA Mideast Regional First Round (at Nashville, TN)
11/13/2012Kentucky vs. DukeL68 - 7539Champions Classic (at Atlanta, GA)
2/2/2016Kentucky at TennesseeL77 - 8420NR-
3/11/1955Kentucky vs. MarquetteL71 - 7928NCAA East Regional Semifinals (at Evanston, IL)
1/6/2018Kentucky at TennesseeL65 - 761723-
1/17/1972Kentucky at GeorgiaL73 - 8515NR-
12/31/1962Kentucky at St. LouisL63 - 875NR-
1/5/1963Georgia Tech at KentuckyL85 - 86 2 OT6NR-
12/21/1991Kentucky vs. Georgia TechL80 - 81813Kuppenheimer Classic (at Atlanta, GA)
1/6/1964Kentucky at VanderbiltL83 - 8516-
2/12/2011Kentucky at VanderbiltL77 - 811823-
12/11/1972Kentucky vs. North CarolinaL70 - 78813(at Louisville, KY)
2/3/2018Kentucky at MissouriL60 - 6921NR-
2/17/2007Kentucky at AlabamaL61 - 722025-
2/23/2011Kentucky at ArkansasL76 - 77 OT22NR-
1/15/1979Kentucky at Mississippi StateL61 - 6317NR-
1/29/1995Kentucky at ArkansasL92 - 9459-
1/13/1979Kentucky at AlabamaL52 - 5517NR-
12/21/2016Kentucky at LouisvilleL70 - 73610-
3/16/2019Kentucky vs. TennesseeL78 - 8248SEC Tournament (at Nashville, TN)
11/25/2000Penn State at KentuckyL68 - 7322NR-
3/19/2016Kentucky vs. IndianaL67 - 731014NCAA East Regional Second Round (at Des Moines, IA)
3/27/2010Kentucky vs. West VirginiaL66 - 7326NCAA East Regional Finals (at Syracuse, NY)
1/28/1956Kentucky at VanderbiltL73 - 8137-
3/14/1964Kentucky vs. Loyola (Chicago)L91 - 10048NCAA Mideast Regional [Consolation] (at Minneapolis, MN)
11/28/1995Kentucky vs. MassachusettsL82 - 9215Great Eight (at Auburn Hills, MI)
2/7/1981Kentucky at TennesseeL71 - 87610-
1/20/1968Kentucky at AuburnL73 - 748NR-
3/1/1980Kentucky vs. Louisiana StateL78 - 8025SEC Tournament Championship (at Birmingham, AL)
3/6/1982Kentucky vs. AlabamaL46 - 481518SEC Tournament Championship (at Lexington, KY)
2/28/1972Kentucky at AlabamaL70 - 7318NR-
12/22/1982Kentucky at IndianaL59 - 6225-
12/19/1964Illinois at KentuckyL86 - 918NRUKIT Championship
3/14/1970Kentucky vs. JacksonvilleL100 - 10614NCAA Mideast Regional Finals (at Columbus, OH)
3/2/1997South Carolina at KentuckyL66 - 7236-
12/20/1957West Virginia at KentuckyL70 - 7758UKIT
12/12/1967Kentucky vs. North CarolinaL77 - 8447(at Greensboro, NC)
12/3/1973Kentucky at KansasL63 - 711013-
3/3/2018Kentucky at FloridaL67 - 8023NR-
1/19/1981Kentucky at Louisiana StateL67 - 8136-
2/26/1972Kentucky at Louisiana StateL71 - 8818NR-
3/2/2019Kentucky at TennesseeL52 - 7147-
12/10/2005Kentucky vs. IndianaL53 - 791518(at Indianapolis, IN)
12/16/1978Kentucky at IndianaL67 - 68 OT68-
12/3/1994Kentucky vs. UCLAL81 - 8235John Wooden Classic (at Anaheim, CA)
1/31/2009South Carolina at KentuckyL77 - 7824NR-
1/27/2009Kentucky at MississippiL80 - 8524NR-
3/19/1966Kentucky vs. Texas WesternL65 - 7213NCAA Championship (at College Park, MD)
3/19/1977Kentucky vs. North CarolinaL72 - 7935NCAA East Regional Finals (at College Park, MD)
1/8/1983Kentucky at AlabamaL67 - 7435-
4/4/2015Kentucky vs. WisconsinL64 - 7113NCAA Final Four (at Indianapolis, IN)
12/13/1966North Carolina at KentuckyL55 - 6446-
2/10/2018Kentucky at Texas A & ML74 - 8524NR-
3/25/1995Kentucky vs. North CarolinaL61 - 7424NCAA Southeast Regional Finals (at Birmingham, AL)
12/7/1964Kentucky vs. North CarolinaL67 - 821113(at Charlotte, NC)
11/6/2018Kentucky vs. DukeL84 - 11824Champions Classic (at Indianapolis, IN)
3/26/2017Kentucky vs. North CarolinaL73 - 7556NCAA South Regional Finals (at Memphis, TN)
4/3/1993Kentucky vs. MichiganL78 - 81 OT23NCAA Final Four (at New Orleans, LA)
11/12/2013Kentucky vs. Michigan StateL74 - 7812Champions Classic (at Chicago, IL)
1/20/2007Vanderbilt at KentuckyL67 - 7225NR-
11/17/1979Kentucky vs. DukeL76 - 82 OT23Tip-off Classic (at Springfield, MA)
12/17/1960Kentucky at TempleL58 - 6620NR-
12/4/2004Kentucky at North CarolinaL78 - 9189-
1/25/1992Arkansas at KentuckyL88 - 10589-
2/8/2000Kentucky at FloridaL73 - 901112-
2/16/2013Kentucky at TennesseeL58 - 8825NR-

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