Kentucky at Tulane

- Monday, January 14 1957 -

Kentucky - 60 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Ranked 3rd by AP]
Johnny Cox722216
Bill Smith10012
John Crigler13425
Billy Ray Cassady10002
Ray Mills12414
Ed Beck10052
Gerry Calvert456313
Adrian Smith12214
Earl Adkins523412
John Brewer00000

Tulane - 68 (Head Coach: Clifford Wells) - [Unranked]
Cal Grosscup955123
Stan Stumpf389314
Tom Murphy469414
Roy Stoll11313
Bob Risk00000
Bill Jargstord544314

Halftime Score: Tulane 26, Kentucky 24
Officials: Hollis Wilson and Claude Tanksley
Attendance: 5000
Arena: Fogelman Arena
References: Lexington Herald, Tulane University and Lexington Leader
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A Tulane player is surrounded by Kentucky players including Gerry Calvert (#10), Johnny Cox, Ray Mills and Ed Beck (#34)

Tom Murphy scores in front of Gerry Calvert and another UK player

Tulane players are carried off the court to celebrate the victory

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