Kentucky Ranked as #3

This lists the games where UK had an AP rank of #3. Games which are held on the day of an AP poll use the new week's results.

Kentucky Ranked as #3 - 151-34
DateOpponentResultScoreOpp AP
3/14/1950Kentucky vs. CCNYL50 - 89NRNIT (at New York, NY)
1/5/1951Auburn at KentuckyW79 - 35NR-
1/8/1951DePaul at KentuckyW63 - 55NR-
1/13/1951Alabama at KentuckyW65 - 48NR-
1/15/1951Notre Dame at KentuckyW69 - 44NR-
1/12/1952Kentucky at FloridaW99 - 52NR-
1/14/1952Kentucky vs. GeorgiaW95 - 55NR(at Louisville, KY)
1/19/1952Kentucky at TennesseeW65 - 56NR-
1/21/1952Kentucky at Georgia TechW96 - 51NR-
1/26/1952Kentucky at AlabamaW71 - 67NR-
1/28/1952Kentucky at VanderbiltW88 - 51NR-
1/28/1956Kentucky at VanderbiltL73 - 817-
1/30/1956Kentucky at Georgia TechW84 - 62NR-
12/15/1956Maryland at KentuckyW76 - 55NR-
12/28/1956Kentucky vs. Virginia TechW56 - 55NRSugar Bowl (at New Orleans, LA)
12/29/1956Kentucky vs. HoustonW111 - 76NRSugar Bowl Championship (at New Orleans, LA)
1/5/1957Georgia Tech at KentuckyW95 - 72NR-
1/7/1957Loyola (Chicago) at KentuckyW81 - 62NR-
1/12/1957Kentucky at Louisiana StateW51 - 46NR-
1/14/1957Kentucky at TulaneL60 - 68NR-
2/8/1957Kentucky vs. MississippiW75 - 69NR(at Memphis, TN)
2/11/1957Kentucky at Mississippi StateL81 - 89NR-
2/15/1957Kentucky at Loyola (Chicago)W115 - 65NR-
2/18/1957Vanderbilt at KentuckyW80 - 7818-
2/23/1957Alabama at KentuckyW79 - 60NR-
2/25/1957Auburn at KentuckyW103 - 85NR-
3/2/1957Tennessee at KentuckyW93 - 75NR-
3/15/1957Kentucky vs. PittsburghW98 - 92NRNCAA Mideast Regional Semifinals (at Lexington, KY)
3/16/1957Kentucky vs. Michigan StateL68 - 8011NCAA Mideast Regional Finals (at Lexington, KY)
12/14/1957Kentucky at St. LouisW73 - 609-
12/16/1957Kentucky at Southern MethodistL64 - 65NR-
2/18/1959Vanderbilt at KentuckyW83 - 71NR-
2/21/1959Auburn at KentuckyW75 - 562-
2/23/1959Alabama at KentuckyW39 - 32NR-
1/2/1962Virginia at KentuckyW93 - 73NR-
1/6/1962Georgia Tech at KentuckyW89 - 70NR-
1/8/1962Kentucky at VanderbiltW77 - 68NR-
1/12/1962Louisiana State at KentuckyW84 - 63NR-
1/15/1962Kentucky at TennesseeW95 - 82NR-
2/24/1962Kentucky at AlabamaW73 - 65NR-
2/26/1962Kentucky at AuburnW63 - 60NR-
3/16/1962Kentucky vs. ButlerW81 - 60NRNCAA Mideast Regional Semifinals (at Iowa City, IA)
3/17/1962Kentucky vs. Ohio StateL64 - 741NCAA Mideast Regional Finals (at Iowa City, IA)
12/1/1962Virginia Tech at KentuckyL77 - 80NR-
2/8/1964Mississippi at KentuckyW102 - 59NR-
2/10/1964Mississippi State at KentuckyW65 - 59NR-
2/17/1964Vanderbilt at KentuckyW104 - 737-
2/22/1964Kentucky vs. AuburnW99 - 79NR(at Montgomery, AL)
2/24/1964Kentucky at AlabamaL59 - 65NR-
12/3/1966Virginia at KentuckyW104 - 84NR-
12/5/1966Illinois at KentuckyL97 - 98 OTNR-
12/10/1966Kentucky at NorthwesternW118 - 116NR-
11/30/1968Xavier at KentuckyW115 - 77NR-
12/2/1968Kentucky at Miami (OH)W86 - 77NR-
12/7/1968North Carolina at KentuckyL77 - 872-
12/31/1968Kentucky vs. WisconsinL65 - 69NR(at Chicago, IL)
1/4/1969Kentucky at MississippiW69 - 59NR-
1/6/1969Kentucky at Mississippi StateW91 - 72NR-
2/7/1970Kentucky at MississippiW120 - 85NR-
2/9/1970Kentucky at Mississippi StateW86 - 57NR-
2/14/1970Florida at KentuckyW110 - 66NR-
2/16/1970Georgia at KentuckyW116 - 8620-
12/1/1970Kentucky at NorthwesternW115 - 100NR-
12/5/1970Michigan at KentuckyW104 - 93NR-
12/7/1970Kentucky at West VirginiaW106 - 100NR-
12/18/1970DePaul at KentuckyW106 - 85NRUKIT
12/19/1970Purdue at KentuckyL83 - 89NRUKIT Championship
12/17/1976Bowling Green at KentuckyW77 - 59NRUKIT
12/18/1976Utah at KentuckyL68 - 70NRUKIT Championship
1/8/1977Kentucky at VanderbiltW64 - 62NR-
2/5/1977Vanderbilt at KentuckyW113 - 73NR-
2/7/1977Kentucky vs. Florida StateW97 - 57NR(at Louisville, KY)
2/12/1977Auburn at KentuckyW89 - 82NR-
2/14/1977Florida at KentuckyW104 - 78NR-
3/17/1977Kentucky vs. Virginia MilitaryW93 - 7820NCAA East Regional Semifinals (at College Park, MD)
3/19/1977Kentucky vs. North CarolinaL72 - 795NCAA East Regional Finals (at College Park, MD)
2/15/1978Tennessee at KentuckyW90 - 77NRRescheduled from 28-JAN due to ice
2/18/1978Mississippi State at KentuckyW58 - 56NR-
2/20/1978Alabama at KentuckyW97 - 84NR-
12/21/1979California at KentuckyW78 - 52NRUKIT
12/22/1979Purdue at KentuckyW61 - 609UKIT Championship
1/30/1980Kentucky at AuburnW64 - 62NR-
2/2/1980Tennessee at KentuckyW83 - 75NR-
2/20/1980Mississippi State at KentuckyW71 - 65NR-
2/24/1980Kentucky at Louisiana StateW76 - 74 OT5-
1/14/1981Mississippi at KentuckyW64 - 55NR-
1/17/1981Kentucky at AlabamaL55 - 59NR-
1/19/1981Kentucky at Louisiana StateL67 - 816-
11/28/1981Akron at KentuckyW83 - 64NR-
1/6/1982Auburn at KentuckyW83 - 71NR-
1/9/1982Kentucky at TennesseeL66 - 70NR-
12/1/1982Kentucky at Notre DameW58 - 45NR-
12/4/1982Villanova at KentuckyW93 - 794-
12/29/1982Kentucky vs. KansasW83 - 62NR(at Louisville, KY)
1/3/1983Mississippi at KentuckyW72 - 60NR-
1/5/1983Louisiana State at KentuckyW52 - 50NR-
1/8/1983Kentucky at AlabamaL67 - 745-
1/10/1983Kentucky at Mississippi StateW59 - 53 OTNR-
1/17/1984Kentucky at FloridaL57 - 69NR-
1/20/1984Vanderbilt at KentuckyW67 - 46NR-
1/22/1984Houston at KentuckyW74 - 674-
1/28/1984Georgia at KentuckyW64 - 4018-
1/30/1984Tennessee at KentuckyW93 - 74NR-
2/4/1984Kentucky at AlabamaL62 - 69NR-
2/6/1984Kentucky at Mississippi StateW77 - 58NR-
3/1/1984Mississippi at KentuckyW76 - 57NR-
3/3/1984Louisiana State at KentuckyW90 - 68NR-
3/8/1984Kentucky vs. GeorgiaW92 - 79NRSEC Tournament (at Nashville, TN)
3/9/1984Kentucky vs. AlabamaW48 - 46NRSEC Tournament (at Nashville, TN)
3/10/1984Kentucky vs. AuburnW51 - 49NRSEC Tournament Championship (at Nashville, TN)
3/17/1984Kentucky vs. Brigham YoungW93 - 68NRNCAA Mideast Regional Second Round (at Birmingham, AL)
3/22/1984Kentucky vs. LouisvilleW72 - 67NCAA Mideast Regional Semifinals (at Lexington, KY)
3/24/1984Kentucky vs. IllinoisW54 - 516NCAA Mideast Regional Finals (at Lexington, KY)
3/31/1984Kentucky vs. GeorgetownL40 - 532NCAA Final Four (at Seattle, WA)
3/6/1986Kentucky vs. MississippiW95 - 69NRSEC Tournament (at Lexington, KY)
3/7/1986Kentucky vs. Louisiana StateW61 - 58NRSEC Tournament (at Lexington, KY)
3/8/1986Kentucky vs. AlabamaW83 - 72NRSEC Tournament Championship (at Lexington, KY)
3/14/1986Kentucky vs. DavidsonW75 - 55NRNCAA Southeast Regional First Round (at Charlotte, NC)
3/16/1986Kentucky vs. Western KentuckyW71 - 64NRNCAA Southeast Regional Second Round (at Charlotte, NC)
3/20/1986Kentucky vs. AlabamaW68 - 63NCAA Southeast Regional Semifinals (at Atlanta, GA)
3/22/1986Kentucky vs. Louisiana StateL57 - 59NRNCAA Southeast Regional Finals (at Atlanta, GA)
12/8/1992Eastern Kentucky at KentuckyW82 - 73NR-
12/12/1992Kentucky at LouisvilleW88 - 689-
12/19/1992Morehead at KentuckyW108 - 65NR-
12/22/1992Miami (OH) at KentuckyW65 - 49NR-
12/28/1992Kentucky vs. RutgersW89 - 67NRECAC Holiday Festival (at New York, NY)
12/30/1992Kentucky vs. St. JohnsW86 - 77NRECAC Holiday Festival (at New York, NY)
1/3/1993Kentucky vs. IndianaW81 - 784(at Louisville, KY)
11/30/1994Ohio at KentuckyW79 - 7414-
12/3/1994Kentucky vs. UCLAL81 - 825John Wooden Classic (at Anaheim, CA)
3/10/1995Kentucky vs. AuburnW93 - 81NRSEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/11/1995Kentucky vs. FloridaW86 - 72NRSEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/12/1995Kentucky vs. ArkansasW95 - 93 OT5SEC Tournament Championship (at Atlanta, GA)
11/15/1996Kentucky vs. ClemsonL71 - 79 OT20BCA Classic (at Indianapolis, IN)
12/14/1996Notre Dame at KentuckyW80 - 56NR-
12/21/1996Kentucky vs. Georgia TechW88 - 59NRDelta Air Lines Classic (at Atlanta, GA)
12/23/1996UNC-Asheville at KentuckyW105 - 51NR-
12/28/1996Kentucky vs. Ohio StateW81 - 65NRRock and Roll Shootout (at Cleveland, OH)
12/31/1996Kentucky at LouisvilleW74 - 5414-
1/4/1997Tennessee at KentuckyW74 - 40NR-
1/7/1997Mississippi State at KentuckyW90 - 61NR-
1/9/1997Canisius at KentuckyW68 - 45NR-
1/11/1997Kentucky at MississippiL69 - 73NR-
1/22/1997Kentucky vs. VanderbiltW58 - 46NR(at Cincinnati, OH)
1/26/1997Kentucky at ArkansasW83 - 73NR-
1/29/1997Kentucky at FloridaW92 - 65NR-
2/1/1997Georgia at KentuckyW82 - 57NR-
2/4/1997Kentucky at South CarolinaL79 - 84 OT19-
2/6/1997Western Carolina at KentuckyW82 - 55NR-
2/9/1997Villanova at KentuckyW93 - 5618-
2/19/1997Kentucky at AlabamaW75 - 61NR-
2/22/1997Kentucky at VanderbiltW82 - 79NR-
2/25/1997Kentucky at TennesseeW74 - 64NR-
3/2/1997South Carolina at KentuckyL66 - 726-
12/19/1998Kentucky vs. Georgia TechW80 - 39NRDelta Air Lines Classic (at Atlanta, GA)
12/22/1998Kentucky vs. DukeL60 - 712Jimmy V Classic (at East Rutherford, NJ)
12/26/1998Kentucky at LouisvilleL74 - 83NR-
2/11/2003Georgia at KentuckyW87 - 6720-
2/15/2003Louisiana State at KentuckyW68 - 57NR-
2/15/2005Kentucky at South CarolinaL61 - 73NR-
2/19/2005Mississippi State at KentuckyW94 - 78NR-
3/2/2005Tennessee at KentuckyW73 - 61NR-
3/6/2005Kentucky at FloridaL52 - 53NR-
12/19/2009Austin Peay at KentuckyW90 - 69NR-
12/21/2009Drexel at KentuckyW88 - 44NR1st Program in NCAA history to win 2000 games
12/23/2009Long Beach State at KentuckyW86 - 73NR-
12/29/2009Hartford at KentuckyW104 - 61NR-
1/2/2010Louisville at KentuckyW71 - 62NR-
1/9/2010Georgia at KentuckyW76 - 68NR-
2/9/2010Alabama at KentuckyW66 - 55NR-
2/13/2010Tennessee at KentuckyW73 - 6212-
3/3/2010Kentucky at GeorgiaW80 - 68NR-
3/7/2010Florida at KentuckyW74 - 66NR-
12/17/2011Tenn-Chattanooga at KentuckyW87 - 62NR-
12/20/2011Samford at KentuckyW82 - 50NR-
12/22/2011Loyola (MD) at KentuckyW87 - 63NR-
12/28/2011Lamar at KentuckyW86 - 64NR-
12/31/2011Louisville at KentuckyW69 - 624-
11/9/2012Kentucky vs. MarylandW72 - 69NRBarclays Center Classic (at Brooklyn, NY)
11/13/2012Kentucky vs. DukeL68 - 759Champions Classic (at Atlanta, GA)
11/16/2012Lafayette at KentuckyW101 - 49NRBarclays Center Classic
11/25/2013Cleveland State at KentuckyW68 - 61NRKeightley Classic
11/27/2013Eastern Michigan at KentuckyW81 - 63NRKeightley Classic
12/1/2013Kentucky vs. ProvidenceW79 - 65NR(at Brooklyn, NY)
12/6/2013Kentucky vs. BaylorL62 - 6720SEC/Big 12 Challenge (at Arlington, TX)

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