Kentucky at Mississippi State

- Monday, January 6 1969 -

Kentucky - 91 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Ranked 3rd by AP]
Mike Pratt714558219
Larry Steele1311543
Dan Issel10216614126
Phil Argento1324314
Mike Casey12221110325
Randy Pool1322214
Terry Mills2301114
Jim Dinwiddie0022002
Clint Wheeler0000110
Art Laib0000000
Bob McCowan0000120
Bill Busey2200014

Mississippi State - 72 (Head Coach: Joe Dan Gold) - [Unranked]
Manuel Washington0633313
Jim Martin921125319
John Guyton513114411
Chuck Wade717556319
Donnie Black3513427
Randy Hodges2400104
Don King0133003
Bubba Walker0022102
Walt Hampton0200340
Jim Mattox0124102
Bill Schneider0022002

Halftime Score: Kentucky 39, Mississippi State 30
Officials: Burrell Crowell and Bruce Waldo
Attendance: 5000
Arena: New Gymnasium
References: Louisville Courier-Journal and Mississippi State University

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Game Writeup - by Tev Laudeman, Louisville Courier-Journal

Phil Argento (#13) jumps against MSU's #21 while Larry Steele (#25) defends

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