Kentucky vs. Kansas

- Wednesday, December 29 1982 -

(at Louisville, KY)

Kentucky - 83 (Head Coach: Joe B. Hall) - [Ranked 3rd by AP]
Derrick Hord2571091061000123
Charles Hurt306912133140013
Melvin Turpin355114570113114
Dirk Minniefield27387834610613
Jim Master2326122120025
Dicky Beal27462403540410
Roger Harden100000000000
Bret Bearup1202003220000
Tom Heitz502000300000
Kenny Walker1123123201005
Troy McKinley400001100010

Kansas - 62 (Head Coach: Ted Owens) - [Unranked]
Kerry Boagni326181252000213
Brian Martin3101015312430
Kelly Knight325110394130110
Carl Henry24384532100310
Lance Hill2023342110027
Jeff Guiot1803002110030
Jeff Dishman911000211012
Tad Boyle101000000010
Calvin Thompson1445113510019
Ron Kellogg193155664200011

Halftime Score: Kentucky 38, Kansas 21
Technical Fouls: None
Officials: Dale Kelley, Charles Vacca and Rick Wulkow
Attendance: 16,834
Arena: Freedom Hall
References: The Cats Pause Yearbook

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Melvin Turpin (#54) gets up a head of steam

Charles Hurt (#44) fights KU's Lance Hill (#25) for a rebound

Kansas' Kerry Boagni shoots over Derrick Hord (#32)

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