Kentucky SEC Tournament Games

The Georgia Dome, site of many recent SEC Tournaments

| Kentucky Wins: 135 | Kentucky Losses: 29 |
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2/24/1933MississippiW49 - 31SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
2/25/1933FloridaW48 - 24SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
2/27/1933Louisiana StateW51 - 38SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
2/28/1933Mississippi StateW46 - 27SEC Tournament Championship (at Atlanta, GA)
2/24/1934FloridaL32 - 38SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
2/28/1936Mississippi StateW41 - 39SEC Tournament (at Knoxville, TN)
2/29/1936TennesseeL28 - 39SEC Tournament (at Knoxville, TN)
2/26/1937Louisiana StateW57 - 37SEC Tournament (at Knoxville, TN)
2/27/1937Georgia TechW40 - 30SEC Tournament (at Knoxville, TN)
3/1/1937TennesseeW39 - 25SEC Tournament Championship (at Knoxville, TN)
3/3/1938TulaneL36 - 38SEC Tournament (at Baton Rouge, LA)
3/2/1939MississippiW49 - 30SEC Tournament (at Knoxville, TN)
3/3/1939Louisiana StateW53 - 34SEC Tournament (at Knoxville, TN)
3/4/1939TennesseeW46 - 38SEC Tournament Championship (at Knoxville, TN)
2/29/1940VanderbiltW44 - 34SEC Tournament (at Knoxville, TN)
3/1/1940TennesseeW30 - 29 OTSEC Tournament (at Knoxville, TN)
3/2/1940GeorgiaW51 - 43SEC Tournament Championship (at Knoxville, TN)
2/27/1941MississippiW62 - 52SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
2/28/1941TulaneW59 - 30SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
3/1/1941AlabamaW39 - 37SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
3/1/1941TennesseeL33 - 36SEC Tournament Championship (at Louisville, KY)
2/26/1942FloridaW42 - 36SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
2/27/1942MississippiW59 - 32SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
2/28/1942AuburnW40 - 31SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
2/28/1942AlabamaW36 - 34SEC Tournament Championship (at Louisville, KY)
2/25/1943TulaneW48 - 31SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
2/26/1943GeorgiaW59 - 30SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
2/27/1943Mississippi StateW52 - 43SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
2/27/1943TennesseeL30 - 33SEC Tournament Championship (at Louisville, KY)
3/2/1944GeorgiaW57 - 29SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
3/3/1944Louisiana StateW55 - 28SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
3/4/1944TulaneW62 - 46SEC Tournament Championship (at Louisville, KY)
3/1/1945FloridaW57 - 35SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
3/2/1945Louisiana StateW68 - 37SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
3/3/1945AlabamaW52 - 41SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
3/3/1945TennesseeW39 - 35SEC Tournament Championship (at Louisville, KY)
2/28/1946AuburnW69 - 24SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
3/1/1946FloridaW69 - 32SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
3/2/1946AlabamaW59 - 30SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
3/2/1946Louisiana StateW59 - 36SEC Tournament Championship (at Louisville, KY)
2/27/1947VanderbiltW98 - 29SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
2/28/1947AuburnW84 - 18SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
3/1/1947Georgia TechW75 - 53SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
3/1/1947TulaneW55 - 38SEC Tournament Championship (at Louisville, KY)
3/4/1948FloridaW87 - 31SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
3/5/1948Louisiana StateW63 - 47SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
3/6/1948TennesseeW70 - 47SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
3/6/1948Georgia TechW54 - 43SEC Tournament Championship (at Louisville, KY)
3/3/1949FloridaW73 - 36SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
3/4/1949AuburnW70 - 39SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
3/5/1949TennesseeW83 - 44SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
3/5/1949TulaneW68 - 52SEC Tournament Championship (at Louisville, KY)
3/3/1950Mississippi StateW56 - 46SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
3/4/1950GeorgiaW79 - 63SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
3/4/1950TennesseeW95 - 58SEC Tournament Championship (at Louisville, KY)
3/1/1951Mississippi StateW92 - 70SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
3/2/1951AuburnW84 - 54SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
3/3/1951Georgia TechW82 - 56SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
3/3/1951VanderbiltL57 - 61SEC Tournament Championship (at Louisville, KY)
2/28/1952Georgia TechW80 - 59SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
2/29/1952TulaneW85 - 61SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
3/1/1952TennesseeW81 - 66SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
3/1/1952Louisiana StateW44 - 43SEC Tournament Championship (at Louisville, KY)
2/28/1979MississippiW82 - 77SEC Tournament (at Birmingham, AL)
3/1/1979AlabamaW101 - 100SEC Tournament (at Birmingham, AL)
3/2/1979Louisiana StateW80 - 67SEC Tournament (at Birmingham, AL)
3/3/1979TennesseeL69 - 75 OTSEC Tournament Championship (at Birmingham, AL)
2/28/1980AuburnW69 - 61SEC Tournament (at Birmingham, AL)
2/29/1980MississippiW70 - 67SEC Tournament (at Birmingham, AL)
3/1/1980Louisiana StateL78 - 80SEC Tournament Championship (at Birmingham, AL)
3/5/1981VanderbiltL55 - 60SEC Tournament (at Birmingham, AL)
3/4/1982AuburnW89 - 66SEC Tournament (at Lexington, KY)
3/5/1982MississippiW62 - 58SEC Tournament (at Lexington, KY)
3/6/1982AlabamaL46 - 48SEC Tournament Championship (at Lexington, KY)
3/11/1983AlabamaL64 - 69SEC Tournament (at Birmingham, AL)
3/8/1984GeorgiaW92 - 79SEC Tournament (at Nashville, TN)
3/9/1984AlabamaW48 - 46SEC Tournament (at Nashville, TN)
3/10/1984AuburnW51 - 49SEC Tournament Championship (at Nashville, TN)
3/7/1985FloridaL55 - 58SEC Tournament (at Birmingham, AL)
3/6/1986MississippiW95 - 69SEC Tournament (at Lexington, KY)
3/7/1986Louisiana StateW61 - 58SEC Tournament (at Lexington, KY)
3/8/1986AlabamaW83 - 72SEC Tournament Championship (at Lexington, KY)
3/6/1987AuburnL72 - 79SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/11/1988MississippiW82 - 64SEC Tournament (at Baton Rouge, LA)
3/12/1988Louisiana StateW86 - 80SEC Tournament (at Baton Rouge, LA)
3/13/1988GeorgiaW62 - 57SEC Tournament Championship (at Baton Rouge, LA) [vacated]
3/10/1989VanderbiltL63 - 77SEC Tournament (at Knoxville, TN)
3/13/1992VanderbiltW76 - 57SEC Tournament (at Birmingham, AL)
3/14/1992Louisiana StateW80 - 74SEC Tournament (at Birmingham, AL)
3/15/1992AlabamaW80 - 54SEC Tournament Championship (at Birmingham, AL)
3/12/1993TennesseeW101 - 40SEC Tournament (at Lexington, KY)
3/13/1993ArkansasW92 - 81SEC Tournament (at Lexington, KY)
3/14/1993Louisiana StateW82 - 65SEC Tournament Championship (at Lexington, KY)
3/11/1994Mississippi StateW95 - 76SEC Tournament (at Memphis, TN)
3/12/1994ArkansasW90 - 78SEC Tournament (at Memphis, TN)
3/13/1994FloridaW73 - 60SEC Tournament Championship (at Memphis, TN)
3/10/1995AuburnW93 - 81SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/11/1995FloridaW86 - 72SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/12/1995ArkansasW95 - 93 OTSEC Tournament Championship (at Atlanta, GA)
3/8/1996FloridaW100 - 76SEC Tournament (at New Orleans, LA)
3/9/1996ArkansasW95 - 75SEC Tournament (at New Orleans, LA)
3/10/1996Mississippi StateL73 - 84SEC Tournament Championship (at New Orleans, LA)
3/7/1997AuburnW92 - 50SEC Tournament (at Memphis, TN)
3/8/1997MississippiW88 - 70SEC Tournament (at Memphis, TN)
3/9/1997GeorgiaW95 - 68SEC Tournament Championship (at Memphis, TN)
3/6/1998AlabamaW82 - 71SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/7/1998ArkansasW99 - 74SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/8/1998South CarolinaW86 - 56SEC Tournament Championship (at Atlanta, GA)
3/5/1999MississippiW83 - 73SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/6/1999AuburnW69 - 57SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/7/1999ArkansasW76 - 63SEC Tournament Championship (at Atlanta, GA)
3/10/2000ArkansasL72 - 86SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/9/2001South CarolinaW78 - 65SEC Tournament (at Nashville, TN)
3/10/2001ArkansasW87 - 78SEC Tournament (at Nashville, TN)
3/11/2001MississippiW77 - 55SEC Tournament Championship (at Nashville, TN)
3/8/2002South CarolinaL57 - 70SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/14/2003VanderbiltW81 - 63SEC Tournament (at New Orleans, LA)
3/15/2003AuburnW78 - 58SEC Tournament (at New Orleans, LA)
3/16/2003Mississippi StateW64 - 57SEC Tournament Championship (at New Orleans, LA)
3/12/2004GeorgiaW69 - 60SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/13/2004South CarolinaW78 - 63SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/14/2004FloridaW89 - 73SEC Tournament Championship (at Atlanta, GA)
3/11/2005TennesseeW76 - 62SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/12/2005Louisiana StateW79 - 78 OTSEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/13/2005FloridaL53 - 70SEC Tournament Championship (at Atlanta, GA)
3/9/2006MississippiW71 - 57SEC Tournament (at Nashville, TN)
3/10/2006AlabamaW68 - 61SEC Tournament (at Nashville, TN)
3/11/2006South CarolinaL61 - 65SEC Tournament (at Nashville, TN)
3/8/2007AlabamaW79 - 67SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/9/2007Mississippi StateL82 - 84 OTSEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/15/2008GeorgiaL56 - 60 OTRescheduled from 14-MAR due to tornado; SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/12/2009MississippiW71 - 58SEC Tournament (at Tampa, FL)
3/13/2009Louisiana StateL58 - 67SEC Tournament (at Tampa, FL)
3/12/2010AlabamaW73 - 67SEC Tournament (at Nashville, TN)
3/13/2010TennesseeW74 - 45SEC Tournament (at Nashville, TN)
3/14/2010Mississippi StateW75 - 74 OTSEC Tournament Championship (at Nashville, TN)
3/11/2011MississippiW75 - 66SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/12/2011AlabamaW72 - 58SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/13/2011FloridaW70 - 54SEC Tournament Championship (at Atlanta, GA)
3/9/2012Louisiana StateW60 - 51SEC Tournament (at New Orleans, LA)
3/10/2012FloridaW74 - 71SEC Tournament (at New Orleans, LA)
3/11/2012VanderbiltL64 - 71SEC Tournament Championship (at New Orleans, LA)
3/15/2013VanderbiltL48 - 64SEC Tournament (at Nashville, TN)
3/14/2014Louisiana StateW85 - 67SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/15/2014GeorgiaW70 - 58SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/16/2014FloridaL60 - 61SEC Tournament Championship (at Atlanta, GA)
3/13/2015FloridaW64 - 49SEC Tournament (at Nashville, TN)
3/14/2015AuburnW91 - 67SEC Tournament (at Nashville, TN)
3/15/2015ArkansasW78 - 63SEC Tournament Championship (at Nashville, TN)
3/11/2016AlabamaW85 - 59SEC Tournament (at Nashville, TN)
3/12/2016GeorgiaW93 - 80SEC Tournament (at Nashville, TN)
3/13/2016Texas A & MW82 - 77 OTSEC Tournament Championship (at Nashville, TN)
3/10/2017GeorgiaW71 - 60SEC Tournament (at Nashville, TN)
3/11/2017AlabamaW79 - 74SEC Tournament (at Nashville, TN)
3/12/2017ArkansasW82 - 65SEC Tournament Championship (at Nashville, TN)
3/9/2018GeorgiaW62 - 49SEC Tournament (at St. Louis, MO)
3/10/2018AlabamaW86 - 63SEC Tournament (at St. Louis, MO)
3/11/2018TennesseeW77 - 72SEC Tournament Championship (at St. Louis, MO)
3/15/2019AlabamaW73 - 55SEC Tournament (at Nashville, TN)
3/16/2019TennesseeL78 - 82SEC Tournament (at Nashville, TN)
3/11/2021Mississippi StateL73 - 74SEC Tournament (at Nashville, TN)
3/11/2022VanderbiltW77 - 71SEC Tournament (at Tampa, FL)
3/12/2022TennesseeL62 - 69SEC Tournament (at Tampa, FL)
3/10/2023VanderbiltL73 - 80SEC Tournament (at Nashville, TN)

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