Kentucky vs. Georgia

- Thursday, March 2 1944 -

SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)

Kentucky - 57 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Final Rank ]
Jack Tingle523212
Wilbur Schu20014
Nathaniel Buis20014
J. Ed Parker20114
Bob Brannum524112
Truett DeMoisey20134
Tom Moseley10032
Jack Parkinson501110
Rudy Yessin21135

Georgia - 29 (Head Coach: Elmer Lampe)
Pete Gould00410
Charles Smith21415
Bob Holt11113
Ross Maddox557315
Edgar Bratton12324
J.B. Farr10032

Halftime Score: Kentucky 36, Georgia 29
Officials: Jim Beiersdorfer and Bowser Chest
Attendance: 3000
Arena: Jefferson County Armory
References: Louisville Courier-Journal, University of Georgia and Lexington Herald

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Jack Parkinson tries to pass the ball off under pressure by Georgia's Edgar Bratton (#6) pushes down a teammate to get to the ball. Looking on is Wilbur Schu

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