Kentucky vs. Georgia Tech

- Saturday, March 3 1951 -

SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)

Kentucky - 82 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Ranked 1st by AP]
Walter Hirsch33329
Shelby Linville511311
Cliff Hagan344110
Lou Tsioropoulos700214
Read Morgan02332
Bill Spivey757319
Dwight Price00000
Frank Ramsey22446
Bobby Watson20014
Lucian Whitaker10022
C. M. Newton01221
Guy Strong20014

Georgia Tech - 56 (Head Coach: Roy McArthur) - [Unranked]
Marvin Keener668418
Cecil Silas25559
Berrien Blemker13405
Michael Austin11303
William Cline20234
Melvin Dold21225
Carl Umstead20104
Michael Sermersheim12314
Benjamin Register00000
Eric Crake20024

Halftime Score: Kentucky 49, Georgia Tech 26
Officials: Osborne Helveston and Pee Wee Armstrong
Attendance: 6500
Arena: Jefferson County Armory
References: Louisville Courier-Journal, Georgia Institute of Technology, Lexington Herald-Leader and Knoxville (TN) News-Sentinel

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Bill Spivey (#77) prepares to score against a much smaller Georgia Tech defender Carl "Teeter" Umstead

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