Kentucky in the Knoxville Metro Area

| Kentucky Wins - 67 | Opponent Wins - 55 |

2/5/1915TennesseeL21 - 35Knoxville Central YMCANA-
2/6/1915TennesseeL22 - 27Knoxville Central YMCANA-
3/2/1917TennesseeL25 - 27Knoxville Central YMCANA-
3/3/1917TennesseeL10 - 30Knoxville Central YMCANA-
3/1/1918TennesseeW29 - 18Knoxville Central YMCANA-
3/2/1918TennesseeW32 - 20Knoxville Central YMCANA-
2/7/1919TennesseeL22 - 40Knoxville Central YMCANA-
2/27/1920TennesseeL25 - 28Knoxville Central YMCANA-
2/28/1920TennesseeW34 - 26Knoxville Central YMCANA-
1/20/1923TennesseeL26 - 30Jefferson HallNA-
1/18/1924TennesseeL13 - 20Jefferson HallNA-
2/9/1925TennesseeW35 - 22Jefferson HallNA-
2/12/1926TennesseeW51 - 17Jefferson HallNA-
1/21/1927TennesseeL14 - 19Jefferson HallNA-
2/9/1928TennesseeW43 - 16Jefferson HallNA-
1/17/1929TennesseeW35 - 29Jefferson HallNA-
1/31/1930TennesseeL24 - 29 OTJefferson Hall2000-
1/31/1931TennesseeW36 - 32 OTJefferson HallNA-
1/16/1932TennesseeW29 - 28Jefferson Hall1500-
1/14/1933TennesseeW42 - 21Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)2000-
1/13/1934TennesseeW44 - 23Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)NA-
2/16/1935TennesseeW38 - 36Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)3000-
2/15/1936TennesseeL28 - 39Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)3500-
2/28/1936Mississippi StateW41 - 39Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)1500SEC Tournament (at Knoxville, TN)
2/29/1936TennesseeL28 - 39Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)3000SEC Tournament (at Knoxville, TN)
2/13/1937TennesseeL24 - 26Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)3500-
2/26/1937Louisiana StateW57 - 37Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)NASEC Tournament (at Knoxville, TN)
2/27/1937Georgia TechW40 - 30Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)3000SEC Tournament (at Knoxville, TN)
3/1/1937TennesseeW39 - 25Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)4000SEC Tournament Championship (at Knoxville, TN)
2/26/1938TennesseeW29 - 26Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)3000-
2/18/1939TennesseeW36 - 34 2 OTAlumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)3500-
3/2/1939MississippiW49 - 30Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)1500SEC Tournament (at Knoxville, TN)
3/3/1939Louisiana StateW53 - 34Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)NASEC Tournament (at Knoxville, TN)
3/4/1939TennesseeW46 - 38Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)3000SEC Tournament Championship (at Knoxville, TN)
2/17/1940TennesseeL23 - 27Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)2000-
2/29/1940VanderbiltW44 - 34Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)1500SEC Tournament (at Knoxville, TN)
3/1/1940TennesseeW30 - 29 OTAlumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)2500SEC Tournament (at Knoxville, TN)
3/2/1940GeorgiaW51 - 43Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)700SEC Tournament Championship (at Knoxville, TN)
1/18/1941TennesseeL22 - 32Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)2800-
1/17/1942TennesseeL40 - 46Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)2200-
1/16/1943TennesseeW30 - 28Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)3000-
1/20/1945TennesseeL34 - 35Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)3200-
1/19/1946TennesseeW50 - 32Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)3500-
1/18/1947TennesseeW54 - 39Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)2500-
1/17/1948TennesseeW65 - 54Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)3600-
1/15/1949TennesseeW66 - 51Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)3200-
1/14/1950TennesseeL53 - 66Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)NA-
1/20/1951TennesseeW70 - 45Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)3200-
1/19/1952TennesseeW65 - 56Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)3700-
1/23/1954TennesseeW97 - 71Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)3300-
1/22/1955TennesseeW84 - 66Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)4000-
1/21/1956TennesseeW95 - 68Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)3500-
1/19/1957TennesseeW97 - 72Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)3200-
3/1/1958TennesseeW77 - 66Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)3500-
2/28/1959TennesseeW69 - 56UT Armory Fieldhouse6200-
1/16/1960TennesseeW78 - 68UT Armory Fieldhouse7100-
3/4/1961TennesseeW68 - 61UT Armory Fieldhouse7000-
3/9/1961VanderbiltW88 - 67UT Armory Fieldhouse6500SEC Playoff (at Knoxville, TN) (non-SEC game)
1/15/1962TennesseeW95 - 82UT Armory Fieldhouse7000-
3/2/1963TennesseeL55 - 63UT Armory Fieldhouse7200-
2/29/1964TennesseeW42 - 38UT Armory Fieldhouse7500-
1/16/1965TennesseeL58 - 77UT Armory Fieldhouse7100-
3/5/1966TennesseeL62 - 69UT Armory Fieldhouse7200-
2/13/1967TennesseeL57 - 76Stokely Center12,379-
1/22/1968TennesseeL59 - 87Stokely Center13,000-
1/18/1969TennesseeW69 - 66Stokely Center12,7001st Program in NCAA history to win 1000 games (current NCAA listing)
3/7/1970TennesseeW86 - 69Stokely Center12,700-
1/16/1971TennesseeL71 - 75Stokely Center12,700-
3/9/1972TennesseeW67 - 66Stokely Center12,700-
1/20/1973TennesseeL64 - 65Stokely Center12,700-
1/14/1974TennesseeL54 - 67Stokely Center12,700-
2/15/1975TennesseeL98 - 103Stokely Center12,718-
2/7/1976TennesseeL85 - 92Stokely Center12,944-
3/5/1977TennesseeL79 - 81Stokely Center12,700-
2/25/1978TennesseeW68 - 57Stokely Center12,700-
3/11/1978Florida StateW85 - 76Stokely Center12,700NCAA Mideast Regional First Round (at Knoxville, TN)
2/17/1979TennesseeL84 - 101Stokely Center12,700-
1/5/1980TennesseeL47 - 49Stokely Center12,700-
2/7/1981TennesseeL71 - 87Stokely Center12,700-
1/9/1982TennesseeL66 - 70Stokely Center12,700-
1/31/1983TennesseeL63 - 65Stokely Center12,700-
3/24/1983IndianaW64 - 59Stokely Center12,300NCAA Mideast Regional Semifinals (at Knoxville, TN)
3/26/1983LouisvilleL68 - 80 OTStokely Center12,489NCAA Mideast Regional Finals (at Knoxville, TN)
2/27/1984TennesseeL58 - 63Stokely Center12,700-
1/27/1985TennesseeL65 - 81Stokely Center12,700-
2/27/1986TennesseeW62 - 60Stokely Center12,700-
1/10/1987TennesseeL68 - 75Stokely Center12,700-
2/17/1988TennesseeL70 - 72Thompson-Boling Arena24,378-
1/21/1989TennesseeW66 - 65Thompson-Boling Arena24,464-
3/10/1989VanderbiltL63 - 77Thompson-Boling Arena17,614SEC Tournament (at Knoxville, TN)
2/21/1990TennesseeL100 - 102Thompson-Boling Arena22,244-
1/12/1991TennesseeW78 - 74Thompson-Boling Arena24,452-
1/21/1992TennesseeL85 - 107Thompson-Boling Arena19,416-
2/24/1993TennesseeL77 - 78Thompson-Boling Arena22,457-
2/23/1994TennesseeW77 - 73Thompson-Boling Arena22,548-
2/8/1995TennesseeW68 - 48Thompson-Boling Arena20,118-
2/17/1996TennesseeW90 - 50Thompson-Boling Arena23,115-
2/25/1997TennesseeW74 - 64Thompson-Boling Arena20,241-
1/24/1998TennesseeW85 - 67Thompson-Boling Arena23,146-
2/28/1999TennesseeL61 - 68Thompson-Boling Arena23,106-
2/23/2000TennesseeL67 - 74Thompson-Boling Arena22,449-
2/14/2001TennesseeW103 - 95Thompson-Boling Arena19,341-
2/6/2002TennesseeL74 - 76 OTThompson-Boling Arena17,260-
1/8/2003TennesseeW74 - 71Thompson-Boling Arena17,273-
1/20/2004TennesseeW69 - 68 OTThompson-Boling Arena17,990-
1/25/2005TennesseeW84 - 62Thompson-Boling Arena16,183-
3/1/2006TennesseeW80 - 78Thompson-Boling Arena24,108-
2/13/2007TennesseeL85 - 89Thompson-Boling Arena22,320-
3/2/2008TennesseeL60 - 63Thompson-Boling Arena21,628-
1/13/2009TennesseeW90 - 72Thompson-Boling Arena20,474-
2/27/2010TennesseeL65 - 74Thompson-Boling Arena21,214-
3/6/2011TennesseeW64 - 58Thompson-Boling Arena21,678-
1/14/2012TennesseeW65 - 62Thompson-Boling Arena21,678-
2/16/2013TennesseeL58 - 88Thompson-Boling Arena21,678-
2/17/2015TennesseeW66 - 48Thompson-Boling Arena21,678-
2/2/2016TennesseeL77 - 84Thompson-Boling Arena19,295-
1/24/2017TennesseeL80 - 82Thompson-Boling Arena19,349-
1/6/2018TennesseeL65 - 76Thompson-Boling Arena21,678-
3/2/2019TennesseeL52 - 71Thompson-Boling Arena21,729-
2/8/2020TennesseeW77 - 64Thompson-Boling Arena21,232-
2/20/2021TennesseeW70 - 55Thompson-Boling Arena4191-
2/15/2022TennesseeL63 - 76Thompson-Boling Arena21,678-

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