Kentucky at Tennessee

- Saturday, January 16 1965 -

(On this date was born future Kentucky Player Richard Madison)

Kentucky - 58 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Unranked]
Larry Conley3723338
Pat Riley58131511
John Adams31024648
Tommy Kron511355213
Louie Dampier3722518
Terry Mobley3622038
Randy Embry0422012

Tennessee - 77 (Head Coach: Ray Mears) - [Unranked]
A.W. Davis9206612224
Ron Widby (*)513237412
Howard Bayne36251558
Larry McIntosh813564221
Pat Robinette39662112
Jim Cornwall0001010
Gil Monroe0100000
John Jacobs0000000
Skip Plotnicki0000100

Halftime Score: Tennessee 35, Kentucky 31
Officials: Don Souder and A.C. Lambert
Attendance: 7100
Arena: UT Armory Fieldhouse
References: Louisville Courier-Journal, University of Tennessee and Lexington Leader

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A.W. Davis rebounds in front of Louie Dampier (#10), John Adams (#45) and Pat Riley (#42)

A.W. Davis shoots in front of Pat Riley

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