Kentucky at Tulane

- Monday, January 11 1965 -

Kentucky - 102 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Unranked]
Larry Conley67125413
Pat Riley46457412
John Adams39666412
Louie Dampier915456222
Tommy Kron67569517
Terry Mobley58221112
Brad Bounds1300002
Randy Embry1566108
Gene Stewart0000010
Larry Lentz0022012
Ron Kennett1100002

Tulane - 72 (Head Coach: Ralph Pedersen) - [Unranked]
George Fisher3933229
John Schweers48696414
Craig Spitzer49245310
Al Andrews818563321
Kenneth Hicks0000120
Dennis Shoup1422324
Jim Thiel1712013
Nels Siegert0001250
Jim Bob Laughlin0000020
Mike Mucklin1100202
Robert Benjamin1112113
Charles Brandt0000100
O.J. LaCour2200004
Alan Goodman0000000
David Fisher1201002

Halftime Score: Kentucky 47, Tulane 36
Officials: Bill Henderson and Tobey Pace
Attendance: 2500
Arena: Fogelman Arena
References: Louisville Courier-Journal, Tulane University and Lexington Leader
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