Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt

- Thursday, March 9 1961 -

SEC Playoff (at Knoxville, TN) (non-SEC game)

Kentucky - 88 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Final Rank 20th by AP]
Bill Lickert40614223114
Roger Newman3541010117518
Ned Jennings26486712514
Larry Pursiful406129113421
Dick Parsons27510351413
Allen Feldhaus131201212
Jim McDonald20000100
Carroll Burchett172523656

Vanderbilt - 67 (Head Coach: Bob Polk) - [Unranked]
Larry Banks330634633
Bill Depp3939798313
Ron Griffiths161512453
John Russell261545426
Bobby Bland26311563511
Bill Johnson212923136
Don Ringstaff23710785321
Ray Clark30122002
Bob Scott40101230
Lance Gish70000100
Sam Hosbach10000000
Jack Doninger21200102

Halftime Score: Kentucky 44, Vanderbilt 30
Officials: George Conley and A.C. Lambert
Attendance: 6500
Arena: UT Armory Fieldhouse
References: Louisville Courier-Journal and Lexington Herald

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Game Writeup - by John Bibb, Nashville Tennessean

Ned Jennings (#10) grabs one of his 12 rebounds

Roger Newman (#42) looks to drive past Vanderbilt's Ron Griffiths (#51)

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