George Conley
- Officiated Kentucky Games -

| Overall UK Wins: 36 | Overall UK Losses: 4 | Win % 90 |
Date of Birth: May 29, 1925
Date of Death: January 1, 1992
Hometown: Painstville, KY
Notes: Father of UK player Larry Conley

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TechnicalsOfficiating Crew
12/11/1954Kentucky at XavierW73 - 692720354831-James Enright and George Conley
2/9/1955Georgia at KentuckyW86 - 401816262500-Jack Keys and George Conley
12/17/1955Idaho at KentuckyW91 - 491316241700-Dave Scobey and George Conley
1/7/1956Georgia Tech at KentuckyW104 - 511728462703-George Conley and Jack Keys
1/28/1956Kentucky at VanderbiltL73 - 812114234020-Jack Keys and George Conley
2/6/1956Kentucky at FloridaW81 - 701419292701-George Conley and Jim Beiersdorfer
2/27/1956Kentucky vs. GeorgiaW143 - 662018302901-George Conley and Clyde Castle
12/1/1956Washington & Lee at KentuckyW94 - 662624403902-Richard Betz and George Conley
2/2/1957Florida at KentuckyW88 - 611417262200-Jim Beiersdorfer and George Conley
12/2/1957Duke at KentuckyW78 - 741918272720-George Conley and Leonard Toff
12/7/1957Temple at KentuckyW85 - 83 3 OT1523331902-George Conley and Leonard Toff
2/8/1958Mississippi at KentuckyW96 - 651918292500-George Conley and Max Macon
2/10/1958Mississippi State at KentuckyW72 - 621424312112KentuckyMax Macon and George Conley
2/17/1958Vanderbilt at KentuckyW65 - 611619281610-George Conley and A.C. Lambert
12/11/1958Southern Methodist at KentuckyW72 - 60912151000-George Conley and Julius Sneed
1/12/1959Kentucky at TulaneW85 - 682227363312-George Conley and Dave Scobey
12/1/1959Colorado St Teachers at KentuckyW106 - 732023333001-George Conley and Ben Edelen
1/9/1960Louisiana State at KentuckyW77 - 452024372601-George Conley and Tobey Pace
1/11/1960Tulane at KentuckyW68 - 421619261900-Tobey Pace and George Conley
1/25/1960Kentucky at Georgia TechL44 - 652521304022-George Conley and Dick Pace
2/13/1960Notre Dame at KentuckyW68 - 651523311811-George Conley and Paul Biebel
1/7/1961Georgia Tech at KentuckyW89 - 791926352620-George Conley and Claude Tanksley
1/9/1961Kentucky at VanderbiltL62 - 641917243210-George Conley and Max Macon
2/7/1961Georgia at KentuckyW74 - 671819292701-George Conley and Lyle Varnell
3/9/1961Kentucky vs. VanderbiltW88 - 672527404032-George Conley and A.C. Lambert
12/18/1961Temple at KentuckyW78 - 551717232301-George Conley and Milton Fidgeon
12/23/1961Kansas State at KentuckyW80 - 672324383321-Philip Fox and George Conley
1/15/1962Kentucky at TennesseeW95 - 822117263010-George Conley and Dave Scobey
1/31/1962Kentucky vs. GeorgiaW86 - 592111162300-George Conley and Dave Scobey
2/2/1962Kentucky at FloridaW81 - 691719282001-George Conley and Dave Scobey
3/5/1962Tulane at KentuckyW97 - 721518282410-George Conley and Dave Scobey
12/8/1962Kentucky at TempleW56 - 521722322200-John Stevens and George Conley
12/27/1962Dartmouth at KentuckyW95 - 491613161700-George Conley and Bill Bailey
2/6/1967Kentucky at MississippiW79 - 702721273322-George Conley and Don Souder
12/1/1970Kentucky at NorthwesternW115 - 1002420253811Northwestern Coach Brad SnyderArt White, Roger Parramore and George Conley
12/5/1970Michigan at KentuckyW104 - 932522263211-George Conley and David Parry
12/7/1970Kentucky at West VirginiaW106 - 1001626372101WVU after fans threw debris on floor after foul calledGeorge Conley and Steve Honzo
12/22/1970Oregon State at KentuckyW84 - 782419272700-Ralph Stout and George Conley
12/1/1971Northwestern at KentuckyW94 - 852318233601-George Conley and Charles Allen
12/9/1972Kentucky at IndianaL58 - 642421162532-Edwin Gyenes (Big Ten) and George Conley (SEC)

Obituary - Louisville Courier-Journal (January 3, 1992)

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