Georgia at Kentucky

- Wednesday, February 9 1955 -

Georgia - 40 (Head Coach: Red Lawson) - [Unranked]
Bubba Potts10312
Al Parrish22436
Horace Knight20004
George Bell10002
Virgil Mills01311
Bill Howard01211
Bill Ensley22446
Morris Dinwiddie422210
Murphy McManus24718
Ronald Bradley00030

Kentucky - 86 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Ranked 2nd by AP]
Phil Grawemeyer700214
Jerry Bird700114
Ray Mills33429
John Brewer10022
Dan Chandler10022
Bob Burrow647316
Harold Hurst00010
Gayle Rose11233
Billy Evans33529
Gerry Calvert01201
Earl Adkins534013
Paul Corum11203

Halftime Score: Kentucky 50, Georgia 20
Officials: Jack Keys and George Conley
Attendance: 8000
Arena: Memorial Coliseum
References: Atlanta Journal and Constitution, Lexington Herald and University of Georgia

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Phil Grawemeyer (#44) has a rough landing on top of a Georgia player while Jerry Bird (#22) tracks the rebound

Kentucky's Billy Evans (#42) and Bob Burrow (left) surround Georgia's Bill Ensley while Phil Grawemeyer and an unidentified Georgia player look on.

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