Xavier at Kentucky

- Monday, February 14 1955 -

Xavier - 55 (Head Coach: Ned Wulk) - [Unranked]
Richard Schneider22616
Charles Hofmann30026
John Albrinck00010
James O'Connell00000
Dave Piontek634215
James Boothe00000
Louis Vonderbrink21115
Francis Stahl856421
William Veith10002

Kentucky - 66 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Ranked 2nd by AP]
Phil Grawemeyer600312
Jerry Bird704014
Ray Mills00000
Bob Burrow624014
Billy Evans734117
Gayle Rose33749
Gerry Calvert00020

Halftime Score: Kentucky 41, Xavier 28
Officials: Bob Forsythe and Jack Keys
Attendance: 10,000
Arena: Memorial Coliseum
References: Lexington Herald and Xavier University

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The ball went that-a-way. Bob Burrow (#50) and Cookie Grawemeyer (#44) track the ball

Jerry Bird (#22) drives

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