Kentucky at Georgia Tech

- Monday, January 25 1960 -

Kentucky - 44 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Ranked 16th by AP]
Allen Feldhaus160400520
Carroll Burchett33112251044
Don Mills406211317313
Sid Cohen2421310134214
Bennie Coffman2401011121
Dick Parsons292923356
Jim McDonald131201552
Ned Jennings171624324
Larry Pursiful40200000
Roy Roberts10100100

Georgia Tech - 65 (Head Coach: Whack Hyder) - [Ranked 6th by AP]
Dave Denton40411101315318
Wayne Richards282711655
James Riley3224221156
Bobby Dews343834739
Roger Kaiser4041516189224
William Poteet50012011
John Hoffman140000210
John Gher61200012
Josh Powell10000000

Halftime Score: Georgia Tech 32, Kentucky 20
Officials: George Conley and Dick Pace
Attendance: 7348
Arena: Alexander Memorial Coliseum
References: Atlanta Journal and Constitution, Louisville Courier-Journal, Georgia Institute of Technology and Lexington Herald

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Georgia Tech's Dave Denton (#41) tips off against UK's Don Mills

Tech's Dave Denton (#41) knocks the ball out of the hands of Allen Feldhaus (#33)

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