Georgia Tech at Kentucky

- Saturday, January 7 1956 -

Georgia Tech - 51 (Head Coach: Whack Hyder) - [Unranked]
Lennie Cohen5142612312
Bill Cohen1322424
Dick Lenholt2712555
Joe Helms11356757
Bobby Kimmel4125813313
James Johnson0201010
Lane Akers1301252
Jess Carroll3501616
Lake Kelly (*)1200032

Kentucky - 104 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Ranked 6th by AP]
Jerry Bird51471010117
Phil Grawemeyer415001108
Bob Burrow10224619324
Gerry Calvert2636647
Vernon Hatton5911158421
Ray Mills56015110
Lincoln Collinsworth0000100
Ed Beck1112133
Billy Ray Cassady38442010
John Brewer1322314

Halftime Score: Kentucky 42, Georgia Tech 23
Officials: George Conley and Jack Keys
Attendance: 12,000
Arena: Memorial Coliseum
References: Atlanta Journal and Constitution, Lexington Herald-Leader and Georgia Institute of Technology

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Mad scramble for the ball as Bob Burrow (#50) and Gerry Calvert (#10) fight off Georgia Tech players

Burrow (#50) stretches out a shot over Georgia Tech's Dick Lenholt (#30)

Bob Burrow (#50) and Georgia Tech's Dick Lenholt (#30) tip off the second half.

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