Kentucky vs. Louisiana State

- Friday, March 3 1939 -

SEC Tournament (at Knoxville, TN)

Kentucky - 53 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Final Rank ]
Fred Curtis24538
Keith Farnsley33349
Marion Cluggish21215
Layton Rouse40118
Bernard Opper20044
James Goodman10122
Elmo Head12404
Lee Huber11133
Homer Thompson500110

Louisiana State - 34 (Head Coach: Harry Rabenhorst)
John Bushman17729
Paul Brotherton513011
Charlie Bozeman23627
Walker Cress11433
Howard Jackson00220
Talmadge Bozeman10012
Griff Vance00100
Woodie Dosher10032
Dick Burge00010

Halftime Score: Kentucky 25, Louisiana State 14
Technical Fouls: Kentucky Coach Rupp for asking referee question [called by Ben Chapman]
Officials: Referee - Ben Chapman (Birmingham) and Umpire - Bowser Chest (Nashville)
Arena: Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)
References: Lexington Herald and Louisiana State University

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