Harry Rabenhorst's Record vs. Kentucky

| Wins against Kentucky - 0 | Losses against Kentucky - 14 |
Alma Mater: Wake Forest [1921]
Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA
Date Born: April 30, 1898
Date Died: March 24, 1972
Overall Record: 340-264 [29 Seasons]

1/12/1957Kentucky at Louisiana StateW51 - 46-
1/14/1956Louisiana State at KentuckyW107 - 65-
12/3/1955Kentucky at Louisiana StateW62 - 52(Non-SEC game)
1/17/1955Kentucky at Louisiana StateW64 - 62-
12/4/1954Louisiana State at KentuckyW74 - 58(non-SEC game)
3/9/1954Kentucky vs. Louisiana StateW63 - 56SEC Playoff (at Nashville, TN) (Non-SEC game)
3/1/1952Kentucky vs. Louisiana StateW44 - 43SEC Tournament Championship (at Louisville, KY)
1/5/1952Louisiana State at KentuckyW57 - 47-
1/31/1951Kentucky at Louisiana StateW81 - 59-
3/5/1948Kentucky vs. Louisiana StateW63 - 47SEC Tournament (at Louisville, KY)
3/2/1946Kentucky vs. Louisiana StateW59 - 36SEC Tournament Championship (at Louisville, KY)
3/3/1939Kentucky vs. Louisiana StateW53 - 34SEC Tournament (at Knoxville, TN)
2/26/1937Kentucky vs. Louisiana StateW57 - 37SEC Tournament (at Knoxville, TN)
2/27/1933Kentucky vs. Louisiana StateW51 - 38SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)

Obituary - The Times (March 25, 1972)

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