Kentucky vs. Tennessee

- Saturday, March 3 1979 -

SEC Tournament Championship (at Birmingham, AL)

( Overtime Game)

Kentucky - 69 (Head Coach: Joe B. Hall) - [Unranked]
Chuck Verderber35573544113
Lavon Williams4313125403
Fred Cowan26582294012
Kyle Macy43492244610
Truman Claytor369209925027
Chris Gettelfinger100000000
Dwane Casey700000200
Jay Shidler1811001232
Clarence Tillman1612002002

Tennessee - 75 (Head Coach: Don DeVoe) - [Unranked]
Terry Crosby457140124214
Reggie Johnson36465743113
Howard Wood1724223106
Bert Bertelkamp1623220416
Gary Carter437138893422
Johnny Darden3014002352
Chuck Threeths29472482110
Kevin Nash (*)912002002

Halftime Score: Kentucky 44, Tennessee 37
End of Regulation Score: Kentucky 55, Tennessee 55
Officials: Paul Galvan, Don Shea and Ben Dunn
Attendance: 13,687
Arena: Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center
References: Lexington Herald-Leader and Louisville Courier-Journal

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Tennessee's Chuck Threeths (#31) grabs a rebound above Chuck Verderber, Kyle Macy (#4) and Fred Cowan

Truman Claytor (#22) drives to the basket ahead of Tennessee's Terry Crosby (#25)

Coach Hall instructs Dwane Casey on the bench

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