Kentucky at Notre Dame

- Monday, January 23 1950 -

Kentucky - 51 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Ranked 5th by AP]
Walter Hirsch12254
Jim Line356111
Garland Townes01101
Leonard Pearson00050
Arlan King00000
Bill Spivey1236227
Dale Barnstable01351
Bobby Watson10002
Lucian Whitaker21205
Guy Strong00000

Notre Dame - 64 (Head Coach: Edward Krause) - [Unranked]
Jack Neumayr21235
Leroy Leslie702314
Dan Bagley568516
John Foley01131
Don Strasser501110
Kevin O'Shea669118
Marty O'Connor00000

Halftime Score: Notre Dame 39, Kentucky 29
Officials: Remy Meyer and Jim Beiersdorfer
Attendance: 4000
Arena: Notre Dame Fieldhouse
References: Lexington Herald, Notre Dame and Lexington Leader

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Billy Spivey out-tips Notre Dame's Dan Bagley (#19) as Walter Hirsch gets stuck in the middle

Bill Spivey (#77) fights Dan Bagley for the ball

Walt Hirsch (#22) leaps to shoot over Notre Dame's Dan Bagley (#19). Waiting under the basket is Bill Spivey (#77)

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