Kentucky at St. Louis

- Monday, December 31 1962 -

Kentucky - 63 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Ranked 5th by AP]
Cotton Nash35514697316
Don Rolfes28485133313
Roy Roberts294800318
Scotty Baesler252512535
Charles Ishmael273902856
Terry Mobley160122042
John Adams81400422
Ted Deeken153511307
Randy Embry50000010
Sam Harper40100200
Pat Doyle82300034

St. Louis - 87 (Head Coach: John Benington) - [Unranked]
John Smith3749492112
Don Dee1768005512
Sam Harris31714893022
Donnell Reid371412843
Bill Nordmann31713348217
Bill Lacy80001100
Rick Naes2268463416
Stan Luechtefeld20000000
Jerry Strange4011
Bill Kurz40302200
Bob Clark31100122
Hank Zuchowski11200002
Gil Beckemeier00000100
Jim Dix30100000

Halftime Score: St. Louis 42, Kentucky 29
Officials: Joe Conway and Dave Scobey
Attendance: 6058
Arena: Kiel Auditorium
References: Louisville Courier-Journal, St. Louis University and Lexington Herald
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St. Louis player Bill Kurz keeps the ball away from Cotton Nash

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