Kentucky's Opponent Game Leaders in SEC Tournament Field Goals

Minimum Number: 10 Records Kept Since: 1947

#NameDateGameScoreField Goals
1Reginald King3/1/1979Kentucky vs. Alabama101 - 10015
1John Stroud2/28/1979Kentucky vs. Mississippi82 - 7715
3DeWayne Scales3/1/1980Kentucky vs. Louisiana State78 - 8013
4Dontae Jones3/10/1996Kentucky vs. Mississippi State73 - 8412
4John Williams3/7/1986Kentucky vs. Louisiana State61 - 5812
4John Stroud2/29/1980Kentucky vs. Mississippi70 - 6712
7Vern Fleming3/8/1984Kentucky vs. Georgia92 - 7911
7Bob Pettit3/1/1952Kentucky vs. Louisiana State44 - 4311
9Brian Williams3/6/1998Kentucky vs. Alabama82 - 7110
9Robert Scott3/1/1979Kentucky vs. Alabama101 - 10010
9Joe Johnson3/10/2001Kentucky vs. Arkansas87 - 7810
9Danuel House3/13/2016Kentucky vs. Texas A & M82 - 77 OT10
9Jordan Wright3/11/2022Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt77 - 7110

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