University of Kentucky Senior Day Games

Senior Day is a special tradition at Kentucky. From running through the hoop to singing My Old Kentucky Home before 24,000. For more information about the ceremony, please see the following link.

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2/27/2021FloridaL67 - 71Olivier Sarr, Riley Welch and Davion Mintz [Grad]
3/3/2020TennesseeL73 - 81Nate Sestina [Grad]
3/9/2019FloridaW66 - 57Jonny David and Reid Travis [Grad]
2/28/2018MississippiW96 - 78-
2/28/2017VanderbiltW73 - 67Derek Willis, Dominique Hawkins and Mychal Mulder
3/5/2016Louisiana StateW94 - 77Alex Poythress
3/7/2015FloridaW67 - 50Sam Malone, Brian Long and Tod Lanter
3/4/2014AlabamaW55 - 48Jon Hood and Jarrod Polson
3/9/2013FloridaW61 - 57Twany Beckham and Julius Mays [Grad]
3/1/2012GeorgiaW79 - 49Darius Miller and Eloy Vargas
3/1/2011VanderbiltW68 - 66Josh Harrellson
3/7/2010FloridaW74 - 66Perry Stevenson, Ramon Harris and Mark Krebs
3/4/2009GeorgiaL85 - 90Jared Carter
3/9/2008FloridaW75 - 70Joe Crawford and Ramel Bradley
2/28/2007GeorgiaW82 - 70Lukasz Obrzut, Bobby Perry and Sheray Thomas
3/5/2006FloridaL64 - 79Brandon Stockton, Ravi Moss, Preston LeMaster and Patrick Sparks
3/2/2005TennesseeW73 - 61Josh Carrier and Chuck Hayes
3/7/2004FloridaW82 - 62Erik Daniels, Cliff Hawkins, Gerald Fitch, Matt Heissenbuttel and Antwain Barbour
3/5/2003VanderbiltW106 - 44Souleymane Camara, Keith Bogans and Marquis Estill
3/2/2002FloridaW70 - 67J. P. Blevins and Tayshaun Prince
2/28/2001AuburnW90 - 78Saul Smith
3/4/2000FloridaW85 - 70Jamaal Magloire and Steve Masiello
2/24/1999VanderbiltW88 - 63Scott Padgett, Wayne Turner and Heshimu Evans
2/22/1998GeorgiaW85 - 74Allen Edwards, Cameron Mills and Jeff Sheppard
3/2/1997South CarolinaL66 - 72Derek Anderson, Anthony Epps and Jared Prickett
3/2/1996VanderbiltW101 - 63Tony Delk, Walter McCarty and Mark Pope
3/4/1995Louisiana StateW127 - 80Andre Riddick and Chris Harrison
3/2/1994FloridaW80 - 77Rodney Dent, Travis Ford, Jeff Brassow and Gimel Martinez
2/27/1993AuburnW80 - 78Dale Brown, Nehemiah Braddy and Todd Svoboda
3/7/1992TennesseeW99 - 88Sean Woods, John Pelphrey, Deron Feldhaus and Richie Farmer
3/2/1991AuburnW114 - 93Reggie Hanson
2/24/1990AuburnW98 - 95Derrick Miller and Michael Parks
3/1/1989MississippiW70 - 69Mike Scott and Jeff Ginnan
3/2/1988GeorgiaW80 - 72Robert Lock, Ed Davender, Winston Bennett, Cedric Jenkins and Richard Madison
3/1/1987OklahomaW75 - 74James Blackmon and Paul Andrews
3/1/1986Louisiana StateW68 - 57Kenny Walker, Roger Harden and Leroy Byrd
2/28/1985TennesseeW92 - 67Bret Bearup and Troy McKinley
3/3/1984Louisiana StateW90 - 68Melvin Turpin, Sam Bowie, Jim Master, Dicky Beal and Tom Heitz
2/27/1983TennesseeW69 - 61Charles Hurt, Derrick Hord and Dirk Minniefield
2/24/1982Mississippi StateW71 - 54Bo Lanter and Chuck Verderber
3/1/1981Louisiana StateW73 - 71Fred Cowan and Chris Gettelfinger
2/20/1980Mississippi StateW71 - 65Kyle Macy, Jay Shidler and Lavon Williams
2/23/1979VanderbiltW96 - 70Dwane Casey and Truman Claytor
3/4/1978UNLVW92 - 70Jack Givens, Rick Robey, Mike Phillips and James Lee
2/28/1977Mississippi StateW77 - 64Larry Johnson and Merion Haskins
3/8/1976Mississippi StateW94 - 93 OTReggie Warford
3/1/1975VanderbiltW109 - 84Kevin Grevey, Jimmy Dan Conner, Mike Flynn, Bob Guyette, Jerry Hale and G. J. Smith
3/4/1974Mississippi StateW108 - 69Ronnie Lyons, Rick Drewitz, Ray Edelman and Steve Green
3/8/1973TennesseeW86 - 81Jim Andrews and Larry Stamper
3/6/1972AuburnW102 - 67Tom Parker, Kent Hollenbeck, Stan Key, Bob McCowan and Kirk Chiles
3/6/1971TennesseeW84 - 78Mike Casey, Larry Steele, Jim Dinwiddie, Terry Mills and Clint Wheeler
3/2/1970AuburnW102 - 81Dan Issel, Mike Pratt, Art Laib, Randy Pool and Bill Busey
3/8/1969TennesseeW84 - 69Phil Argento
3/2/1968VanderbiltW85 - 80Thad Jaracz, Cliff Berger, Steve Clevenger, Gary Gamble, Jim LeMaster and Tommy Porter
3/6/1967AlabamaW110 - 78Louie Dampier, Pat Riley, Brad Bounds and Gene Stewart
3/7/1966TulaneW103 - 74Larry Conley, Tommy Kron and Larry Lentz
3/1/1965AlabamaW78 - 72Randy Embry, John Adams, Terry Mobley and Ron Kennett
3/2/1964St. LouisL60 - 67Cotton Nash, Ted Deeken, George Critz, Tom Harper and Charles Ishmael
2/25/1963AlabamaW80 - 63Scotty Baesler, Pat Doyle, Roy Roberts and George Atkins
3/10/1962TennesseeW90 - 59Larry Pursiful, Carroll Burchett, Allen Feldhaus, Harry Hurd, Jim McDonald, Doug Pendygraft and Herky Rupp
2/27/1961AuburnW77 - 51Bill Lickert, Dick Parsons, Ned Jennings and Roger Newman
3/5/1960PittsburghW73 - 66Don Mills, Bennie Coffman and Sid Cohen
2/23/1959AlabamaW39 - 32Johnny Cox and Phil Johnson
2/17/1958VanderbiltW65 - 61Vernon Hatton, Ed Beck, Earl Adkins, Billy Ray Cassady, Lincoln Collinsworth, John Crigler, Harold Ross, Adrian Smith and Bill Smith
3/2/1957TennesseeW93 - 75John Brewer, Gerry Calvert and Ray Mills
3/3/1956TennesseeW101 - 77Bob Burrow, Phil Grawemeyer and Jerry Bird
3/5/1955TennesseeW104 - 61Billy Evans and Gayle Rose
2/22/1954VanderbiltW100 - 64Cliff Hagan, Frank Ramsey and Lou Tsioropoulos
2/21/1952VanderbiltW75 - 45Bobby Watson, Shelby Linville, Lucian Whitaker and Bill Spivey
3/13/1951Loyola (Chicago)W97 - 61Walter Hirsch, Roger Layne and Read Morgan
2/25/1950VanderbiltW70 - 66Jim Line and Dale Barnstable
2/26/1949VanderbiltW70 - 37Alex Groza, Ralph Beard, Wallace Jones and Cliff Barker
2/21/1948Georgia TechW78 - 54James Jordan, Jack Parkinson, Ken Rollins and Kenton Campbell
2/22/1947Georgia TechW83 - 46Mulford Davis, J. Ed Parker and Jack Tingle
2/23/1946XavierW83 - 40Wilbur Schu and William Sturgill
2/17/1945TennesseeW40 - 34-
2/26/1944OhioW51 - 35-
2/15/1943Georgia TechW58 - 31Marvin Akers, Melvin Brewer and Milt Ticco
2/21/1942XavierW44 - 36Ermal Allen, James King, Lloyd Ramsey, Carl Staker and Waller White
2/24/1941VanderbiltW58 - 31Lee Huber, Keith Farnsley, Carl Combs and Donald Orme
2/24/1940VanderbiltW43 - 38Layton Rouse, Marion Cluggish and Harry Denham
2/25/1939VanderbiltW52 - 27Bernard Opper, Fred Curtis, Elmo Head, Homer Thompson and Walter Hodge
2/21/1938VanderbiltW48 - 24Charles Combs, Joseph Hagan, J. Rice Walker and Robert Davis
2/22/1937XavierW23 - 15Ralph Carlisle, Warfield Donohue, James Goforth and John McIntosh
2/24/1936VanderbiltW61 - 41Milerd Anderson, Bruce Davis, Garland Lewis and Bob Taylor
3/7/1935XavierW46 - 29Dave Lawrence, Edward Tierney and Jack Tucker
2/17/1934VanderbiltW47 - 27John DeMoisey, Crittenden Blair and Evan Settle
2/18/1933VanderbiltW45 - 28Ellis Johnson, Forest Sale, Darrell Darby, George Skinner and George Yates
2/20/1932VanderbiltL31 - 32William Kleiser, Ercel Little, Cecil Bell and Charles McGuire
2/20/1931VanderbiltW43 - 23Carey Spicer, Jake Bronston, Louis McGinnis and Bill Trott
2/22/1930Washington & LeeW28 - 26 OTPaul McBrayer, Cecil Combs, Stanley Milward, Hays Owens, Lawrence McGinnis and Fred McLane
2/23/1929MississippiW32 - 24Claire Dees and Elmer Gilb
2/18/1928Centre CollegeW30 - 20Paul Jenkins
2/19/1927TennesseeL21 - 30C. Foster Helm
2/20/1926VanderbiltW30 - 20Charles Albert, Burgess Carey, James McFarland and Lovell Underwood
2/21/1925Centre CollegeW39 - 10Charles Hughes, Hubert White, A. T. Rice, William King and Karl Rohs
2/23/1924Georgia TechW33 - 27Carl Riefkin and William Poyntz
2/23/1923SewaneeW30 - 14Lawrence Burnham, Fred Fest and Gilbert Smith
2/20/1922Centre CollegeW40 - 23Basil Hayden, Paul Adkins, Bob Lavin and James Wilhelm
2/22/1921VanderbiltW37 - 18-
3/6/1920Centre CollegeL18 - 20 OTHubert Blakey
3/8/1919Miami (OH)L14 - 38Ben Marsh, George Zerfoss and Boone Simpson
2/21/1918Centre CollegeW22 - 20 3 OT-
2/21/1917Georgetown CollegeW32 - 18Bart Peak, Doc Rodes, Charles Schrader, Robert Ireland, Lawrence Longsworth and George Gumbert
3/4/1916MariettaL23 - 27Karl Zerfoss and Derrill Hart [Grad]
2/18/1915TennesseeW20 - 18Ralph Morgan, Herschel Scott and William Tuttle
2/28/1914MariettaW19 - 17R. C. Preston
3/1/1913Christ Church CincinnatiL19 - 30Brinkley Barnett, Henry Farmer and Augustus Weisenberger
2/23/1912VanderbiltW22 - 18Jake Gaiser, W. C. Harrison, Derrill Hart and Thomas Beatty
3/3/1911TransylvaniaW30 - 24John Campbell
3/8/1910Georgetown CollegeW24 - 23John Crosthwaite, Richard Barbee, Walter Fox, Shelby Shanklin and Shelby Post
2/26/1909Central UniversityL20 - 26-
3/3/1908Georgetown CollegeW18 - 13Leo Brewer, Harold Downing, Neville Stone and Maury Wilson
3/9/1907Central UniversityL13 - 15Stanley Baer
2/9/1906Georgetown CollegeL22 - 28-
2/22/1905Kentucky UniversityL23 - 33Joe Coons and Charles Wright
3/4/1904CincinnatiW25 - 21Lee Andrus, J. White Guyn, Claire St. John and Henry Wurtele
2/20/1903Kentucky UniversityL2 - 42John Vogt

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