Kentucky Career Leaders in 3 pt Field Goal Percentage

Minimum Value: 35% Records Kept Since: 1987 Minimum Attempts: 20

#PlayerSeasonsGames3 pt Field Goals3 pt Field Goal
3 pt Field Goal
1Doron Lamb27814430347.52
2Cameron Mills4848117147.37
3Myron Anthony234132944.83
4Travis Ford310019042744.5
5Tyler Ulis137337742.86
6Mark Pope269378941.57
7Devin Booker1385814141.13
8Sean Sutton254184440.91
9Walter McCarty31037518740.11
10Rex Chapman26113433540
11Preston LeMaster43782040
12Derek Anderson2556115339.87
13Tony Delk413328371239.75
14Gerald Fitch412719950239.64
15Anthony Epps414115539139.64
16Kyle Wiltjer2739023138.96
17Jeff Sheppard413912833038.79
18Jodie Meeks38117745938.56
19Eric Bledsoe1374912838.28
20Patrick Sparks26915139738.04
21Ryan Hogan254307937.97
22Darius Miller415217546337.8
23Brandon Knight1388723137.66
24Jamal Mashburn39814839437.56
25Deron Feldhaus412411129637.5
26James Blackmon4128338837.5
27Ravi Moss41046918537.3
28Kelenna Azubuike3979525537.25
29Derrick Jasper354195137.25
30Julius Mays1336517537.14
31John Pelphrey411416043336.95
32Andrew Harrison2796918836.7
33Scott Padgett412215241836.36
34Derrick Miller410519153335.83
35Jeff Brassow412115342835.75
36Ramel Bradley412817749935.47
37Desmond Allison2675214735.37
38Michael Porter3905415435.06
39Rashaad Carruth126277735.06

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