Missing Alma Mater of Opposing Coaches

(*) - Denotes Coaches who also played against UK; (**) - Denotes Notable Coaches
Coach [School Opposing UK]LinksWins
(Against UK)
(Against UK)
Win %
Bud Bruner [Fort Knox](Google) 050
Waldemar Noll [Berea](Google) 020
Claude Simons Sr. [Tulane](Google) 020
Ed Visscher [Florida](Google) 020
Frank Philipps [Christ Church Cincinnati](Google) 20100
Stanley Spragens [Christ Church Cincinnati](Google) 20100
W.W. Belew Jr. and A.V. Delbert [Wright Field](Google) 010
Raul Canale [Uruguay](Google) 010
Jorge Canavesi [Argentina](Google) 010
R.C. Day [Virginia Tech](Google) 010
Lucien Emerson [Sewanee](Google) 010
Josef Fleischlinger [Czechoslovakia](Google) 010
Bill Gardiner [Loyola (LA)](Google) 010
Rufus Gilbert [Rose Polytechnic](Google) 010
George Hoskins [Miami (OH)](Google) 010
R.L. Sullivan [Mississippi](Google) 010
H.G. Underwood [Mexico City YMCA](Google) 010
M.L. Blanchard [](Google) 0

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