Kentucky Players who served in the Military

Louis Robertson in front of his P-47 Thunderbolt in the European Theatre

Numerous Kentucky players were in the military service, in particular during the World Wars. One important source for all University of Kentucky students involved in World War I and World War II can be attributed to the work of Dr. Ezra L. Gillis and his staff. For example, the 1947 Kentucky Alumnus (Vol. 3 No. 8) lists all UK students who participated in World War II. For a listing of UK basketball players killed in action, please consult this page.

NameLast Season
Harold Amoss1903-04Army Medical CorpsMajor
Don Branson1905-06ArmyMajor
Richard Barbee1908-09-Captain
Arthur Donan1905-06Army-
Leo Brewer1907-08ArmyCaptain
John Crosthwaite1909-10ArmyLieutenant
Derrill Hart1915-16NavyEnsign
Hubbard Shawhan1909-10ArmyColonel
Brinkley Barnett1912-13Marines-
Thomas Beatty1911-12Army-
Brandy Brandstetner1911-12ArmyCorporal
Henry Kimbrough1911-12--
James Park1913-14Army Air CorpsPrivate
Stanley Ridd1911-12Navy-
Ralph Morgan1914-15-2nd Lieutenant
Herschel Scott1914-15ArmyLieutenant
Karl Zerfoss1915-16ArmyFirst Lieutenant
George Gumbert1915-16NavyEnsign
Charles Schrader1916-17Navy-
Tom Zerfoss1913-14Army1st Lieutenant
Elmer Hopkins1914-15ArmyEngineer
Robert Ireland1916-17ArmySergeant
Howard Kinne (*)1916-17Army Air CorpsFirst Lieutenant
Jim Server1915-16Medical Corps EngineersPrivate
Boone Simpson1918-19Army1st Lieutenant
Lawrence Longsworth1916-17Marines-
Bart Peak1916-17Army2nd Lieutenant
George Zerfoss1917-18Naval Reserve-
Paul Anderson1916-17ArmyMajor
Garnett McKenney1917-18Army-
Doc Rodes1916-17Army2nd Lieutenant
Alvin Thompson1916-17--
Max Glickman1917-18S.A.T.C. (Student Army Training Corps)-
Ed Parker1918-19Navy-
Basil Hayden1921-22Army Air Corps-
Sam Ridgway1920-21ArmyColonel
Fred Fest1922-23Navy-
Karl Rohs1924-25ArmyFirst Lieutenant
Charles Spilman1922-23ArmyColonel
Arville Hickerson1925-26Army-
James Kittrell1925-26ArmyCaptain
Bill Heizer1926-27ArmyLieutenant Colonel
Paul McBrayer1929-30Army-
Fred McLane1929-30ArmyFirst Lieutenant
Stanley Milward1929-30ArmyMajor
Hays Owens1929-30Army-
Carey Spicer1930-31ArmyCaptain
Bill Trott1930-31-Private
William Kleiser1931-32ArmyLieutenant Colonel
Darrell Darby1932-33Navy (Seabees)-
Ellis Johnson1932-33NavyLieutenant
Forest Sale1932-33NavyChief Specialist
George Skinner1932-33ArmyLieutenant Colonel
Crittenden Blair1933-34ArmyColonel
Howard Kreuter1932-33Air ForceLieutenant Colonel
Harvey Mattingly1931-32ArmyCaptain
Evan Settle1933-34Army Air Corps-
Maurice Jackson1932-33Army Air CorpsCaptain
Ralph Kercheval1932-33ArmyLieutenant Colonel
Dave Lawrence1934-35Navy-
John Morris1932-33--
Joe Rupert1932-33NavyLieutenant JG
Milerd Anderson1935-36Merchant Marine-
Garland Lewis1935-36--
Bob Taylor1935-36ArmyCaptain
Bruce Davis1935-36--
Russell Ellington1935-36Navy-
James Goforth (*)1936-37MarinesLieutenant
Charles Heinrich1934-35ArmyColonel
Charles Combs1937-38Army Air CorpsCaptain
John Craig1935-36Army Air Corps-
Bill Spicer1935-36NavyLieutenant
J. Rice Walker1937-38Army-
Walter Hatcher1936-37--
Elmo Head1938-39Army Air Corps-
Walter Hodge1936-37MarinesMajor
Bernard Opper1938-39Army-
Homer Thompson1938-39Marine2nd Lieutenant
Harry Denham1938-39Army Medical Corps-
James Goodman1938-39--
Ed Gough1937-38--
Layton Rouse1939-40Army-
Larry Spears1937-38Air Force-
Keith Farnsley1940-41Army-
Lee Huber1940-41Navy-
Ernie Jefferson1938-39Marines-
Ermal Allen1941-42ArmyMajor
Stan Cluggish1939-40Marines-
Carl Combs1939-40ArmyMajor
James King (*)1941-42Army Air Corps2nd Lieutenant
Carl Staker1941-42Navy-
Waller White1941-42Air Force-
Marvin Akers1942-43Army-
Melvin Brewer (*)1942-43Army2nd Lieutenant
Kenneth England (*)1941-42ArmyCaptain
Frank Etscorn1941-42--
Lloyd Ramsey1941-42--
Louis Robertson1941-42Army Air Corps-
Milt Ticco1942-43Army-
Adrian Back1941-42Navy-
Bruce Boehler1941-42Army-
Ed Lander1942-43Army-
James Mathewson1941-42NavyLieutenant Commander
Vincent Splane1941-42Army Air Corps-
Carl Althaus1942-43Army Air Corps-
Bill Barlow1942-43Army-
Mulford Davis1946-47Army-
Bill Hamm1942-43--
Tom Moseley1943-44--
Clyde Parker1942-43Army Medical Corps-
Ken Rollins1947-48Navy-
Jim Weber1945-46Army-
Bob Brannum1946-47Army-
Nathaniel Buis1943-44Navy-
Wes Cravens1943-44--
Truett DeMoisey1943-44Marines-
Harry Gorham1943-44MarinesPFC
Walter Johnson (*)1943-44Navy-
J. Ed Parker1946-47Navy-
Glen Parker1943-44Army Air Corps-
Jack Parkinson1947-48Army-
Don Whitehead1943-44Navy-
Rudy Yessin1943-44Army Air Corps-
Dickie Derrickson1944-45--
James Durham1944-45Navy-
Alex Groza1948-49Army-
Alonzo Nelson1944-45Army-
Jack Schiffli1944-45Army2nd Lieutenant
Ernest Sparkman1944-45Army Air Corps-
John Stough1948-49Army-
Ralph Beard1948-49Army-
Zeb Blankenship1945-46ArmyTechnical 4th Grade
Bob Hehl1945-46Navy-
Joe Holland1947-48Navy-
Cliff Barker1948-49Army Air Corps-
Dale Barnstable1949-50ArmyTech Sergeant
Albert Cummins1947-48Navy-
James Jordan1947-48Navy-
Jim Line1949-50Army-
Roger Day1949-50Navy-
Robert Henne1948-49Army-
Walter Hirsch1950-51Army-
Mike Homa1947-48Marines-
Will Smethers1947-48Army-
Garland Townes1949-50Marines-
C. M. Newton1950-51Air Force-
Guy Strong1950-51--
Bobby Watson1951-52Air Force-
Cliff Hagan1953-54Air Force-
Frank Ramsey1953-54Army1st Lieutenant
Lou Tsioropoulos1953-54Air Force-
Charles Keller1951-52Army1st Lieutenant
Gayle Rose1954-55Air Force1st Lieutenant
Willie Rouse1953-54Air Force-
Dan Chandler1954-55Army-
John Crigler1957-58Army-
Adrian Smith1957-58Army-
Sid Cohen1959-60Army-
Ray Freudenberger1962-63ArmyCorporal
Larry Conley1965-66Army-
Frank Tully1964-65ArmyCaptain
Thad Jaracz1967-68ArmyLieutenant Colonel
Greg Smith1971-72Air Force-
Charles Hurt1982-83ArmyMaster Sergeant
Carlos Toomer1991-92Air Force-

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