Kentucky's Georgia Dome Record

| Kentucky Wins - 26 | Kentucky Losses - 6 |
Location: 1 Georgia Dome Drive, Atlanta, GA
Capacity: 26,000
Year Opened: 1992
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Game Results

3/10/1995Kentucky vs. AuburnW93 - 8126,049SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/11/1995Kentucky vs. FloridaW86 - 7228,966SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/12/1995Kentucky vs. ArkansasW95 - 93 OT30,067SEC Tournament Championship (at Atlanta, GA)
12/21/1996Kentucky vs. Georgia TechW88 - 5927,842Delta Air Lines Classic (at Atlanta, GA)
3/6/1998Kentucky vs. AlabamaW82 - 7121,109SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/7/1998Kentucky vs. ArkansasW99 - 7425,190SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/8/1998Kentucky vs. South CarolinaW86 - 5624,545SEC Tournament Championship (at Atlanta, GA)
3/13/1998Kentucky vs. South Carolina StateW82 - 6717,474NCAA South Regional First Round (at Atlanta, GA)
3/15/1998Kentucky vs. St. LouisW88 - 6119,423NCAA South Regional Second Round (at Atlanta, GA)
12/19/1998Kentucky vs. Georgia TechW80 - 3923,614Delta Air Lines Classic (at Atlanta, GA)
3/5/1999Kentucky vs. MississippiW83 - 7325,127SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/6/1999Kentucky vs. AuburnW69 - 5726,427SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/7/1999Kentucky vs. ArkansasW76 - 6325,521SEC Tournament Championship (at Atlanta, GA)
3/10/2000Kentucky vs. ArkansasL72 - 8624,447SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/8/2002Kentucky vs. South CarolinaL57 - 7022,508SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/12/2004Kentucky vs. GeorgiaW69 - 6020,203SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/13/2004Kentucky vs. South CarolinaW78 - 6321,446SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/14/2004Kentucky vs. FloridaW89 - 7322,024SEC Tournament Championship (at Atlanta, GA)
3/11/2005Kentucky vs. TennesseeW76 - 6222,024SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/12/2005Kentucky vs. Louisiana StateW79 - 78 OT24,214SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/13/2005Kentucky vs. FloridaL53 - 7024,408SEC Tournament Championship (at Atlanta, GA)
3/8/2007Kentucky vs. AlabamaW79 - 6713,747SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/9/2007Kentucky vs. Mississippi StateL82 - 84 OT17,068SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/11/2011Kentucky vs. MississippiW75 - 6621,875SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/12/2011Kentucky vs. AlabamaW72 - 5821,728SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/13/2011Kentucky vs. FloridaW70 - 5421,409SEC Tournament Championship (at Atlanta, GA)
3/23/2012Kentucky vs. IndianaW102 - 9024,731NCAA South Regional Semifinals (at Atlanta, GA)
3/25/2012Kentucky vs. BaylorW82 - 7024,035NCAA South Regional Finals (at Atlanta, GA)
11/13/2012Kentucky vs. DukeL68 - 7522,847Champions Classic (at Atlanta, GA)
3/14/2014Kentucky vs. Louisiana StateW85 - 6719,056SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/15/2014Kentucky vs. GeorgiaW70 - 5820,330SEC Tournament (at Atlanta, GA)
3/16/2014Kentucky vs. FloridaL60 - 6121,021SEC Tournament Championship (at Atlanta, GA)

Arena High Statistics
(Note: Kentucky games only. Complete statistics may not be available.)

Category#UK Player#Opp Player#UK Game
Opponent (Date)
#Opp Game
Opponent (Date)
Points29Randolph Morris (3/9/2007)28Brian Williams (3/6/1998)102Indiana (3/23/2012)93Arkansas (3/12/1995)
Rebounds16Julius Randle (3/14/2014)17David Lee (3/13/2005)53Alabama (3/6/1998)
Georgia Tech (12/19/1998)
48Florida (3/13/2005)
Assists9Wayne Turner (3/15/1998)
Andrew Harrison (3/15/2014)
10Roderick "Moo Moo" Blakney (3/13/1998)25South Carolina State (3/13/1998)22Arkansas (3/12/1995)
Steals6Jodie Meeks (3/9/2007)6Tony Akins (12/19/1998)16Georgia Tech (12/19/1998)13Arkansas (3/10/2000)
Blocked Shots6Anthony Davis (3/25/2012)
Willie Cauley-Stein (3/14/2014)
5Eddie Elisma (12/21/1996)11Florida (3/11/1995)
South Carolina State (3/13/1998)
Louisiana State (3/14/2014)
6Georgia Tech (12/19/1998)
Mississippi State (3/9/2007)
Duke (11/13/2012)
Free Throws13Randolph Morris (3/9/2007)12Matt Harpring (12/21/1996)35Indiana (3/23/2012)23Auburn (3/10/1995)
Field Goals10Chuck Hayes (3/14/2004)10Brian Williams (3/6/1998)35Auburn (3/10/1995)
Georgia Tech (12/19/1998)
36Indiana (3/23/2012)
3pt Field Goals5Patrick Sparks (3/12/2005)6Brian Williams (3/6/1998)
Tyler Brown (3/13/1998)
13South Carolina (3/8/1998)11Arkansas (3/12/1995)
South Carolina State (3/13/1998)

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