Kentucky Sports Illustrated Covers

Sports Illustrated issues with Kentucky players or coaches on the cover.

Note: The inaugural Sports Illustrated with Ralph Beard on the cover is not recognized by Sports Illustrated today. The reason is that the original Sports Illustrated magazine was published by Dell beginning in 1949 (with Beard on the cover) in a very crowded market for sports publications. This oversized magazine was published only briefly before publication ceased (and the issues that were published subsequently became collector's items.)

A few years later, Dell sold the rights to the name Sports Illustrated to Henry Luce of Time-Life Magazine and they revived the sports magazine, although in a less ambitious format than the Dells were.

This leads to some confusion whenever the trivia question "who was on the cover of the first Sports Illustrated" is asked, since the answer recognized by the current-day publication is Eddie Matthews of the Milwaukee Braves in the August 16,1954 issue. However Beard was the first to be on the cover of the Dell issues, which preceded that by five years.

In an additional bit of trivia, Jamal Mashburn was set to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated in the February 19, 1990 issue, however a late night upset of Mike Tyson by Buster Douglas in Tokyo, not only knocked out the heavyweight champ but also knocked Jamal off the cover.

The below displays Sports Illustrated covers which shows photos of UK players or coaches.

February 1949Ralph Beard
December 10, 1962Charles "Cotton" Nash
March 7, 1966Adolph Rupp
March 28, 1966Pat Riley
December 2, 1968Mike Casey
March 16, 1970Dan Issel
March 31, 1975Mike Flynn
April 3, 1978Jack Givens
December 5, 1983Sam Bowie
February 26, 1996Rick Pitino
April 8, 1996Antoine Walker
April, 1996Tony Delk and Jeff Sheppard
Commemorative Issue
March 16, 1998Wayne Turner
Regional Issue
March 30, 1998Nazr Mohammed
April 6, 1998Wayne Turner
April, 1998Orlando "Tubby" Smith
Commemorative Issue
March 15, 1999Heshimu Evans
Regional Issue
March 10, 2003Cliff Hawkins
October 12, 2007Dan Issel, Adolph Rupp, Jamal Mashburn and Pat Riley
Commemorative Issue
November 22, 2009Patrick Patterson
Regional Issue
January 11, 2010John Wall
Regional Issue
March 17, 2010DeMarcus Cousins
Regional Issue
November 11, 2011Terrence Jones
Regional Issue
March 19, 2012Anthony Davis
March 31, 2012Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
Regional Issue
April, 2012Anthony Davis
April, 2012Terrence Jones, Anthony Davis and Doron Lamb
Commemorative Issue
April, 2014Aaron Harrison and Andrew Harrison
November, 2014Alex Poythress
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