Kentucky Leaders in Assists by Season
- Final Year -

Minimum Number: 100 Records Kept Since: 1962

1John Wall2009-1037241
2Roger Harden1985-8636232
3Travis Ford1993-9433193
3Anthony Epps1996-9740193
5Marquis Teague2011-1240191
6Dirk Minniefield1982-8331181
7Rajon Rondo2005-0634167
7Sean Woods1991-9236167
9Cliff Hawkins2003-0432166
10Kyle Macy1979-8035163
11Brandon Knight2010-1138159
12Sean Sutton1988-8931146
13John Pelphrey1991-9236145
13Wayne Turner1998-9937145
15Larry Johnson1976-7730143
16Saul Smith2000-0134135
17Dicky Beal1983-8430133
18Ed Davender1987-8833131
19Rodrick Rhodes1994-9533125
20Jamal Mashburn1992-9334124
21Allen Edwards1997-9837121
22Rex Chapman1987-8832117
23Patrick Sparks2005-0635114
24Heshimu Evans1998-9937112
25Jimmy Dan Conner1974-7531106
25Mike Flynn1974-7531106
25Eric Bledsoe2009-1037106
28Antoine Walker1995-9636104
28Jeff Sheppard1997-9838104
30Ramel Bradley2007-0830101
30Walter Hirsch1950-5130101
32Larry Conley1965-6629100

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