Kentucky Game Leaders in NCAA Tournament 3pt Field Goal Percentage

Minimum Number: 50 Minimum Attempts: 5 Records Kept Since: 1987

#NameDateGameScore3pt Field
3pt Field Goal
3pt Field Goal
1Jamal Mashburn3/25/1993Kentucky vs. Wake Forest103 - 6955100
2Eric Bledsoe3/18/2010Kentucky vs. East Tennessee State100 - 718988.89
3Travis Ford3/25/1993Kentucky vs. Wake Forest103 - 695683.33
3Cameron Mills3/20/1997Kentucky vs. St. Josephs83 - 685683.33
5Tayshaun Prince3/17/2001Kentucky vs. Iowa92 - 796875
5Tayshaun Prince3/16/2002Kentucky vs. Tulsa87 - 826875
7Gerald Fitch3/21/2003Kentucky vs. IUPUI95 - 645771.43
7Doron Lamb3/17/2012Kentucky vs. Iowa State87 - 715771.43
7Cameron Mills3/13/1997Kentucky vs. Montana92 - 545771.43
7Saul Smith3/22/2001Kentucky vs. Southern California76 - 805771.43
11Joe Crawford3/20/2008Kentucky vs. Marquette66 - 745862.5
11Bobby Perry3/18/2007Kentucky vs. Kansas76 - 885862.5
13Tony Delk4/1/1996Kentucky vs. Syracuse76 - 6771258.33
14Rex Chapman3/24/1988Kentucky vs. Villanova74 - 805955.56
14Tayshaun Prince3/16/2000Kentucky vs. St. Bonaventure85 - 80 2 OT5955.56
14Patrick Sparks3/27/2005Kentucky vs. Michigan State88 - 94 2 OT5955.56

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