All Minutes Played by Kentucky Players
(by Season)

Note: This data is only reliable until the mid-1950's when minute data was typically reported with boxscores. It's also possible that a player came out momentarily but was not reflected in the boxscore.
For a list of most times all minutes were played by career, please consult this link. For a list of individual games by date, please consult this link

PlayerSeasonClassNumber of
Ramel Bradley2007-08Sr.14
Bill Lickert1960-61Sr.13
Louie Dampier1965-66Jr.9
Tom Parker1971-72Sr.9
Larry Pursiful1960-61Jr.9
Larry Stamper1971-72Jr.9
Jim Andrews1971-72Jr.8
Kyle Macy1978-79Jr.8
Kyle Macy1979-80Sr.8
Johnny Cox1957-58Jr.7
Don Mills1959-60Sr.7
Roger Newman1960-61Sr.7
Patrick Patterson2007-08Fr.7
Tyler Ulis2015-16So.7
Kenny Walker1984-85Jr.7
Kenny Walker1985-86Sr.7
Rex Chapman1987-88So.6
Ed Davender1987-88Sr.6
Vernon Hatton1957-58Sr.6
Brandon Knight2010-11Fr.6
Bill Lickert1959-60Jr.6
Cotton Nash1962-63Jr.6
Pat Riley1965-66Jr.6
Dwight Anderson1978-79Fr.5
Derrick Hord1981-82Jr.5
Jim Master1981-82So.5
Dirk Minniefield1980-81So.5
Cotton Nash1963-64Sr.5
Patrick Patterson2008-09So.5
Roy Roberts1962-63Sr.5

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