Kentucky vs. Notre Dame

- Saturday, December 29 1973 -

(at Louisville, KY)

Kentucky - 79 (Head Coach: Joe B. Hall) - [Unranked]
Kevin Grevey40122612930325
Jimmy Dan Conner37111622430424
Roger Wood6000003010
Mike Flynn33381234467
Ronnie Lyons31281201415
Bob Guyette15350003036
Steve Lochmueller19470073028
Larry Johnson12140010002
Jerry Hale2000000000
Ray Edelman1000000000
G. J. Smith2110000002
Reggie Warford2000000010

Notre Dame - 94 (Head Coach: Digger Phelps) - [Ranked 3rd by AP]
Adrian Dantley37814661131422
Gary Novak26340072026
John Shumate391020581412525
Dwight Clay3971312132515
Gary Brokaw3781166623722
Billy Paterno15230012024
Ray Martin3000000010
Dave Kuzmicz1000000000
Bill Drew1000000000
Peter Crotty1000000000
Toby Knight1010000000

Halftime Score: Notre Dame 43, Kentucky 35
Officials: Thomas Ballaban (Big Ten) and Wayne Smith (SEC)
Attendance: 16,613
Arena: Freedom Hall
References: Louisville Courier-Journal, Notre Dame, Lexington Herald and UK Official Boxscore

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Mike Flynn and Jimmy Dan Conner try to trap Notre Dame's Gary Brokaw

Steve Lochmueller (#44) shoots while defended by Notre Dame's John Shumate

Notre Dame's Adrian Dantley shoots over Jimmy Dan Conner (#20)

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