Kentucky Player Nicknames

Season Played
Edrice Adebayo2016-17BamEdrice "Bam" Adebayo
Twany Beckham2012-13TwanyAntiquawn "Twany" Beckham
Josh Harrellson2010-11JortsJosh "Jorts" Harrellson
DeMarcus Cousins2009-10BoogieDeMarcus "Boogie" Cousins
Ramon Harris2009-10Razor"Razor" Ramon Harris
Perry Stevenson2009-10SwatPerry "Swat" Stevenson
Mark Halsell2008-09BuddyMark "Buddy" Halsell
Ramel Bradley2007-08SmoothRamel "Smooth" Bradley
Lukasz Obrzut2006-07WooLukasz "Woo" Obrzut
Erik Daniels2003-04E. DiddyErik "E. Diddy" Daniels
Souleymane Camara2002-03JulesSouleymane "Jules" Camara
Heshimu Evans1998-99MuHeshimu "Mu" Evans
Tony Delk1995-96T.D.Tony "T.D." Delk
Rodney Dent1993-94MoonRodney "Moon" Dent
Nehemiah Braddy1992-93JuniorNehemiah "Junior" Braddy
Jamal Mashburn1992-93Monster MashJamal "Monster Mash" Mashburn
Henry Thomas1990-91The BladeHenry "The Blade" Thomas
Eric Manuel1988-89MoonEric "Moon" Manuel
Rex Chapman1987-88King"King" Rex Chapman
Cedric Jenkins1987-88SwoopCedric "Swoop" Jenkins
Richard Madison1987-88Master BlasterRichard "Master Blaster" Madison
Leroy Byrd1985-86Baby MagicLeroy "Baby Magic" Byrd
Kenny Walker1985-86SkyKenny "Sky" Walker
Sam Bowie1983-84BooSam "Boo" Bowie
Melvin Turpin1983-84Big DipperMelvin "Big Dipper" Turpin
Charles Hurt1982-83AtlasCharles "Atlas" Hurt
Dwight Anderson1979-80The BlurDwight "The Blur" Anderson
Jay Shidler1979-80the Blond BomberJay "the Blond Bomber" Shidler
Jack Givens1977-78GooseJack "Goose" Givens
James Lee1977-78Freight TrainJames "Freight Train" Lee
Bob Fowler1975-76FrogBob "Frog" Fowler
Charles Ishmael1963-64ChiliCharles "Chili" Ishmael
Cotton Nash1963-64CottonCharles "Cotton" Nash
Allen Feldhaus1961-62The HorseAllen "The Horse" Feldhaus
Lincoln Collinsworth1957-58AbeLincoln "Abe" Collinsworth
Adrian Smith1957-58OdieAdrian "Odie" Smith
Phil Grawemeyer1955-56CookiePhil "Cookie" Grawemeyer
Cliff Hagan1953-54The CatCliff "The Cat" Hagan
Willie Rouse1953-54WillieWilliam "Willie" Rouse
Lou Tsioropoulos1953-54PlatoLou "Plato" Tsioropoulos
Bill Spivey1951-52GritsBill "Grits" Spivey
Lucian Whitaker1951-52SkippyLucian "Skippy" Whitaker
C. M. Newton1950-51FigCharles "Fig" Newton
Arlan King1949-50BudArlan "Bud" King
Leonard Pearson1949-50WhiteyLeonard "Whitey" Pearson
Alex Groza1948-49The BeakAlex "The Beak" Groza
Wallace Jones1948-49Wah WahWallace "Wah Wah" Jones
Kenton Campbell1947-48DutchKenton "Dutch" Campbell
Mulford Davis1946-47MuffMulford "Muff" Davis
J. Ed Parker1946-47BuddyJ. "Buddy" Parker
Maurice Bell1943-44RedMaurice "Red" Bell
Marvin Akers1942-43Big TrainMarvin "Big Train" Akers
Clyde Parker1942-43AceClyde "Ace" Parker
Louis Robertson1941-42BudLouis "Bud" Robertson
Waller White1941-42WhizzerWaller "Whizzer" White
Carl Combs1939-40HootCarl "Hoot" Combs
Layton Rouse1939-40MickeyLayton "Mickey" Rouse
Fred Curtis1938-39CabFred "Cab" Curtis
James Goodman1938-39GoodyJames "Goody" Goodman
Homer Thompson1938-39TubHomer "Tub" Thompson
Joseph Hagan1937-38RedJoseph "Red" Hagan
Warfield Donohue1936-37WarWarfield "War" Donohue
Milerd Anderson1935-36AndyMilerd "Andy" Anderson
Russell Ellington1935-36DukeRussell "Duke" Ellington
Leroy Edwards1934-35CowboyLeroy "Cowboy" Edwards
Bert Johnson1934-35Man O' WarBert "Man O' War" Johnson
Bill Davis1933-34RacehorseBill "Racehorse" Davis
John DeMoisey1933-34FrenchyJohn "Frenchy" DeMoisey
Howard Kreuter1932-33DutchHoward "Dutch" Kreuter
Forest Sale1932-33AggieForest "Aggie" Sale
George Yates1932-33BullGeorge Yates "Bull"
Charles McGuire1931-32MickeyCharles "Mickey" McGuire
Milton Cavana1930-31BudMilton "Bud" Cavana
Allan Lavin1930-31DocAllan "Doc" Lavin
Louis McGinnis1930-31LittleLouis "Little" McGinnis
Cecil Combs1929-30PisgahCecil "Pisgah" Combs
Lawrence McGinnis1929-30BigLawrence "Big" McGinnis
Stanley Milward1929-30SpooksStanley "Spooks" Milward
Elmer Gilb1928-29BaldyElmer "Baldy" Gilb
Edwin Knadler1926-27TootsEdwin "Toots" Knadler
Charles Albert1925-26SpeedyCharles "Speedy" Albert
Lovell Underwood1925-26CowboyLovell "Cowboy" Underwood
Charles Hughes1924-25TurkeyCharles "Turkey" Hughes
A. T. Rice1923-24ChuckA. "Chuck" Rice
Lawrence Burnham1922-23DutchLawrence "Dutch" Burnham
Joseph Dishman1918-19TonyJoseph "Tony" Dishman
Boone Simpson1918-19BooneHenry "Boone" Simpson
Ben Marsh1917-18Big"Big" Ben Marsh
Paul Anderson1916-17Little"Little" Paul Anderson
Robert Ireland1916-17BooRobert "Boo" Ireland
Lawrence Longsworth1916-17DutchLawrence "Dutch" Longsworth
Doc Rodes1916-17Black DocWilliam "Black Doc" Rodes
Charles Schrader1916-17DutchCharles "Dutch" Schrader
William Tuttle1914-15SquirrellyWilliam "Squirrelly" Tuttle
Brandy Brandstetner1911-12BrandyCarl "Brandy" Brandstetner
Cecil Ellis1909-10JerseyCecil "Jersey" Ellis
William Rodes1909-10Red DocWilliam "Red Doc" Rodes
Neville Stone1907-08NervyNeville "Nervy" Stone

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