Flagged Officials

This lists games where there is some information about the officials, but not enough to know all of their full names. Typically this occurs for little known officials or officials outside of the SEC. In other cases the game is flagged because only one referee is known. For very early games only one referee may be assigned to game.
(Note that there is also a list of games were no information about officials is available.)

Officials Information
11/26/1998ColoradoW64 - 52CNN/SI Web Site, UK Media Guide and Louisville Courier-Journal
(NP) (GA)Tom Rucker; Glenn Mayborg and Garcia
12/10/1991SW Texas StateW82 - 36The Cats Pause Yearbook, Lexington Herald-Leader, Louisville Courier-Journal and UK Official Boxscore
(NP) (GA)Andre Patillo, Bob McGrath and Tom Eades (based on video observation). UK Official Boxscore does not list.
2/25/1974FloridaL65 - 75Louisville Courier-Journal and University of Florida
(NP) (GA)Julius Sneed and Smith
12/8/1973IndianaL68 - 77Chicago Tribune, Louisville Courier-Journal and Lexington Herald-Leader
(NP) (GA)Art White and ????
2/26/1973AlabamaW111 - 95Louisville Courier-Journal, University of Alabama and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Dale Kelley and ????
1/6/1973MississippiL58 - 61Louisville Courier-Journal, University of Mississippi, Jackson (MS) Clarion-Ledger and Lexington Herald-Leader
(NP) (GA)Ralph Stout and ????
1/31/1972AlabamaW77 - 74Louisville Courier-Journal and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Brooks and Julius Sneed
1/10/1972Mississippi StateW104 - 76Louisville Courier-Journal, Mississippi State University, Lexington Herald and Lexington Leader
(NP) (GA)Reggie Copeland; Burrell Crowell and Smith
12/8/1969North CarolinaW94 - 87Charlotte Observer and Louisville Courier-Journal
(NP) (GA)Lou Bello and ????
12/7/1968North CarolinaL77 - 87Louisville Courier-Journal and Lexington Herald-Leader
(NP) (GA)Harold Johnson and Otis Allmond
2/7/1966FloridaW85 - 75Louisville Courier-Journal, University of Florida and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Burrell Crowell (per photo in Herald) and ????
12/18/1965IndianaW91 - 56Chicago Tribune, Louisville Courier-Journal and Indiana University
(NP) (GA)James Lennon and Steve Honzo (assumed due to fact Strauthers and Stout reffed Air Force/California game)
12/13/1960North CarolinaW70 - 65Louisville Courier-Journal, Asheville (NC) Citizen-Times and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Charles Eckman and ????
1/10/1959Louisiana StateW76 - 61Lexington Herald-Leader, Louisiana State University and Louisville Courier-Journal
(NP) (GA)Julius Sneed (scheduled to appear per 12-NOV-1958 Tennessean) and ????
1/12/1957Louisiana StateW51 - 46Lexington Herald-Leader and Louisiana State University
(NP) (GA)Jim Beiersdorfer and ????
1/17/1955Louisiana StateW64 - 62Lexington Herald and Louisiana State University
(NP) (GA)Fred Walters and ????
2/27/1954AuburnW109 - 79Lexington Herald-Leader and Auburn University
(NP) (GA)Lee Tankersly (maybe Claude Tanksley) and Roomie Wilson (per Lexington Leader on 1-MAR article)
1/30/1952AuburnW88 - 48Lexington Herald, Auburn University and Lexington Leader
(NP) (GA)Bowser Chest (per Tennessean 27-NOV-1951 and 11-FEB-1952 Nashville Banner) and ????
3/1/1951Mississippi StateW92 - 70Louisville Courier-Journal, Mississippi State University, Lexington Herald and Lexington Leader
(NP) (GA)Osborne Helveston and ????
1/31/1951Louisiana StateW81 - 59Lexington Herald and Louisiana State University
(NP) (GA)Wilson and Parks
12/12/1950XavierW67 - 56Lexington Herald and Xavier University
(NP) (GA)Max Macon and ????
12/1/1950West Texas StateW73 - 43Lexington Herald, Amarillo (TX) Daily News and Lexington Leader
(NP) (GA)Max Macon and Smith
12/21/1949DePaulW49 - 47Chicago Tribune, Lexington Herald, DePaul University and Louisville Courier-Journal
(NP) (GA)Downs and Jim Beiersdorfer
3/5/1949TulaneW68 - 52Lexington Herald-Leader and Tulane University
(NP) (GA)Bowser Chest and ???? (either Bobby Bowers, Tehan or Fred Walters)
3/3/1949FloridaW73 - 36Lexington Herald and University of Florida
(NP) (GA)Bobby Bowers and ???? (either Tehan, Fred Walters or Chest)
2/16/1948AlabamaW63 - 33Lexington Herald and University of Alabama
(NP) (GA)Dan Tehan and ????
12/13/1947CincinnatiW67 - 31Lexington Herald-Leader, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Enquirer and Louisville Courier-Journal
(NP) (GA)Gibby Venn and ???? (replacement for Jim Beiersdorfer)
2/15/1947TennesseeW61 - 46Lexington Herald-Leader and University of Tennessee
(NP) (GA)Robinson (Indiana) and Fred Trenkle (Northwestern)
2/24/1945CincinnatiW65 - 35Lexington Herald-Leader, Cincinnati Enquirer, University of Cincinnati and Louisville Courier-Journal
(NP) (GA)Biersdorfer and McAtee
2/28/1942AuburnW40 - 31Louisville Courier-Journal, Auburn University and Lexington Herald-Leader
(NP) (GA)Two of Fred Walters, Bowser Chest and Dan Tehan (per 23-FEB-1942 LH article)
2/4/1937TulaneW28 - 25Lexington Herald, Tulane University and Lexington Leader
(NP) (GA)Carl Lind
2/23/1935CreightonW24 - 13Lexington Herald and Creighton University
(NP) (GA)Referee - Dan Tehan (Xavier) and Umpire - Hagan (Cincinnati)
12/22/1934TulaneW52 - 12Lexington Herald, Tulane University and Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer
(NP) (GA)Referee - Carl Lind (Tulane); Timekeeper - Holmes (Tulane) and Scorer- Lautenschlaeger (Tulane)
12/21/1934TulaneW38 - 9Lexington Herald, Tulane University and New Orleans Picayune
(NP) (GA)Carl Lind (Tulane) and Oakes (Tulane)
2/11/1933Georgia TechW45 - 22Lexington Herald and Georgia Institute of Technology
(NP) (GA)Referee - Dan Tehan (Xavier) and Umpire - Crowley (Notre Dame)
1/28/1933TennesseeW44 - 23Lexington Herald and University of Tennessee
(NP) (GA)Lane (Pittsburgh)
1/26/1929AlabamaL26 - 27Lexington Herald, University of Alabama and Lexington Leader
(NP) (GA)McMillan (Cincinnati)
1/18/1928NavyL26 - 32Lexington Herald and Naval Academy
(NP) (GA)Referee - Day (Indiana) and Umpire - Frank Holew (Loyola)
1/21/1927TennesseeL14 - 19Lexington Herald, University of Tennessee, Knoxville (TN) Journal and Lexington Leader
(NP) (GA)Barnes (Sewanee)
2/12/1926TennesseeW51 - 17Lexington Herald, University of Tennessee, Knoxville Journal, Lexington Leader and Paducah (KY) News-Democrat
(NP) (GA)Williams (Y.M.C.A.)
2/5/1925AlabamaL15 - 24Kentucky Kernel, University of Alabama, Lexington Herald, Lexington Leader and Montgomery (AL) Advertiser
(NP) (GA)McDonald (Alabama)
1/17/1925Centre CollegeW33 - 26Lexington Herald, Kentucky Kernel and Danville Messenger
(NP) (GA)Shanks (Cincinnati)
1/10/1925Georgetown CollegeW25 - 17Lexington Herald, Belle of the Blue (Georgetown Yearbook) and The Georgetonian
(NP) (GA)John Head (Louisville) and Burke
1/19/1924Tenn-ChattanoogaW24 - 23Lexington Herald, Kentucky Kernel and Chattanooga Times
(NP) (GA)Harbison
2/13/1922VirginiaL30 - 32 OTLexington Herald and University of Virginia
(NP) (GA)Sanborn (Dartmouth)
2/4/1922Centre CollegeW28 - 21Lexington Herald, Kentucky Advocate and Danville Messenger
(NP) (GA)Jameson / Jamison (Indianapolis)
1/18/1922VanderbiltL12 - 22Lexington Herald, Vanderbilt University, Kentucky Kernel and Nashville Tennessean
(NP) (GA)Referee - Blair
1/17/1922LouisvilleW38 - 14Louisville Courier-Journal, University of Louisville, Lexington Herald, Kentucky Kernel and Lexington Leader
(NP) (GA)Referee - Eugene Converse; Umpire - Lew Ullrich; Scorer- Pribble and Timer - Klein
2/18/1921Centre CollegeW20 - 13Lexington Herald and Danville Daily Messenger
(NP) (GA)Robert Hinton (Georgetown) and Vogel (Ohio State)
2/28/1920TennesseeW34 - 26Lexington Herald, University of Tennessee and Knoxville (TN) Journal and Tribune
(NP) (GA)Mays (Tennessee)
2/27/1920TennesseeL25 - 28Lexington Herald, University of Tennessee, Kentucky Kernel and Knoxville Journal and Tribune
(NP) (GA)Reeder and Majors
2/14/1920Centre CollegeL15 - 44Lexington Herald, Kentucky Advocate and Kentucky Kernel
(NP) (GA)Adams (Georgetown)
2/15/1919Georgetown CollegeL18 - 22Lexington Herald, Lexington Leader and Belle of the Blue (Georgetown Yearbook)
(NP) (GA)Referee - Broadhead
1/31/1919CincinnatiL18 - 28Cincinnati Enquirer, Lexington Leader, University of Cincinnati and Kentucky Kernel
(NP) (GA)Referee - King
2/9/1918Kentucky WesleyanT21 - 21Lexington Herald, Lexington Leader, Kentucky Kernel and Winchester Daily Democrat
(NP) (GA)Referee - Burr (Kentucky Wesleyan)
1/24/1918Georgetown CollegeW22 - 18Lexington Herald and Lexington Leader
(NP) (GA)Referee - Halas (University of Illinois)
2/27/1915LouisvilleL15 - 26Louisville Courier-Journal, University of Louisville and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Referee - Jameson and Umpire - Herman Rockenbach
1/16/1915MaryvilleW37 - 17Lexington Herald, The Idea, Louisville Courier-Journal and Lexington Leader
(NP) (GA)Derrill Hart (Kentucky State) and Stanley (Maryville)
3/3/1914LouisvilleW26 - 13Lexington Leader, University of Louisville and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Referee - Matthews
3/1/1913Christ Church CincinnatiL19 - 30Lexington Leader, The Idea and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Referee - Eugene King and Umpire - Fallon
2/20/1913VanderbiltW42 - 29Lexington Leader, Vanderbilt University, The Idea and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Referee - Eugene King and Umpire - Brown (Vanderbilt)
2/19/1913VanderbiltL17 - 24Lexington Leader, Vanderbilt University, The Idea and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Referee - Eugene King and Umpire - Brown
2/15/1913LouisvilleW34 - 10Lexington Leader, University of Louisville, The Idea, Louisville Courier-Journal and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Referee - Eugene King and Umpire - Noefel
2/8/1913CincinnatiW20 - 18Lexington Leader, University of Cincinnati, The Idea and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Referee - Golden and Umpire - Eugene King
1/24/1913Lexington YMCAL25 - 27Lexington Leader, The Idea and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Referee - E. Cronley Elliott and Umpire - Herring
1/27/1912Lexington YMCAW32 - 20The Idea, Lexington Herald and Lexington Leader
(NP) (GA)Referee - Eugene King (Y.M.C.A.) and Umpire - Guyn (Lexington)
2/23/1911ButlerW21 - 16Lexington Leader, Butler Sports Information, Butler Yearbook, Louisville Courier-Journal and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Referee - J.O. Van Meter (Lexington YMCA) and Umpire - Richenbach (Butler)
1/27/1911Kentucky WesleyanL19 - 25Lexington Herald, Lexington Leader, The Idea, Winchester Democrat and Winchester News
(NP) (GA)Referee - Donaghy (Winchester); Umpire - E. Cronley Elliott (Lexington) and Timer- Phillips (Winchester)
3/5/1910Central UniversityL13 - 31Lexington Herald, Kentucky Advocate and The Idea
(NP) (GA)M. Beal Banks (Danville) and Hogan (State) [Note; Banks and Hogan alternated as referee and umpire]
2/10/1910Rose PolytechnicL11 - 52Lexington Leader, Rose Technic, Rose Hulman Sports Information Department, Indianapolis News and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Referee - Diddle (Wabash); Timer - Hathaway
2/9/1910DePauwL16 - 28DePauw Mirage Yearbook and Indianapolis News
(NP) (GA)Referee - Diddle (Wabash); Timekeeper - Clark (Indiana)
2/7/1910CincinnatiL17 - 47Lexington Leader, University of Cincinnati, Lexington Herald and Cincinnati Enquirer
(NP) (GA)Referee - Schroetter (Cincinnati) and Umpire - Fox (Kentucky State)
1/22/1910Georgetown CollegeW31 - 11Lexington Leader, Lexington Herald, The Georgetonian, The Idea and Belle of the Blue (Georgetown Yearbook)
(NP) (GA)Referee - Robert Hinton (Georgetown) and Umpire - Wilson (State College)
2/26/1909Central UniversityL20 - 26Lexington Leader, Kentucky Advocate, The Idea and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Referee - Davidson (Louisville) and Umpire - Howard Guyn (Lexington)
3/7/1908Central UniversityL10 - 29Kentucky Advocate, Lexington Herald and Louisville Courier-Journal
(NP) (GA)Referee - Robert Hinton (Georgetown) and Umpire - Frank (Lexington YMCA)
2/22/1908Louisville ColiseumL18 - 30Louisville Courier-Journal, Lexington Herald and Louisville Herald
(NP) (GA)Referee - Jameson; Timers - Schultz and Forest Moss and Scorer- William Seelbach
2/8/1908Louisville ColiseumW29 - 28Lexington Leader, Louisville Courier-Journal, Lexington Herald and Louisville Herald
(NP) (GA)Referee - Forrest Moss (Louisville); Umpire - Leo Brewer (State College); Timekeeper- Guyn and Scorer - Potter Wilson (Louisville)
1/25/1908Central UniversityL21 - 32Lexington Herald(NP) (GA)Referee - Leo Brewer and Umpire - Abbott
3/7/1907Kentucky UniversityL5 - 19Lexington Leader, Lexington Herald and Louisville Courier-Journal
(NP) (GA)Referee - Dawson; Umpire - White Guyn
3/1/1907Lexington YMCAL22 - 41Lexington Herald and Lexington Leader
(NP) (GA)Referee - Schaffer and Umpire - Arthur Donan
2/21/1907Georgetown CollegeL8 - 19Lexington Leader, Belle of the Blue (Georgetown Yearbook) and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Referee - George Varnell (Kentucky University) and Umpire - Kelner (Georgetown)
1/19/1907Georgetown CollegeW16 - 15Lexington Herald, Lexington Leader, Belle of the Blue (Georgetown Yearbook) and Georgetown Times
(NP) (GA)Referee - Carmack; Umpire - Stone; Scorers - Donan, Taylor; Timekeeper - Woodward
1/16/1907Lexington YMCAL17 - 25Lexington Leader, Kentucky Evening Gazette and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Referee - Schaffer and Umpire - Stone
2/22/1905Kentucky UniversityL23 - 33Lexington Leader and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Worth Yancey and Montgomery
1/27/1905Kentucky UniversityW30 - 29Lexington Leader and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Referee - Karr and Umpire - Montgomery
3/4/1904CincinnatiW25 - 21Lexington Leader, University of Cincinnati and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Referee - Armstrong; Umpire - Andrews and Scorekeeper- Cleaver and Coffee
2/26/1904Kentucky UniversityL12 - 14Lexington Leader and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Referee - Montgomery and Umpire - Wallace
2/13/1904Georgetown CollegeL10 - 22Lexington Leader, Georgetown Times, Belle of the Blue (Georgetown Yearbook) and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Referee - Kline; Umpire - Leander Andrus; Scorekeeper- McCord and Dies and Timekeeper - Kemper and Baker
2/12/1904Kentucky UniversityL5 - 12Lexington Leader and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Montgomery and Leander Andrus
2/4/1904Georgetown CollegeL11 - 26Lexington Leader, Georgetown Times and Lexington Herald
(NP) (GA)Referee - Leander Andrus; Umpire - Kline; Timekeeper- Goodwin and Bruner and Scorer - Scholtz

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