Jim Beiersdorfer
- Officiated Kentucky Games -

| Overall UK Wins: 66 | Overall UK Losses: 6 | Win % 91.6 |
Date of Birth: February 24, 1906
Date of Death: July 7, 1984
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

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TechnicalsOfficiating Crew
12/19/1942Washington (St. Louis) at KentuckyW45 - 3899101200-Jim Beiersdorfer (Cincinnati) and John Showalter (Georgetown)
1/9/1943Kentucky at XavierW43 - 381712141911-John Showalter and Jim Beiersdorfer
1/23/1943Kentucky vs. Notre DameW60 - 551718192232-Jim Beiersdorfer (Oregon) and Nate Messinger (N.Y.U.)
2/8/1943Xavier at KentuckyW48 - 361913152210-Referee - Jim Beiersdorfer (Cincinnati) and Umpire - John Showalter (Georgetown)
3/6/1943Kentucky vs. Great LakesL39 - 531112141210-Dan Tehan and Jim Beiersdorfer
1/8/1944Kentucky vs. Notre DameW55 - 541310121611-Nate Messinger and Jim Beiersdorfer
2/7/1944Illinois at KentuckyW51 - 401316171511-Referee - Dan Tehan (Xavier) and Umpire - Jim Beiersdorfer (Cincinnati)
2/12/1944Kentucky at CincinnatiW38 - 341917182433-Referee - John Showalter (Georgetown) and Umpire - Jim Beiersdorfer (Cincinnati)
2/26/1944Ohio at KentuckyW51 - 351515211712-Referee - John Wiethe (Xavier) and Umpire - Jim Beiersdorfer (Cincinnati)
3/2/1944Kentucky vs. GeorgiaW57 - 291611111900-Jim Beiersdorfer and Bowser Chest
3/3/1944Kentucky vs. Louisiana StateW55 - 28108131500KentuckyJim Beiersdorfer and Bowser Chest
3/4/1944Kentucky vs. TulaneW62 - 461715162820-Bowser Chest and Jim Beiersdorfer
12/9/1944Cincinnati at KentuckyW66 - 241418211500-Referee - Jim Beiersdorfer (Oregon) and Umpire - Dalton Williams (Pittsburgh)
12/16/1944Kentucky vs. IndianaW61 - 431614172101-Referee - John Townsend (Michigan) and Umpire - Jim Beiersdorfer (Oregon)
12/23/1944Ohio State at KentuckyW53 - 48 OT1822242003-John Townsend (Michigan) and Jim Beiersdorfer (Oregon)
1/6/1945Ohio at KentuckyW59 - 461711132101-Jim Beiersdorfer (Oregon) and John Showalter (Georgetown)
1/8/1945Arkansas State at KentuckyW75 - 6868900-Jim Beiersdorfer (Oregon) and John Dromo (Cincinnati)
1/13/1945Michigan State at KentuckyW66 - 351111141200-John Dromo (Cincinnati) and Jim Beiersdorfer (Oregon)
1/20/1945Kentucky at TennesseeL34 - 351016181201-Bowser Chest and Jim Beiersdorfer
1/27/1945Kentucky vs. Notre DameL58 - 59 OT1010141100-Hickman Duncan (Nashville) and Jim Beiersdorfer (Oregon)
1/29/1945Georgia at KentuckyW73 - 3771519900-Jim Beiersdorfer (Oregon) and John Dromo (Cincinnai)
2/17/1945Tennessee at KentuckyW40 - 341723241712-Jim Beiersdorfer and Chip Cain
2/24/1945Kentucky at CincinnatiW65 - 3514-16-00-Biersdorfer and McAtee
3/1/1945Kentucky vs. FloridaW57 - 351013171401Florida for excessive timeoutsJim Beiersdorfer and Bowser Chest
3/3/1945Kentucky vs. AlabamaW52 - 411613161700-Fred Walters and Jim Beiersdorfer
3/3/1945Kentucky vs. TennesseeW39 - 351016191301-Jim Beiersdorfer and Bowser Chest
12/15/1945Cincinnati at KentuckyW67 - 311615232001-Dan Tehan (Xavier) and Jim Beiersdorfer (Cincinnati)
12/18/1945Arkansas at KentuckyW67 - 422217202601-Jim Beiersdorfer (Cincinnati) and John Wiethe (Cincinnati)
12/21/1945Oklahoma at KentuckyW43 - 331418221600-Dan Tehan (Cincinnati) and Jim Beiersdorfer (Cincinnati)
1/5/1946Ohio at KentuckyW57 - 481314181900-Jim Beiersdorfer (Cincinnati) and John Showalter (Georgetown)
1/7/1946Fort Benning at KentuckyW81 - 2519792010-Jim Beiersdorfer (Cincinnati)
1/12/1946Kentucky at Michigan StateW55 - 442117242410-Ike Craig (Illinois Wesleyan) and Jim Beiersdorfer (Cincinnati)
1/14/1946Kentucky at XavierW62 - 3618-172300-John Hogan (Xavier) and Jim Beiersdorfer (Cincinnati)
1/26/1946Kentucky vs. Notre DameL47 - 561512181910-Herman Jackson and Jim Beiersdorfer
1/28/1946Georgia Tech at KentuckyW54 - 261115191501-Dan Tehan (Xavier) and Jim Beiersdorfer (Cincinnati)
2/2/1946Michigan State at KentuckyW59 - 512622272610-Jim Beiersdorfer (Cincinnati) and Ike Craig (Chicago)
2/23/1946Xavier at KentuckyW83 - 402321262512-Jim Beiersdorfer (Cincinnati) and John Showalter (Georgetown)
2/28/1946Kentucky vs. AuburnW69 - 241120281401-Jim Beiersdorfer and Bowser Chest
3/1/1946Kentucky vs. FloridaW69 - 321319271801-Bowser Chest and Jim Beiersdorfer
3/2/1946Kentucky vs. AlabamaW59 - 30816161100-Dan Tehan and Jim Beiersdorfer
12/23/1946Baylor at KentuckyW75 - 341919222100-Dan Tehan and Jim Beiersdorfer
1/25/1947Xavier at KentuckyW71 - 342520233301-John Showalter (Georgetown) and Jim Beiersdorfer (Cincinnati)
2/1/1947Kentucky vs. Notre DameW60 - 302113162411-Dan Tehan and Jim Beiersdorfer
2/10/1947Georgia at KentuckyW81 - 401527311601-Jim Beiersdorfer (Cincinnati) and John Dromo (Xavier)
3/8/1947Kentucky vs. TempleW68 - 291811132300-Dan Tehan and Jim Beiersdorfer
12/17/1947Xavier at KentuckyW79 - 371817221900-Jim Beiersdorfer and John Showalter
1/10/1948Kentucky at Michigan StateW47 - 452219222701-Jim Beiersdorfer (Cincinnati) and Joe Conway (Waukesha, WI)
2/24/1948Kentucky vs. TempleW58 - 381513141700-Bowser Chest and Jim Beiersdorfer
1/22/1949Kentucky at DePaulW56 - 452621263131-Jim Crowe (South Bend) and Jim Beiersdorfer (Cincinnati)
2/5/1949Kentucky vs. BradleyW62 - 521613161900-Jim Beiersdorfer (Oregon) and Max Macon (Louisville)
2/24/1949Kentucky at XavierW51 - 4091417900-Jim Beiersdorfer and Gilbert Venn
2/26/1949Vanderbilt at KentuckyW70 - 371812122100-Jim Beiersdorfer and Dan Tehan
12/21/1949Kentucky vs. DePaulW49 - 472217192321-Bill Downes and Jim Beiersdorfer
12/23/1949Kentucky at PurdueW60 - 543017193630-Remy Meyer and Jim Beiersdorfer
1/23/1950Kentucky at Notre DameL51 - 641816202331-Remy Meyer and Jim Beiersdorfer
1/15/1951Notre Dame at KentuckyW69 - 442418233022-Jim Beiersdorfer and Clyde Castle
1/22/1951Kentucky at Georgia TechW82 - 612818193220-Referee - Jim Beiersdorfer and Umpire - Bill Henderson
2/9/1951Georgia Tech at KentuckyW75 - 421411151501-Jim Beiersdorfer and Bill Henderson
2/17/1951Tennessee at KentuckyW86 - 612222292612-Dan Tehan and Jim Beiersdorfer
3/13/1951Loyola (Chicago) at KentuckyW97 - 612425312702-Jim Beiersdorfer and Max Macon
12/10/1951Kentucky at XavierW97 - 722221292411-Jim Beiersdorfer and Max Macon
12/20/1951DePaul at KentuckyW98 - 602226282602-Jim Beiersdorfer and Clyde Castle
1/28/1952Kentucky at VanderbiltW88 - 512529372401-Bowser Chest and Jim Beiersdorfer
2/2/1952Kentucky vs. Notre DameW71 - 662121242132-Joe Conway and Jim Beiersdorfer
2/16/1952Tennessee at KentuckyW95 - 402328352823-Jim Beiersdorfer and Lee Richards
2/21/1952Vanderbilt at KentuckyW75 - 451729361802-Jim Beiersdorfer and Dan Tehan
2/6/1956Kentucky at FloridaW81 - 701419292701-George Conley and Jim Beiersdorfer
12/10/1956St. Louis at KentuckyL70 - 711112232110-Jim Beiersdorfer and John Morrow
12/15/1956Maryland at KentuckyW76 - 551618352401-Max Macon and Jim Beiersdorfer [Note: Hagan Anderson could not find flight so Macon was called in]
1/12/1957Kentucky at Louisiana StateW51 - 461116241811-Jim Beiersdorfer and ????
2/2/1957Florida at KentuckyW88 - 611417262200-Jim Beiersdorfer and George Conley
2/18/1957Vanderbilt at KentuckyW80 - 782115253521-Bill Henderson and Jim Beiersdorfer

Obituary - Cincinnati Enquirer (July 8, 1984)

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