Notre Dame at Kentucky

- Monday, January 15 1951 -

Notre Dame - 44 (Head Coach: Edward Krause) - [Unranked]
Leroy Leslie51725512
Daniel Bagley2154438
Edward Condon000000
Hughes Wilcox000100
John Neumayr032202
Lawrence Eaton000000
Neal Fichtel121123
Martin O'Connor043813
Gerald McCloskey120012
James Gibbons000010
Norbert Lewinski41525510
Robert Wray230404

Kentucky - 69 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Ranked 3rd by AP]
Walter Hirsch52123112
Shelby Linville4110158
Lou Tsioropoulos141333
Read Morgan110002
Bill Spivey41335511
Frank Ramsey61979319
Bobby Watson4130048
Lucian Whitaker152214
Lindle Castle120012
Dwight Price020010

Halftime Score: Kentucky 29, Notre Dame 26
Officials: Jim Beiersdorfer and Clyde Castle
Attendance: 13,500
Arena: Memorial Coliseum
References: Lexington Herald, Notre Dame and Lexington Leader

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Lou Tsioropoulos fights for the ball

Bill Spivey is hemmed in by four Notre Dame defenders Dan Bagley, Norb Lewinski, Neal Fitchel and Leroy Leslie

A Notre Dame player gets inside Bobby Watson's (#38) defense

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