Bowser Chest
- Officiated Kentucky Games -

| Overall UK Wins: 119 | Overall UK Losses: 25 | Win % 82.6 |
Date of Birth: June 3, 1903
Date of Death: February 13, 1986
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Alma Mater: Cumberland

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TechnicalsOfficiating Crew
2/8/1928Kentucky at VanderbiltW54 - 29----00-Referee - Bowser Chest
1/31/1930Kentucky at TennesseeL24 - 29 OT108--10-Referee - Bowser Chest (Nashville)
1/31/1931Kentucky at TennesseeW36 - 32 OT1615182111-Bowser Chest
3/2/1931Kentucky vs. FloridaW56 - 35910141101-Referee - Bowser Chest and Umpire - George Wood
3/3/1931Kentucky vs. MarylandL27 - 29669600-Referee - Bowser Chest and Umpire - Stanley Sutton
1/16/1932Kentucky at TennesseeW29 - 28715--00-Referee - Bowser Chest (Nashville)
2/26/1932Kentucky vs. TulaneW50 - 301112141511-Referee - Stanley Sutton and Umpire - Bowser Chest
2/27/1932Kentucky vs. North CarolinaL42 - 4381216900DeMoisey for failing to report in during a substitutionReferee - Stanley Sutton and Umpire - Bowser Chest
1/14/1933Kentucky at TennesseeW42 - 2113911-10WynnReferee - Bowser Chest
2/13/1933Kentucky vs. AlabamaW35 - 31----00-Umpire - Bowser Chest (Nashville) and Referee - Lou Ervin (Birmingham)
2/24/1933Kentucky vs. MississippiW49 - 318913800-Referee - Bowser Chest and Umpire - George Wood
2/25/1933Kentucky vs. FloridaW48 - 24109161600-Referee - George Wood and Umpire - Bowser Chest
2/27/1933Kentucky vs. Louisiana StateW51 - 3812881500-Referee - Bowser Chest and Umpire - George Wood
2/28/1933Kentucky vs. Mississippi StateW46 - 2781011901-Referee - George Wood and Umpire - Bowser Chest
1/12/1934Kentucky at SewaneeW55 - 16198101510-Referee - Bowser Chest (Nashville)
1/13/1934Kentucky at TennesseeW44 - 23912141201-Referee - Bowser Chest (Cumberland)
2/1/1934Kentucky vs. AlabamaW33 - 28912131210-Referee - Bowser Chest (Nashville)
2/8/1934Alabama at KentuckyW26 - 21988911-Referee - Bowser Chest
2/24/1934Kentucky vs. FloridaL32 - 383-191100-Referee - Bunn Hackney and Umpire - Bowser Chest
2/1/1935Kentucky vs. AlabamaW33 - 261114141411-Bowser Chest (Nashville)
2/11/1935Alabama at KentuckyW25 - 168491000Alabama when Bouska failed to report before re-entering gameBowser Chest (Vanderbilt)
2/1/1936Kentucky at VanderbiltL24 - 33147122120-Referee - Bowser Chest
2/3/1936Kentucky at AlabamaW32 - 3013671410-Bowser Chest (Nashville)
2/7/1936Alabama at KentuckyW40 - 341413141511-Bowser Chest (Nashville)
2/15/1936Kentucky at TennesseeL28 - 391213131501-Bowser Chest
2/28/1936Kentucky vs. Mississippi StateW41 - 39119101210-Referee - Bowser Chest (Nashville) and Umpire - Julius Burghard (Jackson, MS)
2/29/1936Kentucky vs. TennesseeL28 - 391716221912-Referee - Julius Burghard (Jackson, MS) and Umpire - Bowser Chest (Nashville)
1/30/1937Kentucky at VanderbiltW41 - 261410141800-Bowser Chest (Nashville)
2/1/1937Kentucky vs. AlabamaW38 - 271514152000CarlisleBowser Chest (Nashville) and Ben Chapman (Boys' Club)
2/10/1937Alabama at KentuckyL31 - 341813182021Carlisle for arguing a callBowser Chest (Vanderbilt)
2/13/1937Kentucky at TennesseeL24 - 261610101610-Bowser Chest (Nashville)
2/26/1937Kentucky vs. Louisiana StateW57 - 372312122931Kentucky (2)Bowser Chest and Ben Chapman
2/27/1937Kentucky vs. Georgia TechW40 - 301515191911-Ben Chapman (Birmingham) and Bowser Chest (Nashville)
3/1/1937Kentucky vs. TennesseeW39 - 252221242213Tennessee substitute player for not reporting to officialBowser Chest (Nashville) and Ben Chapman (Birmingham)
1/22/1938Tennessee at KentuckyW52 - 272622252921Coach Rupp for "grunting" after a foul call against J. Rice Walker on Putnam [called by Bowser Chest]Bowser Chest (Vanderbilt)
1/29/1938Kentucky at VanderbiltW42 - 19158141800-Bowser Chest
1/31/1938Kentucky vs. AlabamaW57 - 311419261902Kentucky's J. Rice Walker and Alabama's "Shoey" Shoemaker for "uncomplimentary remarks"; Alabama's WarrenReferee - Bowser Chest and Umpire - Ben Chapman
2/12/1938Alabama at KentuckyW28 - 2113871510-Referee - Bowser Chest (Nashville) and Umpire - Gilbert Venn (Cincinnati)
2/26/1938Kentucky at TennesseeW29 - 262011151810-Bowser Chest (Nashville)
3/3/1938Kentucky vs. TulaneL36 - 381920212123-Bowser Chest and Ben Chapman
1/21/1939Tennessee at KentuckyL29 - 301712161811-Bowser Chest (Nashville)
2/11/1939Alabama at KentuckyW45 - 271717232210-Referee - Frank Lane (Cincinnati) and Umpire - Bowser Chest (Nashville)
3/2/1939Kentucky vs. MississippiW49 - 301213171413-Referee - Ben Chapman and Umpire - Bowser Chest
3/3/1939Kentucky vs. Louisiana StateW53 - 341914172320Kentucky Coach Rupp for asking referee question [called by Ben Chapman]Referee - Ben Chapman (Birmingham) and Umpire - Bowser Chest (Nashville)
3/4/1939Kentucky vs. TennesseeW46 - 381817201821-Referee - Ben Chapman (Birmingham) and Umpire - Bowser Chest (Nashville)
12/27/1939Kentucky vs. Ohio StateW36 - 3091315902-Referee - Bowser Chest (Nashville, TN) and Umpire - Herb Pailet (New Orleans)
1/20/1940Tennessee at KentuckyW35 - 261418171612-Referee - Dan Tehan (Xavier) and Umpire - Bowser Chest (Nashville)
1/27/1940Kentucky vs. AlabamaL32 - 361915172521-Referee - Chin Johnson (Nashville) and Umpire - Bowser Chest (Nashville)
1/29/1940Kentucky at VanderbiltL32 - 402119222313-Bowser Chest (Cumberland) and Paul Toombs (Y.M.C.A.)
2/10/1940Alabama at KentuckyW46 - 181416171612Ermal AllenReferee - Bowser Chest (Nashville) and Umpire - Winton Moeller (Cincinnati)
2/17/1940Kentucky at TennesseeL23 - 271614171802-Dan Tehan (Cincinnati) and Bowser Chest (Nashville)
2/19/1940Kentucky at Georgia TechL39 - 44239102620-Referee - Bowser Chest and Umpire - Pete Melton
2/29/1940Kentucky vs. VanderbiltW44 - 341616161811-Referee - Bowser Chest (Nashville) and Umpire - Herman Jackson (Murfreesboro, TN)
3/1/1940Kentucky vs. TennesseeW30 - 29 OT13891401White for arguing a foul callReferee - Bowser Chest (Nashville) and Umpire - Malcolm Laney (Birmingham)
3/2/1940Kentucky vs. GeorgiaW51 - 43109101201-Referee - Bowser Chest (Nashville) and Umpire - Herman Jackson (Murfreesboro, TN)
12/30/1940Kentucky vs. IndianaL45 - 481614161811-Bowser Chest (Nashville) and Herb Pailet (New Orleans)
1/18/1941Kentucky at TennesseeL22 - 3213761901-Referee - Bowser Chest (Nashville) and Umpire - Herman Jackson (Murfreesboro, TN)
2/3/1941Kentucky at AlabamaW38 - 361510132300-Referee - Bowser Chest (Tennessee) and Umpire - Fred Walters (Mississippi)
2/8/1941Alabama at KentuckyW46 - 381215191711-Bowser Chest (Nashville) and Ralph Mills (Hopkinsville)
2/15/1941Tennessee at KentuckyW37 - 281521251913-Bowser Chest and Herman Jackson
2/27/1941Kentucky vs. MississippiW62 - 522120302423-Bowser Chest (Nashville) and Fred Walters (Laurel, MS)
2/28/1941Kentucky vs. TulaneW59 - 301310131500-Herman Jackson (Murfreesboro, TN) and Bowser Chest (Nashville)
3/1/1941Kentucky vs. AlabamaW39 - 371711131900-Bowser Chest (Nashville) and Fred Walters (Laurel, MS)
3/1/1941Kentucky vs. TennesseeL33 - 36129111400-Herman Jackson (Murfreesboro, TN) and Bowser Chest (Nashville)
1/19/1942Kentucky at GeorgiaW51 - 261514151601-Bowser Chest
1/20/1942Kentucky at Georgia TechW63 - 532313162830-Referee - Bowser Chest and Umpire - George Cade
1/31/1942Georgia at KentuckyW55 - 381114211201-Referee - Bowser Chest and Umpire - Herman Jackson
2/2/1942Kentucky at AlabamaL35 - 411812121930Carl Staker (ejected) for intentional foul on Jim RothReferee - Bowser Chest (Nashville) and Umpire - Fred Walters (Mississippi State)
2/9/1942Alabama at KentuckyW50 - 341712152211Alabama's Roth for unnecessary roughness (ejected); Kentucky's Ramsey and Coach Rupp for too vigorous protest of calls [called by Bowser Chest]Referee - Bowser Chest and Umpire - Herman Jackson
2/28/1942Kentucky vs. AlabamaW36 - 341213131201-Referee - Bowser Chest and Umpire - Dan Tehan
1/19/1943Kentucky at Georgia TechW38 - 368561100-Referee - Bowser Chest (Nashville)
2/1/1943Kentucky at VanderbiltW54 - 43138101610-Hickman Duncan and Bowser Chest
2/25/1943Kentucky vs. TulaneW48 - 311212141910-Dan Tehan and Bowser Chest
2/26/1943Kentucky vs. GeorgiaW59 - 3071115800-Bowser Chest and Malcolm Laney
2/27/1943Kentucky vs. TennesseeL30 - 331311141220-Dan Tehan and Bowser Chest
3/2/1944Kentucky vs. GeorgiaW57 - 291611111900-Jim Beiersdorfer and Bowser Chest
3/3/1944Kentucky vs. Louisiana StateW55 - 28108131500KentuckyJim Beiersdorfer and Bowser Chest
3/4/1944Kentucky vs. TulaneW62 - 461715162820-Bowser Chest and Jim Beiersdorfer
1/20/1945Kentucky at TennesseeL34 - 351016181201-Bowser Chest and Jim Beiersdorfer
1/22/1945Kentucky at Georgia TechW64 - 5881114900-Bowser Chest and Allen Fraser
3/1/1945Kentucky vs. FloridaW57 - 351013171401Florida for excessive timeoutsJim Beiersdorfer and Bowser Chest
3/2/1945Kentucky vs. Louisiana StateW68 - 371416172001-Bowser Chest and Fred Walters
3/3/1945Kentucky vs. TennesseeW39 - 351016191301-Jim Beiersdorfer and Bowser Chest
1/21/1946Kentucky at Georgia TechW68 - 4351113500-Bowser Chest
2/28/1946Kentucky vs. AuburnW69 - 241120281401-Jim Beiersdorfer and Bowser Chest
3/1/1946Kentucky vs. FloridaW69 - 321319271801-Bowser Chest and Jim Beiersdorfer
3/2/1946Kentucky vs. Louisiana StateW59 - 361719252700Jack Tingle for drop-kicking ball after being called for personal foul [called by Dan Tehan]Bowser Chest and Dan Tehan
12/12/1946Kentucky vs. DePaulW65 - 451410121700-Dan Tehan (Cincinnati) and Bowser Chest (Nashville)
12/14/1946Texas A & M at KentuckyW83 - 181011151200-John Showalter and Bowser Chest
12/16/1946Miami (OH) at KentuckyW62 - 491719231910-John Showalter and Bowser Chest
1/13/1947Kentucky at VanderbiltW82 - 301623281702-Bowser Chest and Herman Jackson
1/18/1947Kentucky at TennesseeW54 - 391920262310-Bowser Chest and Dan Tehan
1/20/1947Kentucky at Georgia TechW70 - 472322292701-Bowser Chest and Pete Melton
2/27/1947Kentucky vs. VanderbiltW98 - 291413151700-Bowser Chest and Dan Tehan
2/28/1947Kentucky vs. AuburnW84 - 18817181200-Dan Tehan and Bowser Chest
3/1/1947Kentucky vs. Georgia TechW75 - 532113152411UK for unsportsmanlike conductBowser Chest and Dan Tehan
3/1/1947Kentucky vs. TulaneW55 - 381018221301-Bowser Chest and Dan Tehan
12/10/1947Kentucky vs. DePaulW74 - 502020282302-Bowser Chest and John Dromo
1/17/1948Kentucky at TennesseeW65 - 541720262212-Dan Tehan and Bowser Chest
1/19/1948Kentucky at Georgia TechW71 - 562114192510-Bowser Chest and Dan Tehan
1/20/1948Kentucky at GeorgiaW88 - 511719271701-Pete Melton and Bowser Chest
1/31/1948Kentucky at DePaulW68 - 512620253111-Bowser Chest and Joe Conway
2/2/1948Kentucky at Notre DameL55 - 642319192720-James Enright and Bowser Chest
2/5/1948Kentucky at AlabamaW41 - 311618181901-Bowser Chest and Fred Walters
2/14/1948Tennessee at KentuckyW69 - 422215172700-Bowser Chest and Dan Tehan
2/16/1948Alabama at KentuckyW63 - 331421241802Alabama Coach Burdette for running onto floor challenging call [called by Dan Tehan]Dan Tehan (Cincinnati) and Bowser Chest (Vanderbilt)
2/21/1948Georgia Tech at KentuckyW78 - 54178112310-Bowser Chest and John Showalter
2/24/1948Kentucky vs. TempleW58 - 381513141700-Bowser Chest and Jim Beiersdorfer
3/6/1948Kentucky vs. Georgia TechW54 - 431212151800-Bowser Chest and Dan Tehan
7/9/1948Phillips Oilers at KentuckyL50 - 56----Carpenter for disputing decision of referee on foulBowser Chest and ????
12/8/1948Kentucky vs. DePaulW67 - 361915232300-Bowser Chest [Note: Jim Crowe of Chicago failed to show up]
12/10/1948Tulsa at KentuckyW81 - 271012171101-Dan Tehan and Bowser Chest
12/22/1948Kentucky vs. TulaneW51 - 471317171801-Bowser Chest and Dan Tehan
12/29/1948Kentucky vs. TulaneW78 - 472019252500-Bowser Chest and James Hughes
12/30/1948Kentucky vs. St. LouisL40 - 421712161510-Bowser Chest and Hudson Hellmich
1/15/1949Kentucky at TennesseeW66 - 512017242301-Bowser Chest and Dan Tehan
1/17/1949Kentucky at Georgia TechW56 - 451314191401-John Showalter and Bowser Chest
1/29/1949Kentucky vs. Notre DameW62 - 382317183010-Bowser Chest (Nashville) and James Enright (Chicago)
1/31/1949Kentucky at VanderbiltW72 - 501920202311-Bowser Chest and Bobby Bowers
2/2/1949Kentucky at AlabamaW56 - 401819222212-Bowser Chest and Bobby Bowers
2/3/1949Kentucky vs. MississippiW75 - 451418211901-Fred Walters (Mississippi State) and Bowser Chest (Nashville)
2/16/1949Mississippi at KentuckyW85 - 311320271501-Bowser Chest and Fred Walters
2/19/1949Georgia Tech at KentuckyW78 - 321013141201-Bowser Chest and Dan Tehan
3/5/1949Kentucky vs. TennesseeW83 - 441818222300-Dan Tehan and Bowser Chest
3/5/1949Kentucky vs. TulaneW68 - 521019291101-Bowser Chest and ???? (either Bobby Bowers, Tehan or Fred Walters)
12/29/1949Kentucky vs. VillanovaW57 - 56 OT2013162720Paul ArizinJim Osborne and Bowser Chest
12/30/1949Kentucky vs. BradleyW71 - 662114152410-Jack North and Bowser Chest
2/2/1950Kentucky at AlabamaW66 - 642125292511-Bowser Chest (Nashville) and Harry Anderson (Tennessee)
2/13/1950Alabama at KentuckyW77 - 571822231901-Bowser Chest and Harry Anderson
2/18/1950Georgia Tech at KentuckyW97 - 622323292503-Bowser Chest and Bobby Bowers
2/25/1950Vanderbilt at KentuckyW70 - 661922242212Walter Hirsch for "loudly remonstrating on play under the basket" [called by Dan Tehan]Dan Tehan and Bowser Chest
3/4/1950Kentucky vs. TennesseeW95 - 581818232902Jim Line [called by Fred Walters]Fred Walters and Bowser Chest
12/9/1950Purdue at KentuckyW70 - 522425282312-Bowser Chest and Nate Messinger
12/14/1950Florida at KentuckyW85 - 371818242200-Bowser Chest and Max Macon
12/16/1950Kansas at KentuckyW68 - 39189112301-Ronnie Gibbs and Bowser Chest
12/8/1951Washington & Lee at KentuckyW96 - 462928392000-Bowser Chest and Claude Tanksley
12/13/1951Kentucky at MinnesotaL57 - 612020232222-Bowser Chest and Joe Conway
12/28/1951Kentucky vs. Brigham YoungW84 - 642114162500-Bowser Chest (SEC) and Ed Flint (Mountain States)
12/29/1951Kentucky vs. St. LouisL60 - 611422261501-Bowser Chest (SEC) and Ed Flint (Mountain States)
1/19/1952Kentucky at TennesseeW65 - 561917222110-Bowser Chest and Dan Tehan
1/21/1952Kentucky at Georgia TechW96 - 511714192200-Bowser Chest and Paul McCoy
1/26/1952Kentucky at AlabamaW71 - 672826272933Alabama Coach Floyd Burdette for charging to the end of the court [called by Bowser Chest]Bowser Chest (Nashville) and Lee Richards (Georgia)
1/28/1952Kentucky at VanderbiltW88 - 512529372401-Bowser Chest and Jim Beiersdorfer
1/30/1952Kentucky at AuburnW88 - 482521262610-Bowser Chest (per Tennessean 27-NOV-1951 and 11-FEB-1952 Nashville Banner) and ????
2/4/1952Tulane at KentuckyW103 - 542529292901-Bowser Chest and Bob Forsythe

Obituary - The Tennessean (February 14, 1986)

Biography - Knoxville News-Sentinel (January 14, 1951)

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