Kentucky vs. Ohio State

- Wednesday, December 27 1939 -

Sugar Bowl Championship (at New Orleans, LA)

Kentucky - 36 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Final Rank ]
Waller White10132
Keith Farnsley13615
Marion Cluggish30126
James King00010
Layton Rouse625114
Lee Huber41219
Carl Staker00000

Ohio State - 30 (Head Coach: Harold Olsen)
John Schick31247
Keith Goss10112
Gilbert Mickelson20214
Jack Graf00000
Jack McLain00100
William Sattler611313
Richard Fisher00000
Jack Dawson00200
Charles Nichols00000
Robert Lynch20044
Jed Mees00000

Halftime Score: Ohio State 20, Kentucky 19
Officials: Referee - Bowser Chest (Nashville, TN) and Umpire - Herb Pailet (New Orleans)
Attendance: 7000
Arena: Municipal Auditorium (NO)
References: Lexington Herald and Ohio State University

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Waller White's shot is blocked by OSU's Jack Dawson (#9). Looking on in the background is UK's Marion Cluggish

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