Kentucky vs. Tennessee

- Friday, March 1 1940 -

SEC Tournament (at Knoxville, TN)

( Overtime Game)

Kentucky - 30 (Head Coach: Adolph Rupp) - [Final Rank ]
Keith Farnsley511211
Waller White10032
Marion Cluggish10022
James King00010
Layton Rouse30136
Carl Combs25729
Lee Huber00000

Tennessee - 29 (Head Coach: John Mauer)
Bernard O'Neil00000
Bernie Mehen724116
Robert Foxx11213
Frank Thomas31227
Mike Balitsaris02302
Gilbert Huffman01341
William Luttrell00000

Halftime Score: Kentucky 15, Tennessee 10
End of Regulation Score: Kentucky 27, Tennessee 27
Technical Fouls: White for arguing a foul call
Officials: Referee - Bowser Chest (Nashville) and Umpire - Malcolm Laney (Birmingham)
Attendance: 2500
Arena: Alumni Memorial Gymnasium (UT)
References: Lexington Herald and University of Tennessee

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UK's Waller White and UT's Bernie Mehen jump for the ball, while UT's Frank Thomas and Gilbert Huffman (left) and Keith Farnsley and Lee Huber (right) look on

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