Kentucky at Tennessee

- Friday, January 31 1930 -

( Overtime Game)

Kentucky - 24 (Head Coach: John Mauer) - [Final Rank ]
Carey Spicer1103
Lawrence McGinnis0000
Stanley Milward1244
George Yates0000
Paul McBrayer3117
Louis McGinnis1032
Cecil Combs4028

Tennessee - 29 (Head Coach: W.H. Britton)
Harry Sharp1234
Hugh Faust4109
LeClair Greenblatt4028
Robert Dodd (*)1224
Charles Lucas1012
Maurice Corbitt1002
Claude Reeder0000

Halftime Score: Kentucky 12, Tennessee 9
End of Regulation Score: Kentucky 24, Tennessee 24
Officials: Referee - Bowser Chest (Nashville)
Attendance: 2000
Arena: Jefferson Hall
References: Lexington Herald, University of Tennessee and Knoxville (TN) News-Sentinel

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